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Rebel members openly defiant! Is this the end for the EU?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted yesterday the EU is on the brink of breaking up over migration. Her shock assessment comes as her fragile coalition government could also collapse, with critics urging her to take a much harder line with migrants.

The Italian populist coalition is in open rebellion against the EU policy of free movement, and the EU only response to demands for reform is to tighten the stranglehold on its members. Continue reading

Determined Boris acts in a flash to try to save Iran deal

Boris Johnson moved with lightning speed on Tuesday evening to save the Iran deal.  He rushed from Parliament, made his plane with seconds to spare and met with European leaders and the Iran Foreign Minister to try to save the accord.

The Foreign Secretary said European leaders would thrash out a last-minute “package of measures” to ensure Tehran doesn’t ditch the accord. Continue reading

Boris plays a blinder to unite the West against Russia, but Corbo insists it’s the Russian Mafia!

Writing in the Washington Post today, Boris gives a clear explanation of why the Government is sure that the Russians are behind the attacks on Skripal and his daughter.

He stresses how important it is for the Western world to unite in such a dangerous situation and how much we need our allies.    The US, Germany, and after some equivocation, France are all solidly behind the British action. Continue reading

Russia has 24 hours to explain, says Boris on video

There are many ways that the UK can respond to the attempted murder of Russian double agent Skripal, says Boris.  He added that the support for Britain abroad has been extremely encouraging.    The British government has a range of tools it can use to strike back at Moscow after the Kremlin was linked with the attempted murder of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal.

PM Theresa May said Monday a “weapons grade nerve agent” developed by Russia had been used in the attack on Skripal and his daughter, who were found slumped on a bench last week in Salisbury. Continue reading

Warm hearted Matteo Salvini tells EU “Your attitude to Britain is sheer stupidity”

In a boost for Mrs. May, Matteo Salvini, biggest winnner in the Italian elections has blasted the EU negotiating attitude as “sheer stupidity”.  Mr. Salvini, leader of the Five Star party,  is known to absolutely love Brexit!

Salvini said: “You made a free choice with Brexit and I very much hope that it will be possible to maintain completely open trade with the EU without any penalties.” Continue reading

Brave German women launch protest group because of migrant sex attacks

A protest group called 120db has been launched by German women in protest against the sex attacks, assaults and terror attacks that are being caused by migrants in Germany.  In spite of the terrible consequences, Angela Merkel refuses to drop the EU policy of free movement.

German women say violence is so prevalent, they are living in fear.  A German friend of mine said women daren’t go out jogging unless they carry pepper spray, and wear padlocks on their jogging gear. They have released a video in protest, and use the hashtag #120db.  Continue reading

You Gov reveals NOBODY wants a United States of Europe, the project a flop

Extensive You Gov research reveals that the plan for a United States of Europe is a flop!  Nobody wants  it, not even the German people.  As schadenfreude overwhelms Martin Shultz, it is hard not to titter cattily.  Smug Remainers are getting their comeuppance.

Martin Schultz

YouGov asked: “Martin Schulz, head of the Social Democratic Party in Germany (SPD), spoke at the party conference about his vision to transform the EU into the United States of Europe by 2025 – with a common constitutional treaty.  Continue reading