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Independent thinking Boris will meet the President in Washington this week

Boris Johnson is travelling to Washington on Tuesday for a series of high level meetings when he will meet with some of President Trump’s closest aides, and likely the President.   Boris is emerging as a key channel for the Americans in recent weeks, reports Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. His constructive relationship with Jared Kushner ensured that British people are exempt from the President’s attempted ban on some predominantly Muslim countries. Boris will meet with his opposite number, Rex Tillerson, and talk with US intelligence chiefs, soothing the recent hiccup over spy rumours.  He will meet with senior Congressional Republic readers , and is likely to meet the President. Continue reading

Are you sick of corrupt TV bias? If you want the truth, watch Euronews!

Were you sickened by the blatant bias of the BBC and SKY News during the EU referendum?  Are you appalled to discover that the BBC and SKY are deliberately ignoring the huge demonstrations in Germany that have gone on since 2013, against Merkel’s immigration policy? So ingrained is the bias of these channels to REMAIN that they ignore the trade deals offered to Britain in their need to please their EU paymasters.bigbrother3The most recent Mayoral election (between REMAINER Sadiq Khan and committed LEAVE candidate Zac Goldsmith)   was not truthfully reported. Zac was so digracefully smeared on the half hour on SKY,  I reported the coverage to Ofcom (and got  nowhere!) The BBC was similarly untruthful. Continue reading

BBC and SKY keep blanking news of huge demos in Germany against open borders

The German people are taking to the streets in their thousands to protest against the immigration policy of Angela Merkel and the danger of open borders.  These protests have gone on for months.  The anger against free movement strikes against the whole concept of the EU, but SKY and the BBC stubbornly refuse to report on such apocalyptic events.eugermandemosMerkel’s premiership is hanging by a thread today (31st July)  as thousands gathered to call for her resignation while a key political ally dramatically withdrew his support over immigration policy. Continue reading