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Rein in Uber! Sadiq Khan skewered by furious Assembly members

For once every single member of the London Assembly is united against the Mayor of London over maverick, rule breaking Uber.  The Uber licence is up for renewal in September, and if Sadiq Khan is fool enough to renew the licence, he will be ripped to pieces by his own Assembly members. 

Sadiq’s big mouth bragging has finally come back to haunt him.  This is the man who vowed when he was running for Mayor that if Uber trangressed only once, he would pull their licence!   There are so many reasons to pull Uber off the road, critics have lost count, but instead, a year after becoming Mayor, Khan renewed the Uber licence.  Continue reading

Hey Osbo, hey Travis! Black cab drivers will never stop fighting, you can count on it!

Another video from Aceface, the brilliant auteur of the cult video that rocked Uber on its heels, Uber’s Lust for World Domination shows the damage Uber has caused throughout the world.  It’s called Illegal Uber, but like Bernie Madoff, one day, criminal Uber’s luck will run out.

Last week London’s need for our brilliant black cabs was confirmed by a vote in the London Assembly.  There was cross party support for the motion that emphasised how essential our superb black cabs are to this city.  Their skill, knowledge, and safety are unparalled throughout the world. Continue reading

Highway to Hell! Will Osbo continue to refuse to let Boris cap PHVs? (webcam)

At Mayor’s Question Time yesterday, Boris Johnson explained in detail all the reasons that are contributing to gridlock.  The influx of PHVs,  which Boris is still battling to get legislation for, so they can be capped, is a major factor  Come on Osbo, have a heart! But there are other reasons too.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 10: The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, listens to the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, as he gives his speech at the annual 'Lord Mayors Dinner to the Bankers and Merchants of the City of London' at the Mansion House on June 10, 2015 in London, England. During his keynote speech the Chancellor announced proposals for future governments to be compelled by law to run a budget surplus, a move that many commentators are describing as a return to Victorian values. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

Doctor Evil

The link to the webcam of the meeting is here and discussion of gridlock starts about an hour into the meeting.

Other reasons are the huge increase in internet shopping means there are tons more delivery vans on the road.  The cost of cheap petrol is also a factor. Continue reading

Don’t make Knowledge easier, say black cab drivers, we are the gold standard

London Assembly member Richard Tracey, supportive of the black cab trade has, according to CityAM, suggested making The Knowledge easier.  The response of black cabs may surprise you.blackcabs2Black cab driver @kp_hedges : @angelneptustar The knowledge test is a test of good character as much as a test of geography. There is no benefit in lowering standards.

Fighting talk from Steve McNamara, Gen. Sec. of LTDA, who weighed in in similar vein. Steve told City A.M. he questioned why “anybody, anywhere, would suggest lowering the gold standard that London taxis provide”, echoing the words of Boris Johnson, that black cabs are the gold standard of the cab trade. Continue reading

Militant cabbies act like yobs, attack 5 security guards, and are thrown out of City Hall

Militant black cab drivers went beserk at Mayor’s Question Time at City Hall today, exploding in a wave of foul mouthed rants and violence.  They started shouting and heckling Boris before he even mentioned anything to do with black cabs, and the language around me was just awful.boriscityhall2Never one to suffer in silence, Boris used the word “Luddite”.  This is not a term of abuse.  The Urban dictionary definition is:

“1. One who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with how things currently are…why can’t everything just be the same?) Continue reading

In business, the winner is the best, there is NEVER a level playing field

However much sympathy we have for black cab drivers, the way some of them do nothing but complain is destroying that sympathy.  There is no attempt to form a strategy to deal with the challenge of Uber.  Much easier to bang on abusing others, moaning and blaming Boris Johnson.cabbiesagainstBorisAttempts at fighting back are limited to “blocking all the bridges”, “pushing Uber off the road!”  (United Cabbies’ bright suggestions) and badmouthing Boris and his supporters in the most offensive way possible.  Behaving in this way, for some of them,  never grows old. Continue reading

People on lower incomes cannot afford black cabs, they deserve a cheaper option

Boris Johnson, as Mayor of London, does not only have black cab drivers to consider.  He also has to consider the millions of Londoners for whom black cabs are not an option.  They simply cannot afford themborisbikes3Whatever their failings, Uber cabs fill that gap.  They are cheap, easily available, and customers love the app.  It is pointless for black cab drivers and certain London Asssembly members to try to bully Boris into banning Uber.  Assembly members know that is not an option.  Uber would be back on the roads in a few days, and the company would tie up Boris in hugely expensive legal challenges, that he would lose. Continue reading