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Is Boris Johnson like Donald Trump? Hell no! But Trump has plenty to offer

A few tweeters have started to repeat that Donald Trump is just a version of Boris Johnson.  Let’s look at the facts.   Do they know Boris Johnson?boristrump2Boris Johnson is a cultured, deep thinking, libertarian, and Oxford educated classical scholar, known for his charm and tolerance    Donald Trump is a hugely successful billionaire businessman, who was so wild his father send him to military academy.   Nobody would ever describe him as tolerant, charming, or an intellectual, let alone a deep or cultured thinker. He is feisty, a talented businessman and has tremendous tenacity. Continue reading

We must debunk the myths that glorify sick jihadis, says Boris Johnson

In debunking the myths that glorify jihadis, Boris Johnson has certainly played his part.  In the Daily Telegraph this week he carries on the good work. Boris begins:  ” At first I couldn’t believe my ears. “Jihadi John” had finally been exposed as Mohammed Emwazi, and there on our screens was this knife-wielding assassin – a frame taken from one of those nauseating videos in which he swaggers and gloats and boasts about the ways in which he has subverted all decency and cut off the heads of a string of innocent aid workers and journalists. And there in the television studio was a man who seemed intent on exculpating the terrorist.jihadis2He was called Asim Qureshi, the “research director” of a body called “Cage”, and he was determined to blame absolutely everyone except the killer himself. When Jon Snow gently asked him to condemn the murders, he started babbling indignantly about the deeds of Tony Blair and Dick Cheney.

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Boris Johnson proves to the US he is “Boston strong”

He was warned to “Get out of Dodge” and told to give up on the Boston endeavour because of bad weather.   Seven foot snowdrifts and a stonking snow storm would have daunted lesser spirits, but Boris Johnson is made of sterner stuff.borisboston8Nobody was frolicking and gambolling over the snowy parks that topped the underground traffic tunnel – except Boris that is.  High spirits undimmed by a little matter of the worst snow storm in Boston in modern times, he was in tearing spirits. Continue reading

Showing leadership three times sees Boris at top of ConHome poll

On January 30th, Boris was the Sun’s Hero of the week for showing leadership three times.  He deglamorised terrorism by ridiculing jihadis and calling them “w……..s”: he insisted leaving the EU “wouldn’t be disastrous” and he described his dream job in the Cabinet, one to sell the major need for change across the country as the only way we will grow to a nervous British public.boriscloseup3Over jihadis, the  Sun said: “More and more these days, there is a serious political point to the colourful Mayor of London’s humour. And boy did he hit the target by revealing MI5’s psychological profiling of young British jihadis as porn-obsessed losers – or, “literally w*****s”, as he inimitably called them. Continue reading

Best argument against radicalisation ever – terrorists are w…..says Boris

If any young Muslim is misguided enough to think that terrorists are glamorous, they received a short sharp reality check today.   Boris Johnson was passed a security report on the psychology of jihadis – great to know that psychology is being used to understand the motivation of members of ISIL and Al Qaeda.Boris JohnsonITV News reported that Boris Johnson said:  “Religious extremists turn to organisations such as Islamic State because they are “not making it with girls and so turn to other forms of spiritual comfort”, London Mayor Boris Johnson has said. Continue reading

The outstanding courage of female Kurdish fighter proves how right we are to fight Isil

The oustanding courage of Kurdish fighters must convince us, more than anything else, how right we are to go into battle against Isil.  If we had any doubts, we should banish them right now.  In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson told us we must support the Kurds, this  incident shows how right he was.

Anil Mirkan

Anil Mirkan

A female Kurdish fighter, Dellar Kanj Khamis, military name Arin Mirkan, was involved in a desperate attempt to stop an Isil advance.  Her fellow fighters withdrew from a strategic position, the hill of Mistenur, above Khamis, but she stayed behind.  In an all or nothng attempt to stop their advance, she singlehandedly attacked Isil militants with gunfire and grenades, taking out ten jihadis. Continue reading

Channel 4 FactCheck explains government rights over passports

We all want strong action on terror, but there is confusion over what the government is able to do already and what additional actions should be taken.  Channel4 FactCheck clearly explains here.cameronterrorFatCheck says:  “David Cameron has announced a new law to stop would-be British jihadis travelling abroad by confiscating their passports.  The PM spoke as the terrorist threat to the UK was raised from substantial to severe, against a background of rising Islamic extremism in Iraq and Syria. Continue reading