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Boris Johnson picks special envoy to fight for womens’ rights worldwide

Our Foreign Secretary is known to be very hot on education. As Mayor he would tour London junior schools,  telling  the pupils  “Work hard, grab your opportunities! ” with conspicuous success.borisfo20Writing in the Standard, a concerned Boris Johnson said: “Today, the appalling truth is that about 61 million girls between the ages of five and 14 are deprived of an education across the world. Continue reading

Pious Chuka and Starmer ignore the dirty dealings of Remain

Chuka Umunna continually insists that the Leave campaign “pledged” to pay £350M to the NHS.  Oddly he has admitted in print that no Leaver ever explicitly made such a pledge – their remarks were only suggestions.  This is confirmed by a quote he gave to the London Standard. (below).chukaumunaLabour is in such disarray, this is the sort of trivial snitching Chuka and Keir Starmer are reduced to.  Much ridiculed “independent” Professor Bob Watt from Buckingham University has even reported the Leave campaign to the CPS, charging them with “undue influence.” Continue reading

Boris Johnson will get the best deal for Leavers, says Standard poll

Boris Johnson is the Brexiteer who is most trusted by far to get Leavers the best deal, reported the London Standard today. borisrunningBut the poll showed that Remainers are ticked off at all three Brexiteers and particularly Boris.  However, the Foreign Secretary’s star is definitely rising.  He is judged the man who has performed the best in his new role over the past 2 months.

Boris is a world class salesman says Standard journalist Pippa Crerar

Pippa Crerar, popular journalist of the London Standard, followed Boris Johnson for eight years on his travels drumming up trade and investment when he was Mayor of London.  Boris is trusted and respected by the City.  He has been outstandingly successful in raising billions in foreign investment for London, and multi millions in trade deals.  He has also raised over £500 million in funding from the City. borischina2Boris took over from Ken Livingstone when London was in recession.   He boosted the London economy so effectively, while reviving the jobs market, that when he left, London was the number one city in the world. Continue reading

Bad Company! Sadiq Khan aide is a gun slinging homophobe who tweets about being a hitman

He’s got some terrific friends!  Now the London Standard reveals that one of Sadiq Khan’s aides is a gun slinging homophobe, who jokes about shooting people.  The Standard reported:  “An aide to Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan resigned today after the Evening Standard found pictures of him brandishing a gun and claiming he could be a hired “hitman”.Untitled-1.jpgShueb Salar posted a video online of himself with a rifle and bragged about spending a weekend “shooting stuff with real guns, knives, crossbows and bow and arrows”. Continue reading

Exposed. The extremist family links of Sadiq Khan

Today the London Standard reveals that the brother in law of Sadiq Khan, Makbool Javaid,  is part of one of London’s most notorious extremist organisations.  The Standard says:  sadiqextrremist3“In the Nineties Mr Javaid took part in events in London with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun while he was Mr Khan’s brother-in-law, having married the Labour politician’s sister in 1989. Continue reading

Ubermad George is losing it! Now he authorises UberPool

Maybe it’s because the scheming and bully boy business tactics of Uber strike an answering chord in our bully boy, scheming Chancellor. After all,  this is the man who threatened the Mayor of London that come May 2016, he would “smash him to smithereens”. Has George looked at London traffic recently?  Because against all common sense, and giving yet another underhand slap to black cab drivers, Osbo has authorised Uberpool.georgesneerIs Osbo insane?  On London Tonight, Nina Hossain kept repeating helplessly, But won’t this mean even more cars on the road? as the brightly smiling Uber PR man lied his way through the interview. Continue reading