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Europe is dying, weep the Italians

Italy is bearing the worst of the never ending flood of immigration, particularly from Africa.  Italians are pleading with the EU to listen and do something about the non-stop torrent of immigrants from other countries, because they simply cannot cope with the numbers.

The Express reported:  A furious Italian politician has declared “Europe is dying” over Brussels’ handing of the migrant crisis.  Luigi Di Maio, MP for the Five Star Movement, made the staggering claim as refugees continue to arrive in Italy in large numbers.  Continue reading

Why Boris Johnson wants Turkey to join the EU

People often ask on twitter why does Boris want Turkey to join the EU?  The answer is in paragraph 2 below. Boris’s great grandfather was a famous Turkish journalist, newspaper editor and poet, through this link, Boris has inherited his white blonde hair.

Boris’s strategy on Turkey and the EUBoris Johnson, Mevlut CavusogluThis is Boris Johnson’s strategy to improve our situation with Turkey.
The EU has agreed to give money to Turkey to help with immigration. In return the Turks have agreed they will not allow any more migrants to cross the seas, or drown in flimsy boats.   Immigrants will be allowed to stay in Turkey. Continue reading

Cam’s lies, damned lies and statistics

Before the last election, David Cameron made a series of pledges in his Bloomberg speech.  These were:CamflagsHIS PROMISES:

  1. He would reduce unwanted  immigration to a few 1,000s.
  2. Singlehandedly he would reform the European Union from the top to the bottom.
  3. He said if the secured terms were not what we needed, he would lead the Leave campaign.
  4. The referendum would be before the end of next year.
  5. The EU Ref. will be scrupulously fair.

Continue reading

If we keep doing nothing over Syria, says Boris, we must prepare ourselves for an eternity of refugees

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson tackles the worrying problem of immigration.  If we don’t do something about Syria, says Boris, the immigrants will keep on coming.IsilbombBoris begins:  “Look, I have to admit that I have written about this subject before, and I know from the splenetic feedback that there are plenty of people who don’t give a monkey’s. There are a fair few otherwise well-intentioned readers of the Telegraph who aren’t much moved by the fate of a few old ruins in Syria. They will have looked at the photos of Isil blowing up the temple of Baal Shamin, and turned instantly to the sport, or clicked on the item about Jeremy Corbyn’s “makeover” – or whatever. Continue reading

Kippers complain about bias and unfairness from Ch.4, now they know how Muslims feel

The Channel 4 TV spoof programme on life under UKIP succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. Kippers are going ballistic. A UKIP government, said Channel 4 would see the country plunged into chaos, with race riots on the street and thuggish yobs threatening everyone who might be unemployed  and MuslimukipprogWe welcome immigrants who contribute to the UK with open arms, bellowed Kippers on the progamme.  But if you are an illegal, heaven help you! Tough, anti-immigration squads were reported to be attacking the same ethnic restaurant owners night after night.  Neil Hamilton was Deputy PM for goodness sakes.  A whole 700 people have complained to Ofcom, and according to the biased Daily Express, they are screaming bias, Kippers are being victimised, how unfair is this? Continue reading

Shocker for UKIP! Immigrants are good for the UK economy!

Channel 4 FactCheck has some pretty astonishing news on immigration.  The drain on the UK is not immigrants!  It is native born Brits who aren’t working.NigelFarage5FactCheck says:  “If we start counting in 1995, we find that migrants from the EEA (that’s EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) make a small net positive contribution. They pay in a few billion pounds more than they take out. Continue reading