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Give Boris a jet FGS! He’s playing for high stakes in the big leagues

When Boris raised billions for London as Mayor, one journalist commented that his astounding success is because he is a world class salesman and negotiator.  Jealous George Osborne and even more jealous, Sadiq Khan, tried to emulate him and failed.

Sadiq Khan went on one trade mission, failed to raise a penny and gave up.  Ditto Osborne.  Boris intends to carry on the outstanding work he did raising billions for London by zipping round the world as a global salesman.  To begin with, appearance is all, and the job needs Boris’s brio and panache. A grey plane won’t do the trick.  His track record speaks for itself.  Continue reading

Not a good start! Remain revival caught out bare faced lying

David Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicky ruddy Morgan have been parachuted in to “save us” from Brexit.  Wowzer.  Sadly, the revival started with a bare faced lie. During the Referendum, both David and Cleggers admitted Brexit means leaving the single market,  but today Cleggie was caught out in a barefaced lie.

Nick Clegg

In an interview with Adam Boulton on Sky, Cleggie insisted no-one in the Leave Campaign had ever said Brexit involved leaving the single market!  Like a fool, he didn’t check,  and there is abundant material to prove he is the little liar he always was.   Continue reading

Brilliant Andrew Boff nails Mr. Useless, Sadiq Khan on itv video

What is the point of Sadiq Khan?  A video from ITV shows brilliant Andrew Boff tackling Sadiq Khan over his betrayal of the Jewish community!

Andrew Boff is rightly furious as he corners the Mayor.  over his failure to check with the PM what hate organisations should be banned.  A mumbling Sadiq repeats Calm down, calm down, as Boff hits the roof!  As usual he passes the buck.  He says the best way he can protect the Jewish community is for the government to increase money for policing!  Continue reading

Ex PM Cam should honour his Brexit promises says Peter Oborne

As Peter Oborne reminds us  in his outstanding article in today’s Mail on Saturday, David Cameron made categorical commitments to the British people during the EU Referendum that should be now honoured. 

Brexiteers are fighting a valiant rear guard action to defend what the country voted for.  Peter Oborne says:

“In such circumstances, I believe Mr Cameron should now state publicly that the commitments he made to the British people during the referendum campaign must be honoured. Continue reading

George Osborne publishes Boris Johnson’s article in memory of Holocaust Day

In memory of Holocaust Day, Boris Johnson has written a beautiful article, published in the Standard.  It remindisus of the sacrifices made by some of the courageous British diplomats who risked everything to save Jewish people. 

There was a wonderful item on Good Morning Britain about a Jewish family who took in a teenage Syrian refugee and looked after him as their own.  They help the boy with his education, support him and it’s a common bond they are all vegetarians.   Continue reading

Let’s do it! Macron’s excited response to Boris suggestion of an Anglo/French bridge

French President Macron is hugely enthusiastic about the idea from Boris Johnson to build a bridge linking across the Channel.  Boris told his aides it is absolutely ridiculous that the only link between our countries is one railway link! When Boris floated the idea at the summit, an excited French Prez said immediately “Let’s do it!”

Boris was obviously a huge hit with the French, charming them with his fluent accentless French and no doubt, knowledge of French literature and the French mediaeval poets.  As Mayor, every time he went to France, he was mobbed.  Continue reading

Beautiful and inspiring Boris speech electrifies the Conference

Boris Johnson’s brilliant, inspirational and moving speech was without doubt the highlight of a horribly lacklustre conference. A standing ovation and again he is the darling of the grass roots.    Boris began: 

As our hearts go out to Las Vegas today we are reminded once again of the attack that took place here only a few months ago, on innocent and music-loving young people. And if there is a message to our American friends it is this: that they will come through it and they will come back from it stronger.  Continue reading