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From Planet Fear to Planet Prosperity say the economists backing Brexit

First the academics!   Now, sick of the lies and scaremongering of Remoaners, economists are lining up to back Brexit,    Economists make a case for a Brexit boom, reported City AM.   (scroll down link).  City AM reports:  The Economists for Free Trade believe Brexit on the basis of Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech will boost the UK’s economy by two to four per cent.  Continue reading

With Toby Young, Labour might have won a battle but they are badly losing the war

Dominic Lawson wrote a significant article yesterday in which he said twitter is turning people into attention seeking children.  He also criticised the lies and abuse on twitter, that are “dumbing the whole world down.”

It seems that the Labour strategy of endless abuse, lies and non stop smear campaigns aimed at leading Tory figures is not working.   Alastair Campbell should know.  His name and notoriety are based on his success in inventing smear campaigns and  spin.  Continue reading

When will someone knock lying Chuka on his prissy little ass?

How much longer will Good Morning Britain allow Chuka Umunna on morning tv to spout lies?  How many times has he brazenly lied about the “ad on the big red bus?”  How many times has the evil little sh….. trilled “And we all know about the ad. on the big red bus, don’t we?”

What Chuka actually knows is that when he complained to the DPP and the CPS about the bus ad., he was told to sling his hook and there is nothing wrong with the ad.  He also knows that you can’t pledge cash in  Referendum!  But Chuka is the man who sneered at ordinary people in London clubs as “trash!”  And still programmes like GMB indulge his dishonesty, because they are anti Tory and love a cheap shot.  Continue reading

Labour needs to be taken on over the lies, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson speaks a fundamental truth this morning in the Daily Telegraph. Labour needs to be taken on over the lies.   Boris begins “The thing about Lefties is that they need to be taken on. They need to be confronted with the facts of life – or else they will continue, in their Lefty way, to talk the most terrible nonsense. Let me give you an example of an interesting statistic that flies in the face of current Lefty rhetoric.seventiesstrike2It is a huge truth about modern Britain that you will never hear from the lips of Ed Miliband or any other senior Labour figure. That is because it conflicts with their central “narrative”, namely that our society is becoming ever more unequal and unfair. Now, before we come to the fact in question, we must accept that the Lefty narrative – of widening inequality – is not wholly foolish or ill-founded. Continue reading

Douglas Alexander lets slip that Labour knew Ken was unprincipled, but still tried to dump him on London

Does he realise what he is saying?  In an article in the London Standard,  Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said that Ken Livingstone deserved to lose the last mayoral election, because of the mistakes he made.  Oddly enough though, Labour never thought to warn Londoners before voting day.

Ed Miliband campaigning with Red Ken

Alexander continued:  “Ken’s campaign too often looked like the past rather than the future. And when I saw his remarks about the Jewish community in London in particular, I didn’t just think it was ill advised, I just thought it was wrong.”

Although it is good that Alexander has acknowledged, in part, the dreadful behaviour of the Labour candidate, his statements raise another, more important point, that every activist who campaigned for Boris will appreciate.  As soon as it was clear to Labour that Ken intended to play divide and rule with communities, and as soon as Ken began to insult the Jewish community, why did leader Ed Miliband not immediately withdraw him as the Labour candidate?

Not only did Ed not withdraw Ken as a candidate, he also never even reproved him in public, instead endorsing his candidacy, as did Tessa Jowell, by going campaigning with him and praising him in the media. This was an act of cynical betrayal of the Jewish community, and also the gay community.

Ken commited other major errors in the campaign – he was revealed as a hypocrite because of his tax avoidance, he continually tried to smear the Mayor, and the lies from him and his team reached Olympic standard. His spending of public funds was described by Boris Johnson as “near criminal.”However, it was the betrayal of the Jewish community and his manipulation of the different cultures in London that was the most reprehensible part of his campaign.

Labour must have been aware of all these flaws from early on, but Ed Miliband still  chose to dump a bitter, dishonest and divisive candidate onto Londoners, because he thought Ken had a good chance of winning.  Did Ed give even five minutes thought to the damage a dangerously  divisive,  politician like Ken could do to London?  Did he consider what drain on public finances Ken’s extravagant spending on himself and his pals would be?   If he did, he clearly didn’t care.

Backing Ken Livingstone will go down as one of the most cynical decisions in modern political history.  Voters should be warned.  If Ed and Labour will happily do this to Londoners for the sake of a win, they will do exactly the same to the country.   Ed might be a feeble leader, but at first, he did strike me as a nice guy.   The way he let down his  own people buried that impression for ever.