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Brexit hate crime hysteria is a cynical Remainers lie

Brendan O’Neil of Spiked has confirmed, as I wrote on 11th September 2016, what Dan Hannan reported on the hate crime figures. The police log reports of hate crime, but when tested, these figures of actual crime don’t show a rise.  But Remainers continue to accuse Brexit of every type of hate crime, including homophobia. borisgayadBrendan says:  Has there ever been a crime panic as flimsy, as see-through, as explicitly designed to make political mileage as the post-Brexit hate-crime hysteria? Too many people are nodding along to this nonsense, accepting as hard fact every doom-tinged utterance from the police and evidence-lite statement from the Home Office. Continue reading

Theresa May’s shameful record of failure

“Judge me on my record” said Theresa May.  I doubt very much if Theresa May, the so-called “grownup”,  potential “mother figure” of the Tories, really wants us to do that.    Let’s have a quick look at that so called brilliant record.maytrust1. Introduced the Data Retention Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) – which sought to curtail internet freedom – without prior public consultation with groups outside Parliament. This Act was firmly opposed by The Freedom Association, was eventually ruled to be illegal in the High Court and earned David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP consecutive parliamentarian of the week awards (the first time and only time that has ever happened in the history of the award) for their opposition to it. Continue reading

May finally expresses sympathy for child abuse victims, but even better to see some action

At last some terror measures from Theresa May!  Or at least some new terror measures. Up until now, May and the Home Office have been hogtied by the Deputy PM.   In September of this year, a whole raft of measures against extremism and radicalisation was blocked by Nick Clegg. who bragged he would probably block any future measures too.

mayWe need to know it won’t be the same scenario all over again. Nick Clegg has praised the use of IP addresses to trap terrorists as “sensible”, but said that the Home Secretary “wants to go a lot further” by reviving what he called the “disproportionate” measures of “the snoopers’ charter”. Continue reading

Theresa May is showing Met no respect by delaying her decision over water cannon for two years

The Met Police say that Home Secretary has had all the information enabling her to make a decision on water cannon for two years.  Never known for her speed in decision making, Mrs. May has still not seen fit to inform the Met of the position.theresamay3In spite of big talk at the Tory Party Conference, Mrs. May has done nothing regarding plans to fight radicalisation and fight extremism, because all action in this regard is blocked by Nick Clegg.  Mrs. May aceepts his shackling of the Home Office without protest, while talking up how big and tough she is. Continue reading

Boris gives his view on those Home Office immigration ads.

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris Johnson  talks about Immigration and those Home Office ads.,  telling illegal immigrants to go home or face arrest.  I don’t see what is wrong, because they are breaking the law, so naturally I am agog to know the view of the Mayor.HOAd

Boris begins:  “Uh oh, I thought, as we queued for the Korean burritos. I didn’t like the look of this one. A woman stood in front of me, her face working with anger; and in her hand she had a full plastic tumbler of what looked like sangria — red wine with a slice of orange. It was just the sort of thing that a lefty lawyer might suddenly decide to chuck in the face of a hapless Tory politician; and so out of the corner of my eye I watched that sloshing drink as she waved it furiously under my nose, and I groped for ways to calm her down. Continue reading

Boris lobbies Home Office and gets £90m for the Met

Problem solved!  Concerns were expressed at the London Assembly this month about crime.  Crime has gone down 10% since Boris became Mayor in 2008, but Assembly Members still demurred. Now they can rest easy.  Determined lobbying from persuasive Boris has caused the Home Office to stump up £90MM.  This will make sure London is safe during the Olympics.

It is Boris’s intention to keep police numbers up after the Olympics are over.  The London Standard reported today:

“Allies say the Mayor has lobbied ministers aggressively to ensure there will be no fall in officer numbers at the end of the year. He has said 32,000 is a “good number” for London, and that he will maintain that level if he is re-elected on May 3.  His spokesman said: “The Mayor has lobbied hard for these extra funds in recognition, not only of the unique challenges facing the Met this year, but also to ensure that the numbers of police on London’s streets can remain high for the foreseeable future. Continue reading


Bernard Hogan Howe, acting Deputy Commissioner and the choice of Boris Johnson has been named as the new Head of the Met. Police.  Theresa May initially favoured Stephen House, a Scot.  Boris believed that a Scot would not go down well with Londoners and he preferred the former head of Merseyside police, Bernard Hogan Howe. Theresa May clearly became persuaded that Bernard Hogan Howe was the best candidate.

It is essential that the head of the Met. has the confidence and backing of the Mayor. For that reason, Boris insisted on interviewing the shortlisted top four candidates. Mr. Hogan Howe is known for being a tough, single minded crime fighter, who brought crime down by 40% and antisocial behaviour down by 25% in Merseyside. He has shown zero tolerance of crime gangs. Continue reading