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It was astonishing!  From a discontented old curmudgeon, Vince Cable, in the House of Commons yesterday, defending a Lib-Dem U turn after Lord Browne’s review on student fees, ignited into an avenging eagle, hell bent on destruction.

Vince has burst the swaddling bands of mummification. He smote the smug, smirking Ed Mili full in the face with a swingeing attack and a short, sharp reminder of the economic reality of the situation!  This was excellent, and must be repeated by all Conservatives on any and every occasion that Labour dare to preach.  Every time the little upstart Mili Vanilli dares to poke his traitorous head about the parapet, the Tories have to make sure it gets shot off. Continue reading

Education, education, education, says Boris Johnson

In his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris gives a brilliant, subtle analysis of what is wrong with our education system at the moment, and as well as giving all sides of a very complicated problem, Boris being Boris, he also comes up with a fantastic solution.

Boris said:  “Lord Browne, formerly of BP, is finally about to unveil his recommendations on university finance, and I predict the political equivalent of an undersea oil-rig blow-out. He will say that universities should be free to charge more for tuition fees – and there is going to be fury from Left and Right. Continue reading

We need David Laws

The Daily Telegraph this morning printed revelations about David Laws’ private life and the implication is that he should now resign.  However, Mr. Laws has explained that the situation arose because he wished to keep his private life private.

There are very few politicians who have not made mistakes over their expenses, because of the lax situation regarding those expenses in the past, and often greed has been the motivation for the false claims.  That does not seem to be the case in this instance.  There is talk, because of Mr. Laws’ present job, of the moral high ground.  However, it is hypocritical to deny that anyone who does not conform to society’s  conventional standards is automatically subjected to much unpleasantness and abuse. which also hurts and upsets their families.  When there is talk of the moral high ground, maybe people should think about that unkindness. Continue reading