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George Osborne publishes Boris Johnson’s article in memory of Holocaust Day

In memory of Holocaust Day, Boris Johnson has written a beautiful article, published in the Standard.  It remindisus of the sacrifices made by some of the courageous British diplomats who risked everything to save Jewish people. 

There was a wonderful item on Good Morning Britain about a Jewish family who took in a teenage Syrian refugee and looked after him as their own.  They help the boy with his education, support him and it’s a common bond they are all vegetarians.   Continue reading

The EU propagandists – Piers Morgan, Chuka Umunna, Kevin Maguire and the MSM

The worst, most backstabbing traitors in British history include men like the Cambridge spies.  Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean.  These men were selling our secrets to the Russians.  At least they had the excuse that they believed in the Russian system.  They undermined in secret.  Rather more blatant were the propaganda traitors who operated on the radio for the Nazis.

Face of a EU propagandist

Radio played a key role in the propaganda campaigns of Nazi Germany, as television does for us today.   The most notorious personality in this radio war was William Joyce, or ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ – who came to be known as the English voice of Nazi Germany. But he wasn’t alone in his treachery.  Continue reading

Breaking news! Years ago, Boris Johnson used slave labour at 50p an hour

The scandal breaks!  So far my support and faith in our Foreign Secretary has remained rock solid, but the discovery that Boris used slave labour in his youth, paying a measly 50p. an hour to the victim,  forcing her to slave away for hours on end,  left me reeling, my belief system in tatters.

The young victim

The evidence is indisputable.  A trembling “Rachel” revealed on Good Morning Britain that as a vulnerable adolescent, she was forced, against her will to iron Boris’s and Jo Johnson’s shirts every week for a pitiful 50p. an hour!  Bastards!   Continue reading

The truth is revealed in the heartbreaking cry of Syrian refugees

On Good Morning Britain this week, Anna Soubry described how she has recently been to Jordan,  to see for herself the plight of Syrian refugees.  Our aid budget under Boris Johnson for Syria is the largest in the world – 2.3 billion – but money means nothing to the shattered children who have lost their entire worlds, too numb even to cry.syria7Anna accompanied Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and they  witnessed “harrowing” scenes at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan earlier this week during a three-day trip  as part of an Oxfam delegation. Continue reading

Corbyn’s new “Trump” media strategy is already imploding

It didn’t get off to a good start. The London Standard reported that Corbyn’s new media strategy is dropping the defensive mode that got them nowhere and doing a Trump!barlettThe informal tagline, they say is “Let Corbyn be Corbyn!”  Please God No!  Couldn’t the masterminds behind the strategy do better than to recyle the old chestnut  “Let Bartlett be Bartlett” from the West Wing?   Continue reading

Sex trade operating while teenage boys raped in Calais jungle

After the rape of a female journalist at knife point by three migrants in the Calais jungle, more details of abuse surface, this time of teenage boys.  Aid workers report that teenage boys are being raped so badly, some require surgery.calaismigrantsAid workers have reported that as well as rapes, a sex trade is operating in the camp, with children as young as 13 asking for condoms.

Three UK bound Afghans were responsible for the gang rape and police are still seeking the men responsible. Not one child from most vulnerable group brought to England! Continue reading

Two thirds of voters believe Britain on right course re. Brexit

The latest poll by Lord Ashcroft shows that two thirds of voters believe Britain is on the right course with Brexit. The Telegraph reports:  “Research found that 59 per cent of people said the UK is moving in the right direction, including almost 30 per cent of those who voted to remain in the EU in the recent referendum. “borismerkelWhile 81 per cent said that continuing to pay into the EU budget would not represent a true Brexit and 79 per cent said the same when it came to allowing new foreign nationals the right to live and work in the UK freely. Continue reading