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Boris is fighting Brexit from within the Cabinet, to protect his party

When Boris was Mayor of London, the battles for the rights of Londoners, the black cab trade,  police numbers,  funding and economic decisions,  were always full bloodedly thrashed out in private,  away from the media.

So discreet was Boris, at one stage, he was getting it from both sides. Black cab drivers were abusing him on the roads as he rode his bike, while Osbo and Cameron were ganging up to force him to favour Uber, and push black cabs off the road. An immovable Boris wouldn’t shift.  He didn’t think it was right, so in the end, Osbo took the issue of Uber away from Boris and handled it himself. Continue reading

How cheating Remain tried to rig the Referendum

It is an outright lie that both sides have made false claims in the EU Referendum. The PM has gone all out to rig the Referendum with the assistance of George Osborne, in every way he possibly can and the facts bear this out.boriscamgoveAppalling dishonesty has been practised by the Prime Minister and George Osborne in their desperate attempt to make sure we stay in the EU , lose democracy and become a superstate.  Remain has: Continue reading

Webcam of Boris Johnson explaining his audacious scheme on funding and tax changes for London

borisdroll5Boris Johnson explains exactly why his so-called power grab for London makes more sense than people think.


Of all the ridiculous ideas put forward by strikers and protestors at the moment, the silliest is that the gap between rich and poor is something new and needs to be brought to our attention.  I find this really funny. Throughout history, it has always been the same – there are the ruthless SOBs with all the money, and then there are the poor people.

The other funny thing protestors and strikers keep  saying is that they  know there isn’t any money, so they want the goverment to take it away from other people and give it to  them.   However, deserving are the causes the government has to short change to pacify the strikers,  as long as they get more, the strikers don’t care.   Ruthless or what? Continue reading


All the positive, optimistic ideas that our Mayor is coming up with, like funding and sponsorship from the City, the hugely successful apprenticeships scheme, and the Team London Charity Scheme  that aims to raise ten thousand volunteers, are proving to be runaway successes so far.

Boris has been exceptionally successful in convincing City philanthropists to back his various schemes. (see details on link).  The Apprenticeship Scheme, fronted by Tim Campbell, has placed 28,120 people in apprenticeships when the original aim was to create 20,000 apprenticeships.  Employers have really gone for the scheme.  The Team London scheme, which aims, amongest other goals to fight illiteracy, is having similar success. Continue reading