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Another reason to vote for Zac. Cleggers and student fees!

Fifteen thousand students and lecturers marched through London in protest at the huge cost of student fees today, and who can blame them?  Free in Scotland, only £3,000 in Wales, students in England have massive debt hung round their necks, and only one party is to blame,  the Lib Dems. cleggjudasIn the book Call Me Dave by Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakshotte, it turns out that Cameron and Osbo gave Nick Clegg the chance not once, but several times to honour his promise to students that they would not have to pay £9,000 in student fees. They made it plain that the Tory Party was willing to think outside the box. Continue reading

The way that PM May sacked George Osborne was justice

In the Independent “i”, John Rentoul talked about “A very vindictive adieu to Osborne”.  This is not true.  The way that George Osborne has behaved has gone way way too far, he was damaging the party and it could not be allowed to continue. mayosbohammondThe borrowing of the Chancellor has been grotesque as he gambled everything to meet his over optimistic targets, a gamble that failed. His attacks on tax credit cuts and the disabled broke the Tory pledge to support the working man and the needy.

In September last year, George announced to Dan Hodges that the Government was planning to knife Boris Johnson,   He told Dan he would “smash Boris to smithereens” , when he quit as Mayor.  This was announced with pride, as though we should admire such behaviour. Boris’s crime?  He delivered two Mayoralties, the first with the best results since 1992,  was a massive help in GE15 , and set the plan for economic recovery, which Osbo took credit for.  Naturally, he had to be “taken out”. Continue reading

Andrew Marr points out to Miliband his Communications Chief also used to work for Murdoch

Appearing on the Andrew Marr show this morning, Ed Miliband was forced to admit that, like David Cameron,  his Chief of Communications, Tom Baldwin,  also previously worked for Rupert Murdoch.  “Same old, same old” said Marr to an awkward looking Ed.  The Leader of the Opposition denied that Baldwin had hired a private eye named Gavin Singfield to  hack the bank details of Lord Ashcroft, but Marr pressed the point that Lord Ashcroft is adamant that this has happened.

Writing on the ConservativeHome website, Lord Ashcroft said: ‘Mr Singfield was charged by Mr Baldwin and his colleagues with accessing information from a bank account held at the Drummonds branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in Charing Cross Road.  The Sunday Times today reported that Lord Ashcroft was considering whether to hand the file on the hacking over to the police. Continue reading

Biased Dimbleby is a joke

Question Time blatantly slanted to support Labour.

David Dimbleby displayed all the tactics towards the Conservatives that he used when Boris Johnson was running for Mayor. Although Boris gave short, clear answers, Dimbleby rudely told him to stop talking, telling him he had said enough and it was someone else’s turn.  Since Dimbleby let Lord Adonis ramble on at will, this was palpably untrue.

It was really funny when at an opportune moment, Boris pointed to Dimbleby and said solemnly “Bullingdon Club”, as indeed he is.  So much time was spent talking about Lord Ashcroft, you would have thought it was the most important event in the history of this country.  Never mind, the mess of our economy, the Iraq War, the state of education, and the gap between rich and poor under Labour, or that both other parties have accepted donations from nom doms, every ounce was squeezed out of this issue, even though, as Boris pointed out, Lord Ashcroft does not hold the influence implied by Labour and the whole affair rests on a technicality.

There was also evidences of the same ambushes Dimbleby tried to lay for Boris during the Mayoral election – the obviously hand picked members of the audience who Dimbleby deliberately went to, their only purpose being to say something rude and untrue to the Mayor.  The whole programme was hardly a testament to democracy. However, Boris had his say.  He quietly waited his time, and then pointed out to DD that during the Mayoral Election, Dimbleby had also then continually tried to tell him to shut up.  Hear, hear!

In future, let David Dimbleby wear a I Love Labour T shirt and rename the programme Labour Time.