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Boris Johnson speaks to the House on his recent visit to the Middle East

The Foreign Secretary began:  With your permission, Mr Speaker, and following my undertaking to the House, I will make a statement about my visit to the middle east, from where I returned this morning.  Continue reading

Foreign Secretary Boris updates Parliament on Daesh in Iraq and Syria

Foreign Secretary Boris addressed the House on 3rd November to update them on the fight against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

IRAQ:   A global coalition of 67 members has been formed to defeat Daesh said Boris.  The next aim of the Iraqi security forces is to take Mosul from Daesh.  They are making good progress and several dozen settlements have been liberated. The jihadis are using suicide bombers, so the Iraqi security forces, with the Kurdish peshmergas,  face their toughest objective yet.iraqspecialforcesBoris said:  “The aim is to defeat Daesh in a way that protects civilians, minimises human suffering and promotes a political settlement.” Continue reading

BREAKING: Daesh are in retreat, Boris Johnson told Parliament today

In the House of Commons today, Boris told MPs that Daesh are in retreat on every battlefront in Iraq and Syria.  In an offensive on Mosul, Iraqi troops have entered the ISIS stronghold.  This is a decisive moment in the battle against Islamist militants,  as Iraqi forces enter the country’s second biggest city. Continue reading

Boris Johnson has a practical plan to end the terrible suffering in Syria

Boris Johnson wrote in the Times today that there is a solution to end the appalling suffering in Syria.  Boris urges the Kremlin to end its support for Assad.assadThe Times reported:  “In an article for The Times today Mr Johnson says that Russia’s military efforts in Syria are keeping Assad in power and are “seemingly indefensible”. Mr Johnson says that Assad is the “one man who bears overwhelming responsibility” for the Syrian war and heaps censure on his “killing machine, his barrel-bombs, and . . . his fight for personal political survival”. Continue reading

Is Boris Johnson like Donald Trump? Hell no! But Trump has plenty to offer

A few tweeters have started to repeat that Donald Trump is just a version of Boris Johnson.  Let’s look at the facts.   Do they know Boris Johnson?boristrump2Boris Johnson is a cultured, deep thinking, libertarian, and Oxford educated classical scholar, known for his charm and tolerance    Donald Trump is a hugely successful billionaire businessman, who was so wild his father send him to military academy.   Nobody would ever describe him as tolerant, charming, or an intellectual, let alone a deep or cultured thinker. He is feisty, a talented businessman and has tremendous tenacity. Continue reading

Marxist admirer Jeremy Corbyn will be no pushover

Intriguing article by Boris Johnson today in the Sun! “Corbyn gets top Marx for caring” says Bojo.  Boris points out that Corbyn is not actually the loony he is painted.  In retrospect, many of his ideas now look prescient.

Lenin, Staling and Trotsky

Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky

Bojo points out:  “Yes, he was one of the early campaigners against apartheid. Quite right, too — these days Mandela is regarded as a kind of modern saint.

Yes, he was in favour of bringing the IRA to the negotiating table, a view treated as semi-treacherous at the time. Continue reading

We cannot allow these people to smash our history, our common story, says Boris

In the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson explains how upset he is about the ruin of antiquities by Isil.  Boris begins:   “Perhaps I shouldn’t care as much as I do. These victims aren’t real people, after all. They are just mouldering old statues, and they aren’t even statues of ordinary people. They are bizarre Assyrian gods. They have the bodies of bulls, with cloven feet and those peculiar ringleted beards in the shape of typewriters. No one believes in that religion any more, and the people who made the statues have been dead for thousands of years.isilsmashWho cares if someone attacks them with a digger? Who cares if they get a stick of jihadi dynamite up their sneering nostrils? Why the big fat fuss? And perhaps I am allowing myself to get a bit carried away when I hear about the destruction of the famous cities of Mesopotamia. I expect that some people will take the view that they are just a bunch of ruins. Most of the stone buildings have long since lost their roofs, and their real estate value is low. You could try to turn them into something useful, like a restaurant or a car park – but you wouldn’t get planning permission.

Continue reading