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Boastful Corbo still only level pegging with Tories

To hear Jeremy Corbyn brag, you would think he had a 20 point lead over the Tories.  In GE17, in spite of the blatant student cheating and even more blatant lies about refunding and cancelling student debt, Jezza still lost.  And that was with Theresa May giving the worst example of a leader fighting an election anywhere, ever.  

By the time of the next general election, hopefully, Peter Bone will have plugged the loophope that allowed so many students to vote twice, or even three times.  He will have brought in a database, that makes such dishonourable strategems impossible. Continue reading

50 Labour MPs could rebel against weakened leader Corbyn

There is fury in the Labour party right now, at the high handed way dithering Jeremy Corbyn has abandoned 40 years of opposition to the EU.  The Labour Leader has voted against every single EU treaty and denounced the EU as “a capitalist conspiracy!” Now he ignores all that, and is ordering Labour MPs to vote against the Repeal Bill to keep his job.

A Labour backbencher said “The anger is this has been decided by the shadow cabinet and handed down from on high with no consultation with the Parliamentary Labour Party.”  As many as 50 backbenchers, many from the North and Midlands, could defy Mr Corbyn by abstaining rather than voting against the Bill. Continue reading

Politicians are elected to serve the people – NOT the other way around

Whatever her failings, PM May knows how to smother issues by inaction.   Her talent, illustrated by her behaviour during the child abuse enquiry, when she was told to do it, is kicking awkward issues into the long grass.   Abandoning his decades long opposition to the EU, Corbo now is now coming out for soft Brexit, and a possible 4 year transition period. The fate of Brexit is in the balance.  

Boris Johnson is the only senior figure in government opposing this policy.  David Davis, Rudd, Damien Green, are all falling into line with Hammond, who has never ever accepted Brexit.   Corbo, bullied by Kier Starmer,  is allying himself with hated figures like Tony Blair, Hezza, Major, and establishment figures like the Governor of the Bank of England, the Civil Service and the BBC. Their aim is to keep us in the EU.  Continue reading

Double infamy – Keir Starmer is scheming to wreck Brexit

Shadow Ministers are scheming to betray the voters by pressuring leader Jeremy Corbyn towards forcing a vote on Single Market membership – something which could split the Tory Party and cause Brexit chaos.

Keir Starmer is in the forefront of the strategy.  On the one hand, he hypocritically insists it is vital to obey the decision of the EU Referendum.  But really,  he is doing all he can to undermine the reasons that Leavers voted for Brexit.  Continue reading

When will someone knock lying Chuka on his prissy little ass?

How much longer will Good Morning Britain allow Chuka Umunna on morning tv to spout lies?  How many times has he brazenly lied about the “ad on the big red bus?”  How many times has the evil little sh….. trilled “And we all know about the ad. on the big red bus, don’t we?”

What Chuka actually knows is that when he complained to the DPP and the CPS about the bus ad., he was told to sling his hook and there is nothing wrong with the ad.  He also knows that you can’t pledge cash in  Referendum!  But Chuka is the man who sneered at ordinary people in London clubs as “trash!”  And still programmes like GMB indulge his dishonesty, because they are anti Tory and love a cheap shot.  Continue reading

Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

Jeremy Corbyn has always been circumspect about his position on the EU and now we know why.  This clip from  1996, shows his doubts about the EU power grab which would mean we were subservient to Brussels.

Corbyn said “The other concern is democracy in Europe.

“You have a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.” Continue reading

Why Jezza is a Milkshake Duck


What have you actually done today?
You say you care – it’s all come unstuck
You don’t do nuthin. You’re a Milkshake Duck. 

Meaning of Milkshake Duck

Someone who gains fame for something nice and positive, only  afterwards to be revealed as a deeply flawed character, with a shady past, often involving corrosive social/political ideologies, that destroy the goodwill people have towards them.  Continue reading