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After all black cab drivers have been through, now Sadiq Khan lets them down

Hated Uber buddy George Osborne, in the Standard,  has warm words for London Mayor Sadiq Khan.  Odd, because in the first year of his Mayoralty, Sadiq Khan has achieved practically nothing.  According to Ben Rogers (who works for Sadiq on the Finance Commission)  Sadiq Khan has “pushed air pollution” up the agenda, but the obvious action – cutting down traffic, has yet to happen.   As a Mayor,  says Ben,  Sadiq is more “deliberate and unifying”.  That’s the excuse for his zero results.   This has to be  the joke of the year. Continue reading

Black cab drivers would spit on the grave of George Osborne, Sarah Sands

Ex Standard Editor Sarah Sands writes in the paper that black cab drivers find Theresa May sexy.  A London MP gloats that to BC drivers,  the PM is a heroine to cabbies.   Not for much longer matey!Black cab drivers are incredibly quick on the uptake.  Already the word is getting around, that far from being for Brexit, as most black cab drivers are, May is a Remainer, who is desperate for things to stay the same.  Continue reading

Pious Chuka and Starmer ignore the dirty dealings of Remain

Chuka Umunna continually insists that the Leave campaign “pledged” to pay £350M to the NHS.  Oddly he has admitted in print that no Leaver ever explicitly made such a pledge – their remarks were only suggestions.  This is confirmed by a quote he gave to the London Standard. (below).chukaumunaLabour is in such disarray, this is the sort of trivial snitching Chuka and Keir Starmer are reduced to.  Much ridiculed “independent” Professor Bob Watt from Buckingham University has even reported the Leave campaign to the CPS, charging them with “undue influence.” Continue reading

Osbo’s plan to get back into power! Oh dear God NO!

In his all consuming race for the top, George Osborne has made more effort than most.  According to Hickey of the Daily Express yesterday, Osbo had “speech lessons to lower his voice, a Caesar type coiffure to hide his receding hairline and he went on the trendy 5:2 diet” to slim down.”georgechildcatcherIn vain.  But now George acknowledges his persona was at fault.  He says “I wasn’t showing enough vulnerability”  Oh dear God No! Continue reading

Thanks to Osbo, the national debt is nearly 2 trillion

‘We act now to fix the roof when sun is shining. I’ll introduce new fiscal framework with permanent commitment to run surplus in normal times.’ George Osborne blithely tweeted this when he was still Chancellor last year.  Now the extent of his selfishness and incompetence is revealed.  osbocommons The UK national debt grows at a rate of £5,170 per second.

It totals £1,781, 601,972,500 at this second, but is zoinking upwards as I speak. Continue reading

Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

Every road in London is choked with minicabs, but still TfL are issuing minicab licences at a rate of 700 a month!  What is Sadiq Khan thinking?  Why does he not keep pushing  for the legislation that will allow him to impose a cap?sadiquberAs long as George Osborne was in government, no Mayor had a hope in hell of getting the legislation to cap minicabs.   Sadiq Khan lobbied the government while George was Chancellor, but he must have known the answer would be a big fat NO.  A black cab driver who is a member of the LTDA, told me Sadiq lobbied for the legislation, but was refused, when George was still Chancellor. Continue reading

Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

After all Remain have been through, they still don’t get it.  Their attitude on social media is, if possible, even more patronising to Leavers.  But 35% of the 93.3 million who voted Labour in the General Election voted Leave and these voters are flocking to the Tories.mayosbohammondYouGov reported recently that only 48 per cent of the 3.3 million would still vote Labour in a general election held now.  Some nine per cent – around 297,000 people – have switched to the Tories. Continue reading