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Boris Johnson and Gove want May to be Bad Santa!

A more cautious approach to May giving more cash to the EU is suggested by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.  Rather than May acting like Santa Claus and giving a huge wodge of cash gratis as a “divorce bill”, the two Brexiteers say no extra cash should be specified right now. Then disaster.  The EU has already turned down the offer of another 20 billion (that’s 36 billion in all).  !  Of course…..

The EU is clearly feeling the heat, because when we leave, the end of our massive payments mean they will be left with a huge black hole. They are sweating at the prospect.   Continue reading

Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

What can they have to talk about?  Michael Gove and George Osborne were spotted this week on holiday together in Germany.  The former Cabinet pals were pictured attending Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in the Bavarian town Bayreuth – an opera about the struggle for power.

The pages of the London Standard seem dipped in acid, as George works out his angst trashing his nemesis, Boris Johnson and ripping into Theresa May in the nastiest possible terms. Continue reading

George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

For a journalist, Dan Hodges is a nice guy, down to earth and not a bit stuck up.  His Achilles heel is he is so innocent, he shouldn’t be let out alone.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson gave a huge amount of help to George, even  bailing him out when the economy was tanking by giving him some sound economic advice.  George of course claimed all the credit, and for while some innocents, including Dan, actually believed him. Boris’s reward as proudly revealed by Dan, was George then said he intended to “knife Boris in May 2016!”.   Continue reading

Osbo dumps Gove, even though proof Gove didn’t act alone

They had planned a joint family holiday, but now the Sun reports that on the advice of SamCam, Osbo has dumped Gove and cancelled the holiday.  Intriguingly, SamCam’s advice was given because “it’s either Them or Us!”govepout

This comment, if true adds further fuel to the evidence that in stabbing Boris Johnson,  Gove did not act alone.   Journalist Piers Morgan has reported how, at a summer party, he was approached by a “top level Tory”  who hissed “We’re going to CRUSH Boris into a mangled heap. He’s going to get f***ed, trust me. ‘Completely and comprehensively F***ED!’ Continue reading

Lone wolf or covert op? When Gove knifed Boris, evidence he wasn’t acting alone

When Gove launched his Boris Johnson show stopper,  knifing his friend of 30 years in the front, he went to great pains to explain that it was a spur of the moment thing.  Incensed at Boris’s “lack of focus”, he decided in the space of a few hours, to leave the Boris team.  Boris had taken a day off to play cricket, or who knows, needed a break from Gove’s incessant demands for more and more power.boriscricket4A hectic EU Referendum campaign meant that Boris Johnson needed some relaxation and fresh air. He was the front man, and had born the full pressure of the campaign, fighting every debate, delivering endless speeches and bearing the brunt of vicious Remain smear campaigns.

Continue reading

Salt. Gove was the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp

In the movie Salt, Angelina Jolie is asked to track down a spy in the US government.  It turns out to be her.  Michael Gove turned out to be the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp.govesaltApparently Boris and Gove have known each other for 30 years, so it was understandable that Boris trusted the suggestion from Michael to back him up and form a dream team. Continue reading

Cameron’s continual attacks on Boris Johnson show how very much he fears him

In an article today in the Daily Mail,  Dominic Lawson says:  “But while claiming he won’t engage in open conflict with his own colleagues, Cameron has been traducing them in his own way.borisEU15Last week he accused those supporting Brexit of being ‘immoral’. Number 10 solicited interventions from the former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, who obligingly described Boris Johnson as ‘preposterous’, ‘obscene’ and ‘irresponsible’, and from the former party chairman Chris Patten, who said Johnson was unable to tell ‘the difference between fact and fiction’.” Continue reading