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Why the youth vote is turning away from “unpatriotic” Corbyn

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis has reported that Tory membership is rising by the day. Tory support has swelled to 500,000 including activists.  The  bottom line is voters simply don’t know what Labour stands for anymore, and the way Corbyn stuck up for the Russians has probably sounded the death knell on his career.

Six thousand Tory supporters have signed up since January alone. Continue reading

Boris tells Sky News Labour is using N. Ireland to stop Brexit

Boris Johnson appeared on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, and gave one of his best interviews.  Incisive, forceful  and hilarious, Boris firmly laid down the red lines regarding the customs union (We can’t suck and blow at the same time said Boris) and on the European Court of Justice.  (We will get rid of all ECJ control).

But a confidential letter leaked to the press has handed Labour a red herring to wave in the faces of the Tories,  and distracted attention from the vital issue of sorting out the Irish question.

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The US is our dearest ally, says Boris re. Trump in the S. Telegraph

Boris Johnson launches a swingeing defence of the much maligned US Prez in today’s Sunday Telegraph,  he is President of a country that happens to be “our closest ally” says the Foreign Secretary.  

Boris begins:    The Labour party is of course entitled to espouse all manner of puerile and backward-looking ideas. That is their privilege as a kind of glorified Momentum-based protest group.   Continue reading

Best Labour attack line is murdered by the Spectator

Boris is exonerated over the ad. on the battle bus. About ruddy time!

The Bruges group goes even further .  They say quite rightly, when calculating the amount of money we give the EU, it is only right to include what we have paid in bailouts,  So that works out at £660M a week.

The link above links to the report of the  Bruges group.

With Toby Young, Labour might have won a battle but they are badly losing the war

Dominic Lawson wrote a significant article yesterday in which he said twitter is turning people into attention seeking children.  He also criticised the lies and abuse on twitter, that are “dumbing the whole world down.”

It seems that the Labour strategy of endless abuse, lies and non stop smear campaigns aimed at leading Tory figures is not working.   Alastair Campbell should know.  His name and notoriety are based on his success in inventing smear campaigns and  spin.  Continue reading

Brexit cannot be stopped, Gisela Stuart tells SNP member Cherry

Because of the furore created by Gina Miller, Parliament was given a vote on whether PM May should trigger Article 50.  The  result was an overwhelming vote in favour of signing Article 50.

The majority by Parliament was a massive 384 votes in favour of Brexit going ahead.  This is now impossible to overturn.

They backed the government’s European Union Bill, supported by the Labour leadership, by 498 votes to 114.  Continue reading

Nick Clegg to be knighted – he’s the Prince of Pisstoleers

Nausea overwhelmed twitter at the news that Nick Clegg   – yes, Nick Clegg, is to be knighted in the New Years Honours list.  Lord Fibbington Muchley, the poster boy for perfidy.

Nick Clegg

Nick is to be knighted for his services to the Coalition, ie. consistently using his veto to block every single decent idea the Tories had.  His most damaging intervention was to  block all terror measures and plans to fight radicalisation on the grounds of human rights in spite of valiant efforts by David Cameron over an entire weekend to change his mind.  This is how one of Nick Clegg’s Coalition partners described him, in May  2014.   Continue reading