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Labour reveal their own hangups by going for Boris over “up the Arcelor” joke

The only objections have come from Labour voters and everyone else finds it really funny  At an event for Gay Pride, according to Pink News:  “Mr Johnson jokingly suggested in his speech that gay men should get married at “the absolutely beautiful ArcelorMittal Orbit.  He then added: “It will be the perfect ceremony; you can take your partner up the [Arcelor]. I think I can get away with that.”borisout

This witty play on words was seized on by Labour MPs Chris Bryant and Angela Eagle, who hypocritically declared the joke was “disgusting.”  The Daily Mirror then jumped in on the act, and tried to make out Bojo was homophobic.  When did being rabid Labour supporters ever stop Labour MPs or  the Mirror staff from twisting the facts?  Peter Tatchell will confirm that Boris has been a strong supporter of gay rights since before he became Mayor in 2008.  Tatchell has credited the Mayor with leading the progress made by the gay community on gay marriage. Continue reading

A desire to repress gay people could mean you are repressing your own gay desires said Sigmund Freud

The  Roman Catholic Church wants anyone anti-gay marriage to take to the streets and demonstrate.   We are also reading some pretty strong stuff aimed at gay people on twitter.  According to Sigmund Freud, an exaggerated horror of homosexuality is likely to be an indication of repression, and a sign of latent homosexuality. Another symptom is the subconscious desire to repress the rights of gay people.     Are the gay bashing brigade really secret flamers?.gareththomas

An article by William H Smith PhD said:  “Latent homosexuality is an erotic tendency toward members of the same sex which is not consciously experienced or expressed in overt action. The term was originally proposed by Sigmund Freud. According to Freud, “latent” or “unconscious” homosexuality which derived from failure of the defense of repression and sublimation permit or threaten emergence into consciousness of homosexual impulses, which give rise to conflict manifested in the appearance of symptoms. These symptoms include fear of being homosexual, dreams with manifest and “latent” homosexual content, conscious homosexual fantasies and impulses, homosexual panic, disturbance in heterosexual functioning, and passive-submissive responses to other males.”

Rampant homophobia is often caused by latent homosexuality, said Freud.  Smith points out: “Psychoanalysts use the concept of repressed or latent homosexuality to explain the emotional malaise and irrational attitudes exhibited by individuals who feel guilty about their erotic interests and struggle to deny and repress homosexual impulses. In fact, when these individuals are placed in a situation that threatens to excite their own unwanted homosexual thoughts, they may overreact with panic, anger, or even murderous rage.”
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/381537

It is likely that some of the overreactions to the concept of gay marriage are therefore caused by latent homosexuality – the stronger the reaction, possibly the deeper the problem.  Maybe the whole issue of gay marriage is bringing to the surface conflicts that the ardent protesters against gay marriage are ill equipped to deal with and the harsh treatment of gay people is an attempt to deal with those problems.  Popular Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas has said how hard it is to admit you are gay.  Instead of restrictingthe rights of  the gay community, what these harsh homophobes really need to do is find the courage to come out.

UPDATE:  Gay Cure Ministry closes down as leader admits he is attracted to men.  I rest my case.


On the Daily Politics Show today Nadine Dorries MP and Iain Dale were  discussing pressure groups and gay marriage. Nadine’s position is that although she agrees that gay people should be allowed to marry, (and we are not talking about marriage in Church), she disapproves of David Cameron’s stand on  gay marriage because it will lose the Tory Party 4,000 Christian votes. She does not believe that the issue of gay marriage reflects the will of the people.

I’m reading a book called “American Rhapsody” by Joe Eszterhas about some of the problems of the Clinton era. Vernon Jordan was a friend of the President.

” In 1961, as a 24 year old law clerk, he (Vernon Jordan) accompanied Charlayne Hunter, the first black admitted to the University of Georgia, to class.  News footage showed a tall, Hollywood-handsome young black man, using his body as a shield and a wedge to get the terrified Hunter through a sea of crazed, spitting white faces, screaming “Die, nigger, die!” (pages 320-321).

If the MPs concerned about losing votes in the UK had been Governor of Georgia at that time, presumably, even though personally they might have supported the young girl, politically they would have opposed the right of Charlayne Hunter to get an education.  We hear the argument “the time is not right.” But is the will of the people always the right and the just thing?

Iain Dale made it clear that gay people are not asking for marriage in church, which avoids religious complications.  Church marriage is not even an option.  How long is it going to take for people to realise that discrimination against any section of the community is plain wrong?  It is denying part of the community their rights,  in a cruel and inhumane way, and treating them as second class citizens.  David Cameron is right to make a big thing of this, he is backed by the Mayor of London and Nick Clegg is to be congratulated for supporting this issue all along.

