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Corbyn’s ratings nose dive! Worst since before GE!

A poll shows the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn are bad:    it’s clear the  honeymoon is over.  Theresa May, who is the most unpopular Tory PM for yonks is doing better  and she has not been doing a good job.

An Ipso Mori poll shows the Tories at 41% and Labour on 40%, nearly level pegging.   However, the percentage who are unhappy with his performance has jumped from 26 to 34.   Continue reading

Complicit Marr ignores the anti semitism slurs on Corbyn facebook page

if you whitewash or ignore anti semitism, you are complicit.  Andrew Marr crossed that line today. A report in today’s Mail on Sunday described the vile anti semitic posts on the Facebook page of Jeremy Corbyn.  The insults on his page against Jewish people are absolutely disgusting.  Marr was covering the news and previously looked at all the newspapers.

He held a copy of the MoS in his hand, but when discussing Labour’s anti semitism problem, in an interview with Andrew Gwynne, he didnt think it important enough to mention it. Continue reading

Attitude comes from leadership, anti semitic Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has held a meeting with Jewish leaders, and as usual, he lived down to expectations.  Anti semitism has a terminal grip on the Labour party, because attitude comes from leadership.

Corbyn walked out from the Commons debate on anti semitism when Luciana Berger was describing the years of abuse she has received from Momentum and Labour supporters as a British Jew.  Yesterday,   Jewish leaders labelled the meeting with Corbyn as a “disappointing, missed opportunity.”  The requests from Jonathan Arkush and  Jonathan Goldstein were described throughout the media as entirely reasonable.  Continue reading

New poll reports 51% say Labour has an anti-semitism problem

In a Guardian poll, an overwhelming majority of 51 % says that Labour has an anti-semitism problem.  35%, includng me,  believe that Corbyn hmself is anti-semitic.

The Guardian reported:  A third (34%) of voters also believe that Jeremy Corbyn is among those in the party who hold antisemitic views, despite his repeated denials and pledge to be a “militant opponent” of the problem.  Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum are like Sturm Abteilung said Labour donor

How long can Jeremy Corbyn run and hide?  Labour MPs have turned on  Corbyn over his “betrayal” of Jews as they described rape and death threats they had received for speaking out against anti-Semitism in their party.

“Mr Corbyn sat in the Commons in silence as his MPs read out hate mail they had received from his supporters. Others received standing ovations for calling out the “bullying and intimidation” in the party as the Labour leader was told: “Enough is enough.”” reported the Daily Telegraph. Continue reading

Piers Morgan on GMB makes excuses for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn can no longer be regarded as an honourable politician.  He has repeatedly been asked to clear up the antisemitism in his party.  He has admitted the problem is out of control.  But after three weeks, still nothing has been done. Continue reading

Boris says on Marr, Assad wants to impose “a Carthaginian peace” on Syria

Boris Johnson was praised for his clarity in this interview on the Andrew Marr show, in which he talked about the successful US/UK/FR  air. strike in Douma.

The strike was to take out three chemical weapon sites, not to engage in the conflict in Syria or to replace Assad.  Boris says it was a preposterous and deranged suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn that the UK was involved in the poison attacks. Continue reading