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Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

One would think that Diane Abbott of all people would be excited and supportive of the great work Boris Johnson is doing for women and in helping East Africa.  In Somalia, Boris was greeted with touching emotion by Somalians, who all said what a confidence boost his visit was and what a huge difference it made to see him.  The aid he helped unload was a live saver.

He was greeted with equal warmth and enthusiasm in Ethiopia,  Uganda and Kenya, as he discussed ideas for a better future for these countries with their rulers.  Continue reading

Boris Johnson visits Kenya on his successful East Africa tour

Kenya’s Foreign Ministry said that Boris Johnson’s visit is because the UK is the largest European foreign investor in Kenya, the largest source market for Kenya’s tourism and the third most important export destination.” Kenya mainly exports tea, coffee and horticultural products to the UK.Our Foreign Secretary will hold bilateral talks with his host Ambassador Amina Mohamed, on “critical matters of mutual interests,” Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.  His visit comes as private ranches in Laikipia, most owned by Britons, continue to be raided by illegal herders.  Continue reading

EU payments and a lucrative iPlayer deal are the reason that SKY/BBC favour Remain

It is something of a mystery why broadcasters SKY and BBC seem so biased towards remaining in the EU.  Yesterday SKY’s Kay Burley interviewed two people giving their opinion on whether the BBC was biased to Remain.  When the man supporting the idea of bias made a good case, Kay became agitated and was practically shouting him down. Is it a coincidence that both the BBC and SKY stand to benefit hugely from an iPlayer deal with the EU?Faisal IslamBoth the BBC and SKY displayed such appalling bias towards Zac Goldsmith immediately after the London mayoral election, I reported them to Ofcom.  I mostly watched SKY.  Faisal Islam and other presenters accused Zac (who supports Leave) of running a dirty campaign,and compulsively focused on that all day as the main news story.  They repeated that he was  a racist and had run a dirty campaign non-stop, from Thursday to Sunday,  on Saturday over 24 times.  This is not true. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s reference to Kenyan suffering misunderstood by twitter mob

Isn’t it always the way?  Mob rule took over on twitter against Boris Johnson because tweeters didn’t know their British history. What happened in Kenya is a huge blot on British colonial dealings, one of the very worst episodes involving  the British Empire.   Details are hear.MauMauAt one stage over 90,000 Kenyans were slaughtered by the British army.  Anyone with any Kenyan blood would be bound to be deeply distraught and traumatised by what happened. Continue reading