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Clued up George Osborne has Nigel Farage sussed

Those who don’t read between the lines are urging Boris Johnson to sink his differences with Nigel Farage and “do a deal!”.   We both share the same goals squeak his followers.  Do a deal, it’s your only hope.   Really? 

Machiavellian George Osborne has always possessed the subtle thinking that most politicians lack.  In today’s Standard, Editor George Osborne says:


Dear Tom

It has been a consistent mistake of Conservatives to think the Brexit Party, or in the past Ukip and even the Referendum Party, are simply errant Tories ready to return to  the fold if only the government is Right-wing enough. They are not. They draw support from the Left as much as Right, and from those who don’t otherwise vote.   Continue reading

Outrage! Osborne believes the local party should be suspended for criticising Grieve

Dominic Grieve is a hardline Tory Remainer MP who has been doing all he can to try and stop Brexit. He laid an amendment that controversially was allowed through and directed the PM to return with a ‘Plan B’ within days of losing a vote on her deal. He has been a chief player in Parliament among a group determined to frustrate the referendum result and indeed overturn it.

In the Evening Standard, he wrote that: “For those of us who believe that in leaving the EU we are making the biggest mistake of our recent history, the utter variance of the current outcome with the false expectations raised in 2016 compels rejection.” But Dominic Grieve was elected on a platform that he would respect the result of the referendum and the Tory manifesto.  He also voted for Article 50 and voted Yes to No Deal being enshrined in law as the default position.  As an ex Attorney General, he, more than anyone, knew what he was voting for. Continue reading

Body blow for May! Jo Johnson quits in disgust over Brexit

In  a body blow to the May premiership, Jo Johnson gives his reasons for his  resignation from his post as  a Minister in Theresa May’s government.  Jo was appointed Minister of State for Transport and Minister for London on 9 January 2018.

The Independent reported:  The brother of Boris Johnson accused the prime minister of bungling the negotiations with a “failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis” Continue reading

Leavers knew what they were voting for far better than Remoaners says poll

A new poll by Deltapoll proves that 80% of Leavers were very clear what they were voting for in the Referendum, and they also had a shrewd grasp of the effects of Brexit.  It was blinkered Remoaners who had less understanding of what was involved and what the consequences would be if either choice won.

The poll below is an eye opener and shows how Remoaners have always relied on fear, not logical argument to win their case.  Even George Osborne now says Remainers made a big mistake in the limited strategy they employed.   Boris Johnson, out of principle, which has often been misunderstood, went to great trouble to explain both sides.  Continue reading

Boris made London no. 1 in the world, he can do the same for Britain

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson shows he knows what to do to put our economy straight.  It was Boris who, when George Osborne had reduced the economy to the verge of double dip recession.  It was also Boris who dragged London from the verge of recession and made us no. 1 city in the world.

BORIS BEGINS:  It takes an awful lot to put me off a jumbo infrastructure project. We have been hopelessly slow in equipping this country with the basic stuff that we all need to live our lives. We need better roads; we need a proper 24-hour hub airport – without disturbing vast numbers of people – of a kind that most of our competitors are now constructing. We need more clean power stations, and we should be getting on immediately with Crossrail Two, once Sadiq Khan has finished dickering around with Crossrail. Continue reading

Osbo’s Standard preaches about threats against female MPs, when Osbo himself is the worst!

Ha ha, good to know we can still rely on rascally George Osborne for a laugh!  His Standard newspaper is piously preaching about name calling and threats against female MPs!    

Osbo doesn’t approve, and his paper demands that the name callers be banned from the Tory Party.

But George himself is no slouch when it comes to name calling and bullying women, and anyone else who stands in his way.    His most spectacular threat was to say he wouldn’t rest until Theresa May’s body had been chopped up and the pieces stacked in his freezer!  Continue reading

Bloodbath: local parties rip into MPs selling the Chequers deal

The grassroots backlash to the May Chequers sellout is gathering strength!  Tories on twitter are absolutely furious and if May thinks she can bog off on her hols and it will all die down, lady, think again!

The Express reported today:   Theresa May has received a painful reminder of the bitter opposition her Brexit plans when it emerged that even her own local party chairman is fearful. He was one of seven association chairman in seats held by Cabinet ministers said to be either demanding that the PM gives no more ground to Brussels, or say they oppose her white paper proposals outright. Continue reading