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Desperate EU chiefs are helping Remoaners try to cheat us out of Brexit

Academic A C Grayling admits that it is a matter of life and death for EU chiefs to cheat us back into the EU so they are helping whimpering Remoaners to subvert Brexit.   They spout the usual guff – we are very very much missed, there are people who are desperate to unite again in blissful harmony back in the EU with our necks firmly under the boots of EU chiefs  – are we are supposed to fall for this drivel? Guy Verhofstadt and Michel Barnier are colluding with Remoaners, who are snivelling because the Remoan vote has sunk from 48% to 22%.  EU chiefs have been so abusive and vile to us, their behaviour is bound to have been a major factor. Continue reading

Newsnight and Guy Verhofstadt humiliated over free movement gaffe

His critics on twitter flocked to declare Boris Johnson’s remarks on free movement another gaffe.  In an interview with a Czech daily newspaper, Boris dismissed as “a total myth” the idea that free movement was one of the EU’s founding principles. borischeeky2Guy Verhofstadt gloated on twitter that Boris had dropped a clanger.  He tweeted:  “Can’t wait to negotiate with Boris Johnson, so that I can read him Article 3 of the Treaty of Rome”, in reference to its longstanding commitment to freedom of movement. ” Continue reading

Boris savages Verhofstadt’s EU claptrap

In his inimitable style, Boris Johnson has been ramming it to the rest of them in the EU.    We might leave the customs union, Boris told a Czech newspaper airily, but that will be up to negotiation.  He then rubbished the statement by Guy Verhofstadt that free movement is a human right.borissincereThe Guardian reported:  “Johnson is also reported to have said that the idea that free movement of people is a founding pillar of the EU is nonsense. (Guy Verhofstadt said FM is a basic human right”) Continue reading