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Sun Poll says as soon as we leave the EU, May needs to quit

A scathing article in the Sun reveals so disgusted are ordinary people with the way Theresa May has handled Brexit, as soon as we leave on March 29th,  they want her out! Voters no longer trust May to deliver, and she is widely believed to be in league with Olly Robbins to deliver a soft Brexit.

There has been hand to hand fighting behind the scenes as Boris Johnson fought off another form of the customs union, practically single handed. This is just one of the issues that May has schemed and connived to get through, which would keep us under EU control. Continue reading

After Boris’s lethal attack, May forced to drop customs partnership

May has finally admitted the loathed “customs partnership” will not go ahead  after Boris Johnson publicly dubbed them “crazy”. Daring the PM to sack him, Boris’s patience seems to be running out.

Challenged in Parliament that he was breaking collective responsibility, Boris retorted wittily “I am completely in conformity with Government policy on the matter, since that policy has yet to be decided,’  to laughter from the Labour benches. Continue reading

Corbyn’s ratings nose dive! Worst since before GE!

A poll shows the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn are bad:    it’s clear the  honeymoon is over.  Theresa May, who is the most unpopular Tory PM for yonks is doing better  and she has not been doing a good job.

An Ipso Mori poll shows the Tories at 41% and Labour on 40%, nearly level pegging.   However, the percentage who are unhappy with his performance has jumped from 26 to 34.   Continue reading

Labour’s Keir Starmer takes on Len McCluskey

Many times, I have fumed at Sir Keir Starmer’s patronising assumption that he knows “what’s best” for ordinary people.  His bland comments about “doing the best for everyone” ie. watering down Brexit, are petrol bombs to our dreams of freedom and a global future away from the corrupt, profligate EU.

But in taking on Len McCluskey in defence of the Jewish community, Sir Keir has had his best momemt yet.  Somebody in the Labour party needed to have the guts to do this. Continue reading

Attitude comes from leadership, anti semitic Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has held a meeting with Jewish leaders, and as usual, he lived down to expectations.  Anti semitism has a terminal grip on the Labour party, because attitude comes from leadership.

Corbyn walked out from the Commons debate on anti semitism when Luciana Berger was describing the years of abuse she has received from Momentum and Labour supporters as a British Jew.  Yesterday,   Jewish leaders labelled the meeting with Corbyn as a “disappointing, missed opportunity.”  The requests from Jonathan Arkush and  Jonathan Goldstein were described throughout the media as entirely reasonable.  Continue reading

Why is Anna Soubry getting away with murder?

There is huge concern from Brexiteers that a faction in the Tory party is undermining Brexit , while May just sits there and lets them do it.   Anna Soubry is by far the worst.  She is openly colluding with Labour, particularly Chuka Umunna, and the other Remainers in the Tory party,  such as Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, and William Hague.

A full list of Tory rebels from Business Insider is given here.

While the other rebels keep their Remain beliefs within reason, Soubry does not.  Fanatical Anna has even demanded that true Brexiteers, who fight for freedom from EU control , which is what we voted for, should be kicked out of the party. Her overdeveloped ego and underdeveloped intellect are not a good combination.  Continue reading

New poll reports 51% say Labour has an anti-semitism problem

In a Guardian poll, an overwhelming majority of 51 % says that Labour has an anti-semitism problem.  35%, includng me,  believe that Corbyn hmself is anti-semitic.

The Guardian reported:  A third (34%) of voters also believe that Jeremy Corbyn is among those in the party who hold antisemitic views, despite his repeated denials and pledge to be a “militant opponent” of the problem.  Continue reading