The full discussion is on the link above.

Update 5/2/13    A recent YouGov poll shows that 55% support gay marriage and 36% do not, so the issue does have the backing of the will of the people.  This is an issue about equality, the religious objections do not stack up and it looks like justice will be done in the House of Commons vote today.

Gay rights: Boris says everyone should be able to marry

The website “Boris Johnson” had this to say on gay rights:  “The Out4marriage campaign is calling on laws to be changed to allow gay couples to marry.

According to their website there will be YouTube posts from politicians, from all political parties, and celebrities who support the campaign.

Yesterday Mr Johnson was joined by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, in recording a message for the campaign.

His online post was made as David Cameron faces a revolt from within his party over whether to bring in new laws legalising gay marriage.

Dozens of Conservative MPs are expected to vote with their consciences against the proposals, with many objecting on religious grounds.”  Our Mayor’s video speaking out in favour of marriage  for everyone is here.

This is a significant step forward in achieving social justice for gay people, who only ask for the right to be themselves, without prejudice or discrimination. There is clearly no religious foundation for objections to gay marriage.  If it were accepted that the objections to gay marriage in the Bible are valid, it is logical that all the strictures on marriage in the Bible are valid.  That would mean that all women who were not virgins on their wedding night should be killed.  Deuteronomy, 22:20-21.  Indeed, if you take he Bible literally regarding gay people, you should take the Bible literally on everything, an impossibility in this day and age, when the Bible was written 4,000 years ago.

David Cameron considering dropping fight for gay marriage under pressure from homophobes

David Cameron is ready to drop his fight for gay marriage to appease certain of his backbenchers.  That in itself is bad enough, but should members of the Tory party like Stewart Jackson go on record as saying drop “barmy Lib Dem policies” like gay marriage?

In the Daily Mail Max Hastings describes how he was speaking to an old friend who said “If the best the Tory Party can offer me is gay marriage, it’s not for me.”

Maybe, in view of pressing economic concerns it is not the right time to push a bill for gay marriage through, but does the gay community have to sit and listen to more objectionable remarks which unfairly confirm that they do not have equal rights with straight people?  Don’t these men have any imagination at all?

Just for a minute, I would like both these crashingly insensitive gentlemen to imagine a parallel universe  where straight people are blamed and picked on simply for wanting to be themselves,  when that is not the norm.    How would they feel about such cruel comments then?  Max Hastings and Stewart Jackson, hopefully there is such a parallel universe and when you get there, I hope you both catch hell.

Can Anglican mainstream ever be cured of bigotry and crueltry?

With the unsubtlety of battering rams, so-called Christians are presuming to educate Londoners through a series of ads. on buses.  These ads. are cruel lies.  They imply that gay people can be “cured” of being gay.

Many gay people will treat these ads. with the contempt they deserve, even laugh at the stupidity that caused a religious group to persecute a community whose only “crime” is being themselves.  The charity, tolerance and compassion of many gay people (such as gay icon ~Harvey Milk, pictured) in the face of such ignorance puts this “Christian” community to shame.

In an article in the Guardian supportive of Mayor Boris Johnson’s  action in pulling the ads. from London buses, the paper reported: “The adverts were booked on behalf of the Core Issues Trust whose leader, Mike Davidson, believes “homoerotic behaviour is sinful.  His charity funds “reparative therapy” for gay Christians, which it claims can “develop their heterosexual potential”. The campaign was also backed by Anglican Mainstream, a worldwide orthodox Anglican group whose supporters have equated homosexuality with alcoholism. The advert was due to say: “Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!” Continue reading

Eddie Izzard you supported Red Ken – does that mean your entire act is a lie?

Eddie Izzard, I know some of your standup.  You are a supreme individualist. More than anything, you believe that people should be free to be themselves.  You are not gay, but proudly wear a dress.  How then can you support a man, Ken Livingstone, who supports extremists, people who hate others simply for their religion or the way they are?  Extremists who wish gay people dead and hate the Jews? What sick contradiction in terms is this?

Matthew Sephton, the Tory Chairman of LGBT wanted Ken banned from the Gay Pride march, because he believes that Ken’s support of Gay Pride is the most cynical and hypocritical of PR exercises.  Ken worked for homophobic, Holocaust denying Iranian owned Press TV  refusing to give up the job until reportedly, Ed Miliband intervened.  His endorsement of Sheik al Qaradawi. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hamas, who wish gay people dead and despise the Jews, has lost him the support of the Jewish and gay communities.  They feel betrayed.  Ken was recently reprimanded by the Jewish Chronicle.  Jews and gay people believe Ken would tear London apart.  His behaviour can never be forgiven and in my view, he is unfit to stand as a Mayoral candidate. Continue reading