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Hampstead and Kilburn must grab the chance to make Claire Louise Leyland an MP

Trained therapist Claire Louise Leyland cared enough to volunteer and go to the Syrian/Turkish border to help distraught Syrian orphans.  That alon gets her my vote.

In politics talk is easy….  it’s what politicians achieve that counts.  If that’s the yardstick picking Claire Louise Leyland as the next MP for Hampstead and Kilburn is a no brainer. As first glance  quiet, modest and shy, Claire Louise has an impressive range of talents, every one of them is linked to service – of people or her country. Continue reading

Local skirmishes

Glenda Jackson wins Hampstead and Kilburn by the narrowest of margins, but my money is on a Chris Philp win next time and that might be sooner than we think.

One of the hardest, gutsiest, most deeply felt battles in the election for a Parliamentary seat was in my area of Hampstead and Kilburn, where Glenda Jackson has been ensconced like a barnacle for 18 long years.   18 years!   18 long long years!  I should know what a hard battle Tory Chris Philp was facing when he started his challenge.  I have been bumping into champagne Socialists for years, and their rationale is no easier to understand than it ever was.    Melvyn Bragg might remember the day when I chased him up the street, telling him “You are a very bad man!” because he pulled a rude face and said “Oh no!” when I was campaigning for Boris for Mayor.   This is the typical reaction when you say you vote Tory.  Mr. Bragg and I finished up on good terms, mainly because he was laughing himself sick, but you don’t always get such a friendly final reaction.

In addition, Chris had to take on Ed Fordham, and the Lib Dem PR that was a tad overinflated, and look what high expectations did for Nick Clegg.  Lib Dems were putting it around that Ed would win easily.  The final results couldn’t have been closer.  There was a recount and the final result was:

Glenda Jackson   17,332

Chris Philp             17,290

Ed Fordham         16,401

The London Standard said this must have been one of the closest finishes in the whole election.  Congratulations,  Glenda Jackson, you won fair and square.  But if there is another election soon, I am betting that Chris Philp will prevail. I am keeping the huge blue poster that stood on my balcony beaming his name over the whole of London.   It’s not over until it’s over.

How Hampstead and Kilburn lucked out

If, just like Tony Stark created Iron Man, David Cameron was able to create a dream candidate for MP, he would probably end up with Chris Philp.

As a potential MP, Chris has so many good points it just isn’t true. He went through the South London state system of education, and ended up at Oxford.  He graduated in Physics and gave up a secure job in the City to set up his own business, and he started off driving the van himself.  Four years later, he had over 100 staff.  Kerching! He ticks about six boxes right there. He recently married his wife, Lizzie and has lived in the area for ten years.

More recently, he set up a building business rebuilding the parts of Yugoslavia that in the 1990’s were torn apart by the civil war. So we are talking enterprise, business experience and social conscience.  Because Chris has not been an MP before, he is untainted by the expenses scandal and that is a huge plus.  We need new MPs so badly who will restore the trust of the public in Parliament.   Additionally, in 2003,  Chris was voted London’s “Emerging Entrepreneur” by the Times.

In Chris’s own words ‘I have always believed in creating opportunity for everyone, irrespective of their background. So one thing I would do as our MP is campaign for reform of the state education system so standards are as good as those in the private sector. I want everyone to be able to have the opportunities that I have had.  I also believe that encouraging enterprise – creating jobs and prosperity – is the best way to combat poverty and raise living standards”.

Chris is especially concerned about opportunities for children and the safety of our children.  This is an issue that I believe is crying out for the attention of our MPs.  Recent well known tragedies involving children have had huge implications for our society.  Chris discusses this issue at length here.

Boris Johnson received a rapturous reception when he spoke at West Hampstead in March and he warmly endorsed Chris then, as has David Cameron and many other leading Tory MPs.  Come in Glenda Jackson!  Your time is up!  We are tremendously fortunate in Hampstead and Kilburn to have such a high calibre candidate standing as our MP and  if Chris doesn’t win by a landslide, as I firmly believe he will, we will have missed a huge opportunity.