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May billed Tories £2,000 for hair and makeup on night of GE disaster

May threw money at Facebook for ads. during the recent ill fated GE campaign.  Both May and Jeremy Corbyn paid millions to Facebook and Google at last year’s snap election despite both vowing to clampdown on the offshore social media giants. 

The Conservatives spent more than four times as much as Labour did on Facebook ads racking up a £2 million bill compared to £577,000 on the controversial social network when fighting the last general election. Continue reading

Why the youth vote is turning away from “unpatriotic” Corbyn

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis has reported that Tory membership is rising by the day. Tory support has swelled to 500,000 including activists.  The  bottom line is voters simply don’t know what Labour stands for anymore, and the way Corbyn stuck up for the Russians has probably sounded the death knell on his career.

Six thousand Tory supporters have signed up since January alone. Continue reading

Boris plays a blinder to unite the West against Russia, but Corbo insists it’s the Russian Mafia!

Writing in the Washington Post today, Boris gives a clear explanation of why the Government is sure that the Russians are behind the attacks on Skripal and his daughter.

He stresses how important it is for the Western world to unite in such a dangerous situation and how much we need our allies.    The US, Germany, and after some equivocation, France are all solidly behind the British action. Continue reading

PC Labour thinking is just like the Cromwell era says historian David Starkey

Historian David Starkey is deeply concerned at the way the bullying left is imposing PC thinking on us to the detriment of free speech.  There has been a “stealth” revolution over the past 20 years which has brought us back to the “Middle Ages”, created a quasi-religious fanaticism for Jeremy Corbyn, destroyed patriotism and could destroy democracy, according to Starkey.

On the BBC’s This Week, Mr Starkey said: “For in the last 20 years we have had a revolution by stealth.   David Starkey believes this is a worrying trend and the last thing comparable was the puritanical revolution in Cromwellian times. Continue reading

Boris tells Sky News Labour is using N. Ireland to stop Brexit

Boris Johnson appeared on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, and gave one of his best interviews.  Incisive, forceful  and hilarious, Boris firmly laid down the red lines regarding the customs union (We can’t suck and blow at the same time said Boris) and on the European Court of Justice.  (We will get rid of all ECJ control).

But a confidential letter leaked to the press has handed Labour a red herring to wave in the faces of the Tories,  and distracted attention from the vital issue of sorting out the Irish question.

Continue reading

Remoaners flip! Boris’s Radio 4 Today interview summarised

Boris Johnson’s Camden/Westminster border analogy is attracting all the attention today, but there were lots of interesting lines in his Today interview. Here is a summary.

But there is huge furore over Boris’s remarks comparing the Irish problem to the issue of the congestion charge.    He does have a talent for grabbing the headlines!  Continue reading

Kamikaze Corbyn U turns over customs union to try to overthrow May

Jeremy Corbyn has loathed the EU  for the past 30 years,  voting against every EU treaty, while denouncing the project  as a capitalist conspiracy.  It’s hard not to be suspicious therefore about his massive U turn now,  when he declares we must stay in the customs union.  

His unconvincing explanation is that staying in the customs union is best for the economy.  This is an outright lie. A group of academics has furiously denied Brexit will be bad for the economy.  A group of economists has done the same. Continue reading