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MUST SEE: Intense Boris Johnson takes down “dangerous” Jeremy Corbyn

In an intensely packed few minutes, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson takes Corbo apart over his defence policy.

Top level politics? Or Junior High?

Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson had a cat fight on twitter, sniping at each other like two stroppy teenagers, over a ship building contract.  It was straight out of Mean Girls. nicolaruthMiriam Clegg jeered at SamCam for serving her roast chicken for lunch with a tube of Hellmans mayonnaise. She then jibed at Ed Miliband’s kids for not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs.   Apparently, she gets back at Tories she doesn’t like by serving them fiery hot red peppers. Continue reading

Boris is still fighting for freedom and Brexit

borisbrexit5In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris is still battling for Brexit.  Here he gives five points to clarify the issue.  Boris says the government is failing to prepare or make arrangements for Brexit.  He begins:  On Friday I heard a new dawn chorus outside my house. There was a rustling and twittering, as though of starlings assembling on a branch.

Then I heard a collective clearing of the throat, and they started yodelling my name – followed by various expletives. “Oi Boris – c—!” they shouted. Or “Boris – w—–!” I looked out to see some otherwise charming-looking young people, the sort who might fast to raise money for a Third World leprosy project. Continue reading

An outraged Lord Sugar says don’t vote for Sadiq Khan

Lord Alan Sugar, as well as a brilliantly astute businessman is known as a philanthropist, who mentors and finances hardworking talent. He is trending on twitter right now,  his comments on Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayoral hopeful, in the Sunday Times already a sensation.  Below, the famously blunt Lord Sugar gives the unvarnished truth about Khan. lordsugar“I joined Labour in 1997 because it had shown it could be trusted with the economy. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown believed in a strong private sector. They knew you could afford to pay for good schools and a decent NHS only if you let businesses get on with delivering jobs and growth. Sure, the party had some loony lefties; one of them even became mayor of London. But with that one exception, they weren’t in a position to do any damage. Continue reading

Atma Singh says of Sadiq Khan “He will revert to type”

Respected ex Labour member Atma Singh was adviser to Ken Livingstone on Asian issues from  2001 to 2007.  His article in the  Sunday Times is given below in full.AtmaSinghLet Red Ken be a warning about hard-left mayors and Islamists

The last time I spoke publicly during a mayoral election, it was to blow the whistle on Ken Livingstone. I was one of his advisers for seven years, and I witnessed first hand the damage his brand of radical far-left politics did to London. At this mayoral election I am speaking out again because I fear we are about to make the same mistake with Sadiq Khan. Continue reading

Why is Sadiq Khan refusing to face scrutiny over his extremist links?

In the forthcoming Mayoral election, there is an urgent need for the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan, to answer vital questions,on his promises of fares cuts and on his alleged extremist links,  but he has proved adept at avoiding having to provide any answers. sadiqtootingSadiq’s promise of a fares freeze has prompted TfL to insist that his plans will result in a 1.9 BN black hole in the transport budget. So far Sadiq has not managed to resolve the problem to anyone’s satisfaction. Continue reading

Exposed. The extremist family links of Sadiq Khan

Today the London Standard reveals that the brother in law of Sadiq Khan, Makbool Javaid,  is part of one of London’s most notorious extremist organisations.  The Standard says:  sadiqextrremist3“In the Nineties Mr Javaid took part in events in London with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun while he was Mr Khan’s brother-in-law, having married the Labour politician’s sister in 1989. Continue reading