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Netanyahu and Prez Trump keen to form a Coalition with the UK

Steve Hilton, ex guru of the Cameron government, who left, disillusioned,  to go to the States, was on Fox News today, beaming and bursting with enthusiasm. Once more, we are seeing the old, hopeful  Steve, excited and energised by  recent events.donaldbibi

It was clear from the body language in the interview they gave on Fox that “Bibi” Netanyahu and Prez Donald Trump  have a genuine rapport.  They kidded each other and talked about deal making.  President Trump is keen to solve the Israel/Palestine  impasse and he should only be applauded for the scale of his ambition. Continue reading

Ed Miliband deserted the Jewish community but now wants to be the first Jewish PM

Whatever the merits of the dispute over Ed Miliband’s ability as a backstabber, sensitivity is clearly not one of his qualities.  Ed recently said he wants to be the first Jewish PM.  Benjamin Disraeli did not practice the Jewish faith so is dismissed by Ed because he was an Anglican.  But Ed himself was  brought up as an atheist,  so he does not practice the Jewish faith either.  This is Ed all over.Ken Livingstone, Ed Miliband and Eddie IzzardThat aside, Ed is not exactly popular with the Jewish community and that is the throwaway line of the decade.  Ken Livingstone treated Jewish people appallingly when running for Mayor against Boris, and Ed just went along with it. Continue reading

As Hamas flaunt 18 video murders, is it still all Israel’s fault, Jon Snow?

At first, because of the biased reporting of the BBC  and Channel 4’s Jon Snow, Hamas, in spite of all the facts, won the media war hands down.  Israel were branded child murderers, with no right on their side.  A wave of anti-semitic attacks swept Europe.hamasexecutionsNow a rather different aspect of the war has grabbed the headlines.  The US journalist, James Foley, was brutally butchered on video by Jihadist John, of IS.   Recent photographs show Hamas vying in cruelty with IS, about to slaughter 18 collaborators who oppose their regime, including two women, on air. Continue reading

On LBC, Boris Johnson says we must not transfer the tensions of Gaza to our streets

On LBC today, Boris Johnson emphasised that London and the UK have many communities, but we are all united.  It would be wrong to transfer the tensions of Gaza to our streets.borisclever2He said how very sorry he was that Baroness Warsi has resigned. a Minister whom he deeply respects and he hopes she returns to office soon.  Boris said the violence in Gaza “is horrifying and disproportionate but it is not my function as Mayor of London to adjudicate in this matter.” Boris said he was a Zionist in that he believed in the State of Israel. Continue reading

Jon Snow blanks the pleas over Gaza of the visibly upset ex-Israeli Minister

In this painful interview on Channel 4 News between Jon Snow and Michael Oren,  Jon Snow refuses to listen to or accept the Israeli point of view.  His mind is already made up, and the impassioned  plea from the ex Israeli Minister smacks into a brick wall.  michaelorenMr. Oren becomes visibly upset as Jon Snow refuses to listen to his full  explanation.  When an emotional Mr. Oren insists on continuing, he is accused of giving a lecture. Continue reading

Does Boris Johnson hold the secret to the US election?

As the nation waits for the result of the US election, the Boris Johnson article in the Daily Telegraph today throws a lifeline to the candidate looking for the killer blow. There is overwhelming support for President Obama in the UK, but in the UK, it looks like it is going to the wire, so Boris offers some helpful advice.

Boris begins:  “Holy deadlock! Holy hanging chad, this thing is going to the wire. As things stand, it really does look as though the US presidential election could be a photo-finish. Obama and Romney have spent about a billion each. They have churned the air of countless supermarket car parks and factory canteens with their can-do slogans, and with barely 24 hours until polls open, they are like two spent swimmers that cling to one another and choke their art. Continue reading

The truth about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone, as discussed here,  is appearing as a presenter on PRESS t.v, the Iranian regime’s English language propoganda arm. Ken has come under some heavy fire because of this , so in fairness to him, let’s delve into the beliefs of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one of the founders of PRESS.

Before I do, it is useful to remember that when Ken was Mayor, he was renowned for his “wimmins’ projects”, patronising concessions that were the last sort of help that we needed, but they helped Ken fly the flag as a strong supporter of womens’ rights.  He also insisted he was strong on gay rights, and attended the Gay Pride marches.  As quoted in the New Statesman, Ken said:  “I am committed to ensuring our city retains its reputation as a welcoming and safe place for lesbian and gay people to live in and visit”. Continue reading