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Stop your whining, you little girl! was gist of Boris tirade at John Humphrys!

Snide John Humphrys got smacked in the kisser by the firmness of Boris Johnson’s reply, as John tried to stir it up about a leadership battle.  The media are the problem here.  Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, because the ones like Con Home, who have endorsed her in glowing terms for years, are now the worst at putting the knife in. 

I was watching Theresa, said Boris, and she showed steel and grace as she dealt with our problems.  As far as Boris is concerned, there is no leadership contest because there is no vacancy.  He doesn’t want to know.  Mrs. May has shown a lot of courage in staying to redeem her election mistake.  Her attitude is, I goofed, so let me put it right.   All politicians make mistakes, but most of them then do a runner, whining, why should I have to sort out the mess?  Continue reading

Boris tramples over John Humphrys in a spat over immigration

During the interview with John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4,  Boris Johnson, the leading Brexiteer in the Cabinet , was asked why Britain should try to control immigration if it is economically beneficial for the country.Boris answered: “It is not a good idea to have absolutely no control. And what is certainly not a good is for politicians to stand up year after year and say ‘We can cut immigration to the tens of thousands’ when they know fine well that is legally impossible. Continue reading

Boris Johnson aces three EU Ref morning interviews

boristruroHigh octane Boris Johnson did three interviews this morning,  one for Good Morning Britain,  Radio 4 in which he flattened John Humphreys and BBC Breakfast Time. The video of the BBC Breakfast Time interview is below.

The Radio 4 wasn’t the usual walkover for John Humphries.  This Guardian article gives the gist of the four interviews Boris held this morning, give or take a few porkies, the usual Guardian junk. David Cameron certainly did predict World War III and genocide would break out if Leave won.

The recording of the Radio 4 interview with Humphreys and the GMB interview will be posted as soon as available.