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Eurozone collapse fears! Unless we pay divorce bill, end of project

The truth is out.  Unless we pay the EU’s monstrous demands for a “divorce” bill, funding them for the next 6-8 years, it’s over!  The ill conceived EU project will crash, it’s over!  And there is nothing in the treaties to say that we have to pay them a penny.

In a last ditch attempt to save the bloc, Merkel dashed to move gold bars to Frankfurt.  The Bundesbank yesterday announced it has shipped the last of the gold it had been storing at France‘s central bank, Banque de France.  Continue reading

Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

What can they have to talk about?  Michael Gove and George Osborne were spotted this week on holiday together in Germany.  The former Cabinet pals were pictured attending Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in the Bavarian town Bayreuth – an opera about the struggle for power.

The pages of the London Standard seem dipped in acid, as George works out his angst trashing his nemesis, Boris Johnson and ripping into Theresa May in the nastiest possible terms. Continue reading

Sir Bill Cash is right, in real terms the EU owes us approx. £1.5 Trillion if you include war debt

This is one of the letters in today’s Times.  This dreadful article by David Aaronovitch is not worth reading, but one of the replies to it is.

“Yes, but once again it takes Nigel Farage to tell it how it is, and then they reel at the suggestion that they are acting like the Mafia. Problem is it is true. Bill Cash is right, in real terms the EU owes us approximatey £1.5 Trillion if you include war debt. Continue reading

Independent thinking Boris will meet the President in Washington this week

Boris Johnson is travelling to Washington on Tuesday for a series of high level meetings when he will meet with some of President Trump’s closest aides, and likely the President.   Boris is emerging as a key channel for the Americans in recent weeks, reports Tim Shipman in the Sunday Times. His constructive relationship with Jared Kushner ensured that British people are exempt from the President’s attempted ban on some predominantly Muslim countries. Boris will meet with his opposite number, Rex Tillerson, and talk with US intelligence chiefs, soothing the recent hiccup over spy rumours.  He will meet with senior Congressional Republic readers , and is likely to meet the President. Continue reading

Tweets from Germany and Sweden on sex crimes

Not only Germany, but there are sex attacks all over Europe, because of free movement and the EU does absolutely nothing about it.  Continue reading

EU reeling from a series of hammer blows from POTUS

Rumour has it, according to the Express that an unnamed EU chief let the cat out of the bag.  We are in a terrible situation, he snivelled!  A combination of disastrous events means that financially, things aren’t looking too rosy for Merkel and her gang.trumpnewdawnA series of financial blows has stunned the hitherto arrogant, all powerful EU chiefs, used to bullying and humiliating members of the European Union. buoyed up by the unwavering support of President Obama, Merkel is used to calling the shots.  Now that support has been yanked away. Continue reading

Michelle Obama should speak out against the mass migrant rapes in Europe

Michelle Obama says that the measure of a society is judged by the way it treats its women and young girls.  How then can she endorse the policy of free movement in the EU, that is causing so much suffering and terror threats to women, without a murmur?michellemerkelLast yearm, 2016, was scarred in Germany by 142,500 migrant crimes, including mass migrant rapes and 1,000s of sex assaults.  Angela Merkel’s policy of free movement has opened a terrifying Pandora’s box.  Continue reading