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Divergence won at Chequers, but a customs war is looming……

Brexiteers claimed victory after “divergence won” during an eight-hour session at Chequers to agree the form of Brexit the Government wants to achieve, reported the Daily Telegraph yeterday.

The Leavers in the Cabinet are completely outnumbered,   and yet they managed to prevail.  We should be proud.  Boris led the fight to ensure we get what we voted for:   control of our monies, laws and borders, and freedom from all EU control.  Continue reading

May won’t say what she stands for, won’t debate and avoids all scrutiny

Although Theresa May claims to be “protecting Brexit”,  the strategy of rushing through a snap election should give Brexit voters huge cause for alarm.  She is duplicating the strategy of Harold Wilson in 1975.

Ted Heath rushed us illegally into the EU in 1972, by not calling a Referendum.  Three years later, Harold Wilson apparently set this right, but he turned the Ref. into a vote of confidence for the government  which, like May, he knew he would win.  He then took advantage of the innocent public by binding us further into the EU. Continue reading

Boris Johnson will get the best deal for Leavers, says Standard poll

Boris Johnson is the Brexiteer who is most trusted by far to get Leavers the best deal, reported the London Standard today. borisrunningBut the poll showed that Remainers are ticked off at all three Brexiteers and particularly Boris.  However, the Foreign Secretary’s star is definitely rising.  He is judged the man who has performed the best in his new role over the past 2 months.

Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

After all Remain have been through, they still don’t get it.  Their attitude on social media is, if possible, even more patronising to Leavers.  But 35% of the 93.3 million who voted Labour in the General Election voted Leave and these voters are flocking to the Tories.mayosbohammondYouGov reported recently that only 48 per cent of the 3.3 million would still vote Labour in a general election held now.  Some nine per cent – around 297,000 people – have switched to the Tories. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s video for Change Britain

Boris Johnson has joined a “hard Brexit” campaign called Change Britain, led by Gisela Stuart.

PM May is showing signs that she is falling under the influence of Remainer Phillip Hammond. We feared all along this would happen. Continue reading