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YAY! Tories take poll lead over Jezza and Labour……

Surely this is the final nail  in the coffin of intellectually challenged Jeremy Corbyn? YouGov reports that the Tories now have a narrow lead over Labour. Jezza seem to have a lot of time on his hand lately, spending time at teenage gigs and appearing on lightweight TV shows.  But the strategy of getting down with the kids is one that seems to have been his undoing.

While heavyweights like Boris Johnson are making brilliant speeches from the Foreign Office, (Boris recently met the President of Iran, only the third Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since 2003 )  the Labour leader is appearing on shows like Gogglebox. Continue reading

Boris clobbers lefties who blame terrorism on US and UK foreign policy

Boris Johnson made an oustanding speech on terror from the Foreign Office today, in which he walloped the likes of Corbyn and Sadiq Khan for blaming US and UK foreign policy.

He compared the spread of extremism to crack cocaine as he insisted the threat of terrorism can and will be defeated.  And in a thinly veiled attack on Labour’s pacifist leader Jeremy Corbyn he hit out at those who ‘bash the West’ and blame our military interventions for the spread of terror. Continue reading

Labour sex pests by far the worst, but biased MSM turns agenda against Tories

After the terrible news that Bex Bailey was raped and then warned by Labour higher ups that if she reported it, it would hurt her career, the way the Labour spin doctors have swung the focus of the Westminster sex scandal onto the Tories is nothing short of scandalous. 

So far Tory misdemeanours seem confined to disputed knee touching and schoolboyish, silly,  inappropriate remarks.  The alleged Labour accusations are far more serious.  Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North is accused of hugging an activist and rubbing his crotch against a young activist.  Continue reading

Labour is eating itself up over Brexit

Tories can see Labour is eating itself up over Brexit, but it took the brutal analysis of an ex Labour MP to really cut them down to size. 

Quote of the week: Ex-Labour MP Tom Harris mocks his party’s decision to vote against the EU (Withdrawal) Bill yesterday. Continue reading

Double infamy – Keir Starmer is scheming to wreck Brexit

Shadow Ministers are scheming to betray the voters by pressuring leader Jeremy Corbyn towards forcing a vote on Single Market membership – something which could split the Tory Party and cause Brexit chaos.

Keir Starmer is in the forefront of the strategy.  On the one hand, he hypocritically insists it is vital to obey the decision of the EU Referendum.  But really,  he is doing all he can to undermine the reasons that Leavers voted for Brexit.  Continue reading

The electoral system is wide open, only one way to stop the cheating

Our electoral system is wide open to cheating, and Labour is exploiting the loophole to the hilt.  Students are openly bragging they voted twice, because they are registered at home and at uni.  Some say they voted up to six times, because it is so easy to pretend to be someone else.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Commission says there is only one way to stop the cheaters.  There are 381 separate databases.  Only by setting up a national database will cheating be eradicated. Continue reading

Now students brag about voting up to six times in GE2017

As Labour refused to support a motion that anyone proved to have voted twice should be banned, there are now claims that some students managed to vote six times in the recent general election,   after taking polling cards of friends who did not intend to vote and pretending to be them.

An unnamed MP told the Daily Telegraph that they had heard students bragging that they had been able to vote for Mr Corbyn several times.  But police in Canterbury and Lincoln – two of the university towns where double voting is said to have taken place – say they are not investigating the issue!  Why the hell not? Continue reading