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May won’t say what she stands for, won’t debate and avoids all scrutiny

Although Theresa May claims to be “protecting Brexit”,  the strategy of rushing through a snap election should give Brexit voters huge cause for alarm.  She is duplicating the strategy of Harold Wilson in 1975.

Ted Heath rushed us illegally into the EU in 1972, by not calling a Referendum.  Three years later, Harold Wilson apparently set this right, but he turned the Ref. into a vote of confidence for the government  which, like May, he knew he would win.  He then took advantage of the innocent public by binding us further into the EU. Continue reading

How we were taken into the EU illegally by Edward Heath

We were taken into the EU illegally, so is our membership even legal now?  An article by writer Vernon Cole explains  PM Edward Heath should have held a Referendum before he signed the treaty that gave away our sovereignty to the EU. Parliament has legal sovereignty, but the people have political sovereignty. edwardheathIn 1972, Heath was afraid to hold a Referendum, because there was huge antipathy to the Common Market at that time. (2 to 1).  So without holding the requisite Referendum,  he signed the European Communities Bill, making us part of the Common Market that later became the EU. Continue reading

Has our PM always meant to do a deal with Blairites over EU? asks Peter Oborne

This fascinating article by Peter Oborne was in the Mail on Sunday.

“About time too! David Cameron has at last had an attack of good sense.cameronfatFor the past year, he fought to prevent Conservative ministers from revealing their private views about Britain’s membership of the EU.

Stubbornly, he was determined to silence Eurosceptics in his Cabinet by threatening them with the sack if they wanted to tell the truth about where they stood on a political issue that is one of the biggest for generations. Continue reading

Even Ed’s favourite film is based on a big fat lie

His aim was probably just to pretend to be a normal person, but in a radio interview, Ed Miliband said he blubbed at his favourite movie, the comedy Pride. prideHe was talking to Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd and said he blubbed at the film about the lesbian and gay community in London who went to demo with the miners in Wales when the mines were being closed down.  Based on a true story,  the National Union of Mineworkers was at first reluctant to accept the group’s support due to public relations’ worries about being openly associated with a gay group. The gay activists go directly to Wales, win over the miners and the union turns out to be a triumph. Continue reading