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Why will Corbyn not reveal his policy for dealing with Daesh?

It is incredible that as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has not told us how he would deal with Daesh. It is not a strategy to say he does not approve of the air strikes. Just a day after the appalling death of good hearted cabbie Alan Henning, Corbyn said his death was the result of  “interference and jingoism”. Again, criticism of our participlation in ME wars is not a strategy.corbyn2According to the Sunday Telegraph, and every other reputable authority, Daesh (ISIS) cannot be reasoned with.  Their aim is not ultimate peaceful coexistence. The aim of the organisation is world domination, achieved by their favourite occupation, killing, in as cruel a way as possible. Continue reading

How can George Galloway believe in globalisation, when he is only out for number one?

“Globalization implies the opening of local and nationalistic perspectives to a broader outlook of an interconnected and interdependent world with free transfer of capital, goods, and services across national frontiers. However, it does not include unhindered movement of labor.georgegallowayAn immigrant himself,  Boris Johnson believes in love for all, hatred for none.  His trade missions, the most recent to China, and his steadfast support of immigration (although he fiercely opposes illegal immigration), prove without doubt that Boris Johnson is our most globalised politician. Continue reading

Could Red Ken be tempted back? asks the Standard? EEEKK!

In an article in the London Standard, Pippa Crerar suggests that Ken Livingstone might be tempted to return as Mayor.  Is she having a laugh? Even though he lost, Ken’s mitts were so firmly clutching the Mayoralty, Boris had to prise them off with an ice pick.   They had to bring in the army to forcibly remove him, kicking and screaming, from the main chamber

kenlosesWho, in their right mind, is going to “tempt” Ken back as Mayor?  Voters from the local mental home?  Ken should be ruled out as a candidate because of his near criminal handling of public finances, his destructive friendships with extremists, his compulsive lying, including fibs about his tax avoidance, and his disruptive attitude to the Jewish and gay communities.  And that’s just for starters. Continue reading

The Dar family business. A great British success story and how they came to back Boris

When the beautiful new Boris bus took over the 24 bus route, there was only one complaint in Heath News, the newsagent owned by the Dar family, right by the bus’s final terminal. The bus was fantastic, they said. It was providing employment.   It was heart warming to see how happy the kids were who had jobs as conductors, they really wanted to work. But why had the Mayor not come to  South End Green to commemorate the occasion?borisbus3

It has not always been this way.  When Boris ran for Mayor in 2008 against Ken Livingstone, the attitude  from the Dar family was, we are voting for Ken, he understands us, you are wasting your time, who is this upper class idiot and what’s with the hair?  When Boris won a first term against the odds, there were black looks.  The message came over loud and clear, he is not on our side, he doesn’t understand us, and he never will. Continue reading

Don’t bother to run for Mayor, George Galloway, Londoners are wise to your game. You will lose

In the Huffington PostGeorge Galloway has declared he intends to “fight Boris Johnson” for the job of Mayor in the next Mayoral election.  George of course knows perfectly well this will never happen.  Boris has made it plain he will not stand as Mayor for a third term, publicity seeking George is just talking through his ass as usual.georgegallowayIn a move that duplicated the incendiary leaflet campaign in Bradford West that helped win the seat for Galloway,  in March 2012, the Sunday Times reported that leaflets were sent to 75 mosques and Islamic centres smearing Boris Johnson. No doubt if George Galloway were ever fool enough to stand in the election, we would endure more of the same dirty tactics.

Muslims form 8.5% of the London population, and many Muslims have already wised up to the fact that Ken Livingstone, for all his much vaunted support of the Muslim population, was playing communities off against each other for his own ends.  When Boris and Ken attended the Muslim hustings during the last election, Boris was chided for an old article in the Spectator for which he apologised.  Ken however, took a body blow from the sharp witted Muslim Lady Chairman, who told him “You are making Islamophobia worse.”

On 30th March, 2012, a Times leader said of Ken’s election strategy:  “A divisive politics that seeks to exploit tensions between religious groups for electoral gain would be a disaster, not just for the city but for the country. And it is to be hoped that Mr Livingstone will find it a disaster for him as well. Muslims value a united London too.”

The above is even truer of George Galloway.  Don’t bother to run, Mr. Galloway, Londoners are wise to your game.  You will lose.

Update:  Amidst a storm of protest from Londoners and biting criticisms from councillors in Bradford West that already George is “bored of Bradford West”, George is already backtracking….

YouGov poll proves that Boris Johnson is the most respected politician in the UK

His honesty, his fierce intelligence,  his rock solid beliefs  and the way he never cons the public have  made Boris Johnson the most respected politician of the day in the UK,  says the latest YouGov poll. His appeal extends throughout the country, including the North, except for Scotland.

The Guardian reported today:  “Boris Johnson‘s campaign to position himself as the natural successor to David Cameron has received a major boost from a poll showing he is Britain’s most respected political figure – outstripping even Margaret Thatcher.

As the London mayor prepares to use next month’s Tory conference to maintain the momentum from his high-profile summer, a poll for this week’s You-Gov Cambridge conference shows Johnson is respected by 58% of voters, compared with 46% for Thatcher. Continue reading

Inflammatory leaflets are sent to 75 mosques, smearing Boris Johnson

One aspect of the election campaign that helped win Bradford West for George Galloway was a leaflet smear campaign against his oppenent, Imran Hussain.  The leaflets accused Mr. Hussain, amongst other things,  of drinking alcohol. Galloway, said the leaflet, is teetotal.

This at least is one claim bombastic Ken cannot make – Channel 4 devoted a whole programme to his drink problem, but he has the dubious advantage of George Galloway supporting his campaign.

In a move that duplicates the incendiary leaflet campaign in Bradford West, the Sunday Times  reported today that  75 mosques and Islamic centres throughout London were targeted with leaflets smearing Boris Johnson.

The leaflet urged Muslims to vote for Ken Livingstone and accused Boris of believing that Islam is as wicked as the Nazis.  (Boris’s great grandfather was a Muslim and could recite the entire Koran by heart.) After the 7/11 bombing, Boris wrote a harsh article in the Spectator, criticising extremist aspects of the religion.  He has told Muslim leaders he regrets this. As in Bradford West, it is not known who sent the leaflets.  Livingstone’s campaign denied any knowledge. Boris has been doing extremely well in the polls.

Somebody is so desperate to win they are prepared to fight dirty to conquer the formidable opposition.