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Mayor’s Question Time, Part 2

Because there is an election in the offing, it is natural that there should be some friction between the various party elements at Mayor’s Question Time.However, it is important to emphasise what a very rewarding experience it is for any member of the public who makes the journey to City Hall to attend the proceedings.  If you want the facts, instead of repeating hearsay or popular fiction when you tweet or blog, City Hall is the place to get them, or you can watch the video.  Any dryness in the proceedings is more than made up for by the brilliant speaking and humour of the Mayor. His off the cuff repartee and grasp of events and their underlying implications are dazzling.

Boris explained at length the disastrous results of the PPP contracts, established by the Labour government,  that allow contractors to sue the London Underground, so far to the tune of £400,000,00. The contracts give the contractors unlimited access to the tubes, and if they don’t get it, they can sue.  This arrangement is proving to be absolutely ruinous,  for the public and financially for the London underground and as Boris said, it cannot go on.

Detractors have tried to claim that the Tory housing scheme is unambitious.  On the contrary, last year, in spite of the credit crunch, 12,000 affordable homes were built, more than ever before.  Crime also, in the 21 months of Boris’s Mayoralty, is down 10%, a terrific achievement.

Ariel in The Tempest

Far too much was discussed for me to detail it here, but if you watch the video of the proceedings,  it is all there.  Boris has allowed for more money to be set aside so we can celebrate St. George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday is also to be celebrated at the Globe Theatre, on 18th April.  There will be a special programme at the Globe, details here.     The beauty of Shakespeare is one of our most precious treasures.  Details of all forthcoming London Festivals can be found on the Mayor’s official website.