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The moment that Boris Johnson heard about the terror attack

The picture says everything.  For a few seconds, Boris Johnson’s emotions overwhelm him as he is told the details of the Westminster terror attack.  He is in Washington right now, attending vital discussions with Trump top aides, including Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.Part of the reason for the Foreign Secretary’s visit is to share ideas to defeat Daesh and other terrorist groups. He was just about to take the centre spot in the group photo of world leaders, when an aide broke the news. Continue reading

Independent thinking Boris will meet the President in Washington this week

Boris Johnson is travelling to Washington on Tuesday for a series of high level meetings when he will meet with some of President Trump’s closest aides, and likely the President.   Boris is emerging as a key channel for the Americans in recent weeks, reports Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. His constructive relationship with Jared Kushner ensured that British people are exempt from the President’s attempted ban on some predominantly Muslim countries. Boris will meet with his opposite number, Rex Tillerson, and talk with US intelligence chiefs, soothing the recent hiccup over spy rumours.  He will meet with senior Congressional Republic readers , and is likely to meet the President. Continue reading

Boris dubbed “brilliant” by senior Trump aide

When Boris met Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner,  the Sun reported: The Foreign Office described the discussions as “positive but frank”.borisryanA senior Trump aide told The Sun last night that Boris had heavily impressed them, dubbing him “brilliant”. Continue reading

If the US and the UK form an unbreakable bond, we can achieve change for good

The reception for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson could not have been warmer and more friendly when he visited first with Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner in Trump Towers and then with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker.borissenatorOutgoing President Obama bullied, insulted and threatened the British people on a visit here during the EU Referendum, when Cameron had told him to strong arm us into voting Remain.  Obama unpleasantly threatened we would be at the “back of the queue” for a deal if we dared voted to Leave. Independent Brits erupted in outrage. Continue reading

We have lift off! Boris goes supersonic to meet Donald’s team!

A dazzling range of financial and strategic  intellects is waiting to greet Boris Johnson as he hits the Big Apple at last.  These meeting will be fascinating and who isn’t wishing they were  a fly on the wall as events are discussed that will change our lives.trumpjared“Steve” Bannon is an American campaign manager, businessman, and media executive who is chief strategist and Senior Counsellor to Donald Trump. Combative savvy Steve will be meeting Boris,  as will Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son in law.  Continue reading