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Why even if they disagree, members of any government must support government policy

There is a lot of fuss right now on twitter over why leading members of any government support a government motion when they don’t agree.  Boris Johnson and Michael Gove think nurses particularly deserve a pay rise, but both of them voted in favour of keeping the cap on private sector wages. Members of the Cabinet are particularly bound by this convention.

This is because of something called collective responsibility.

Cabinet collective responsibility, also known as collective  ministerial responsibility, is a constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System, that members of the cabinet must publicly support all governmental decisions made in Cabinet, even if they do not privately agree with them.  Continue reading

Parliament does not have to be consulted over Brexit argues Gov lawyer

The government is being challenged in High Court over its contention that Parliament has no right to interfere over Brexit. borisdavisfox2The Guardian reported:  “The government has been forced by a senior judge to reveal secret legal arguments for refusing to let parliament decide when and how the UK should withdraw from the EU. Continue reading

Why our biased British media is censoring news through blackouts.

For years, the media has ignored the huge demonstrations in Germany against Merkel’s immigration policy.nuitdebout3
Now Paris faces its largest protests in recent history, and there is a complete media blackout on these demonstrations in Ireland and the UK. The protests, organised by Nuit Debout, are because the Government has introduced a bill to drastically loosen French Labour laws.  Unions and most of the general public are outraged.
If adopted, the law would allow individual contracts between employers and employees that need not respect the current national labor regulations negotiated by the unions, thus making it easier for contracts to be terminated, work hours to be increased, overtime pay reduced, severance packages.  The Nuit Debout is fighting this, click on link in title for details of this organisation.

Continue reading

OUTSTANDING! Boris Johnson on BBC explains case for LEAVE

Boris Johnson is absolutely brilliant in an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg putting the case for LEAVE. (Brexit). An unmissable interview, please click hereborisBBCEvery time Laura challenges Boris he responds with arguments so powerful, it is clear we have to leave.  EU Law is absolute.  This is our very last chance to retain the power to refuse to surrender to the dictatorship of the EU! Continue reading

The Gov. is sacrificing the steel trade to curry favour with China, says Telegraph

The  Telegraph Business reveals that not only is the EU not helping the British steel  industry, it is Britain who is blocking help from within the EU.   An article today says that Britain is sacrificing the steel industry to curry favour with China.georgechinaTelegraph Business reports: “Britain’s special relationship with China is becoming more expensive by the day. It now threatens to destroy the British steel industry, a foundation pillar of our manufacturing economy. Continue reading

Ordinary people losing their rights through the EU and it suits Dave and George down to the ground.

David Cameron and George Osborne are desperate for Britain to stay in Europe, even though our rights as citizens are disappearing fast.  The truth is, if ordinary working people lost all say in calling the Government to account, it would suit Osbo and Dave down to the ground.davegeorgecorbynEU law is now more important than British Law.  Worse, Cameron has agreed a clause that says Britain can never raise a complaint against the EU again. British democracy, the envy of the world is disappearing fast. Oddly, Dave and Osbo don’t give a damn. Continue reading

Lawless! Uber is leading PM and Osbo down the road to ruin

An excellent article in the taxi magazine, The Badge, the October 2015 issue,  clearly explained how by ensuring that Uber does not have to comply with regs.,  the Government (Osbo and our PM) stepped in to protect Uber. cameronosbo2The article states that Mayor Boris has written in a Daily Telegraph article that because of the flood of PHVs, (87,000 Uber cabs are on the road now, aimlessly driving around looking for work, soon this number will reach 100,000) “the law is systematically being broken.” Continue reading