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Why Gove, Leadsom, Raab and Fox have blown their careers

The EU must have thought that all their Christmases had come at once when they saw the May Chequers White paper.  They will be so encouraged by May’s pathetic weakness, they will be expecting still more presents, as a Tory councillor told me and will no doubt kick her around a bit more to achieve total subjugation.

Explosive legal advise from top QC Martin Howe proves that May’s deal is a total betrayal of Brexit and would be an catastrophe for Britain, leaving us hogtied to the EU and far far worse off than before.  Continue reading

Surprise! Gove was the snake in the grass who betrayed loyal Brexiteers in Cabinet

It is because Michael Gove supported Theresa May’s fudge in Chequers with sellouts Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson that loyal Brexiteers like Boris Johnson and David Davis had to sign off on the deal.  Only because of them.

But the deal is a total betrayal of Brexit and explosive legal advice proves that May and Gove are totally betraying us, ensuring we will be a vassal state of the EU, half in and half out, with no vote but still paying the EU £39 billion.  How could it possibly be worse? Gove was on Marr on Sunday,  busily backing May’s betrayal of Brexit.  Be in no doubt!  This fudge leaves us at the mercy of the EU!   Continue reading

Her CU plans make it clear PM May schemed to wreck Brexit all along

If you were PM and you wanted to wreck Brexit, how would you go about it? Is PM May really clueless, or is there another explanation?

You could start by dragging out the process, hoping that the nation gets so fedup, they change their minds and demand to stay in.   That hasn’t happened, but there are plenty of Remainers pretending that they are now the majority. Continue reading

Brave Brexiteers fight off customs partnership – May accepts defeat

Guido Fawkes reported today that the Olly Robbins plans for the fudged up customs union have been foiled, because Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson have come down on the side of the Leavers. 

With these two, Boris, Gove, Fox and Davis had a majority.  Brexiteers breathed again, but too soon.  Now it seems from a tweet by Robert Peston, rattlesnake May immediately lashed out, revealing her true purpose.  Continue reading

Remoaners desperate to find a candidate to challenge BoMogg

Remain panic has reached fever pitch, because they have all clocked on, too late,  they have no viable option to outflank BoMogg.  BoMogg has no intention of launching a hostile takeover, but there is something about the glint in the eyes of Boris, Mogg and Gove that makes it clear, should the need arise, they are ready.  

Unfortunately for Remainers, the cream of the party has departed. to form a triumvirate.  Boris, Gove and Mogg are by far the most  intelligent, charismatic, witty, visionary members of the Tory party, who know, particularly Boris, how to win elections.  Continue reading

Breaking! Boris, Gove and Fox to unite in explosive Cabinet showdown over continued customs union membership

An explosive Cabinet showdown is on the cards, over suspected Treasury plans to keep Britain in the customs union post Brexit.  Boris Johnson , Gove  and Liam Fox will unite to argue that being in the customs union will limit our ability to make deals away from the EU,  exclusively reports the Daily Telegraph.The Treasury are determined to keep us under EU control by staying in the customs union.  Tapes have emerged of Charles Grant, director of the pro-Remain think tank, the Centre for European Reform, having private conversations about Brexit with Treasury officials. Continue reading

Boris Johnson and Gove want May to be Bad Santa!

A more cautious approach to May giving more cash to the EU is suggested by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.  Rather than May acting like Santa Claus and giving a huge wodge of cash gratis as a “divorce bill”, the two Brexiteers say no extra cash should be specified right now. Then disaster.  The EU has already turned down the offer of another 20 billion (that’s 36 billion in all).  !  Of course…..

The EU is clearly feeling the heat, because when we leave, the end of our massive payments mean they will be left with a huge black hole. They are sweating at the prospect.   Continue reading