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Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

One would think that Diane Abbott of all people would be excited and supportive of the great work Boris Johnson is doing for women and in helping East Africa.  In Somalia, Boris was greeted with touching emotion by Somalians, who all said what a confidence boost his visit was and what a huge difference it made to see him.  The aid he helped unload was a live saver.

He was greeted with equal warmth and enthusiasm in Ethiopia,  Uganda and Kenya, as he discussed ideas for a better future for these countries with their rulers.  Continue reading

Evan Davis tells Boris lefties will never vote for him, haha

I wonder if Evan Davis ever feels embarrassed about this interview with Boris Johnson on Newsnight.  Hear Evan condescendingly tell Boris Labour working people will never vote for him! Continue reading

Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

After all Remain have been through, they still don’t get it.  Their attitude on social media is, if possible, even more patronising to Leavers.  But 35% of the 93.3 million who voted Labour in the General Election voted Leave and these voters are flocking to the Tories.mayosbohammondYouGov reported recently that only 48 per cent of the 3.3 million would still vote Labour in a general election held now.  Some nine per cent – around 297,000 people – have switched to the Tories. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

Amongst my Muslim friends, one member of the local community told me an interesting story today.  He knows many eminent Muslims. Apparently, the word is  that No. 10 worked with the Blairites to scapegoat Zac Goldsmith.  They never wanted him as Mayor from the start. boriszaccam The Muslim CEO talking to my friend said: “I know Zac very well and he is absolutely not as he is being portrayed. He was suckered by No.10, who led him to think Sadiq Khan did have extremist links.  He is absolutely not a racist.  I feel terrible for Zac”. Continue reading

Latest ComRes Poll: Tories up 14% but PM hit by bad EU deal

The latest ComRes poll shows the Tories are up 14% on Labour. However, the EU deal has hit David Cameron’s favourability rating.  Only 21% think he will get a good deal, while 58% do not.borissincereConcerns about British sovereignty are of primary importance, as pointed out in a 2,800 word article in the Spectator,  by Marina Johnson, an eminent human rights QC and wife of our Mayor.  Boris Johnson gave the PM a list of demands, gave him a week’s deadline and said if conditions not fulfulled, would be backing Brexit. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan claims to be pro business but he’s in thrall to union paymasters!

When Red Ken was running for Mayor, the lies he told were legendary and it looks like Sadiq Khan is shaping up the same way. His first pledge was that the race between him and Zac would be a friendly contest.  Friendly like a mamba.  He has a lean and hungry look.  Zac better get somebody to taste his food. Now Sadiq is presenting himself as the business candidate, while breezily forgetting he is financed by the unions. Continue reading

When will enough be enough re. PHVs George Osborne?

Last night, I took a black cab home to show solidarity with the industry, as I have been doing for some time.  I nearly shed tears as the driver, who has been a cabbie for  30 years, outlined his fears for the future. Part of the upset I felt was because the driver, a lovely decent man, was not fully aware of the causes.georgenastyThe open immigration started by Labour under Tony Blair is partly to blame for the dreadful traffic jams we are seeing now. There has been a huge influx into the capital.  Another major reason is the private hire vehicles with which George Osborne and Sajid Javid are flooding the city. Continue reading