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Chemical weapons – in defence of Sean Spicer

On Fox News this morning, it turns out that other interviewers have made the same statement as the one that got Sean Spicer into such trouble.  They said “Even the Nazis did not use chemical weapons” and in one sense this is completely right.

Chemical weapons are flammable.  What broadcasters meant to say was “Even the Nazis were not so reckless, sadistic and stupid as to use chemical weapons in warfare in an uncontrolled  environment.Continue reading

Netanyahu and Prez Trump keen to form a Coalition with the UK

Steve Hilton, ex guru of the Cameron government, who left, disillusioned,  to go to the States, was on Fox News today, beaming and bursting with enthusiasm. Once more, we are seeing the old, hopeful  Steve, excited and energised by  recent events.donaldbibi

It was clear from the body language in the interview they gave on Fox that “Bibi” Netanyahu and Prez Donald Trump  have a genuine rapport.  They kidded each other and talked about deal making.  President Trump is keen to solve the Israel/Palestine  impasse and he should only be applauded for the scale of his ambition. Continue reading

Kippers complain about bias and unfairness from Ch.4, now they know how Muslims feel

The Channel 4 TV spoof programme on life under UKIP succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. Kippers are going ballistic. A UKIP government, said Channel 4 would see the country plunged into chaos, with race riots on the street and thuggish yobs threatening everyone who might be unemployed  and MuslimukipprogWe welcome immigrants who contribute to the UK with open arms, bellowed Kippers on the progamme.  But if you are an illegal, heaven help you! Tough, anti-immigration squads were reported to be attacking the same ethnic restaurant owners night after night.  Neil Hamilton was Deputy PM for goodness sakes.  A whole 700 people have complained to Ofcom, and according to the biased Daily Express, they are screaming bias, Kippers are being victimised, how unfair is this? Continue reading

Cut off all media coverage regarding beheadings! We are handing the media war to Isil

Middle East expert on twitter, @cuzzinharry is also ex Royal Navy and a psychologist.  He describes media coverage of the latest beheading as “unending psychotic voyeurism.”  It is accepted that the beheadings are part of a sick need by Isil for as much media coverage as possible.  Why then are we doing our very best to give them what they want? SKY and BBC tv are giving non-stop coverage to the death of the lastest victim in all its gory detail.   The perpetrators must be loving it.airstrikeThis is an organisation that delights in rape and torture of women.  Rape  victims have described the piles of heads of beheading victims, trampled on by Isil warriors.  Surely the most sensiible thing is to cut off all tv coverage except for a brief announcement,  while highlighting the success of the air strikes.    Newspaper coverage should be restricted to a brief announcement of a few lines.  The families of hostages should be urged not to plead with Isil for the return of their loved ones.  To do so is utterly pointless. Continue reading

Boris Johnson praised on Fox News for not “cowering in the face of extremism!”

Boris Johnson might have created a huge furore amongst the weak kneed lefties this side of the pond, by insisting on strong action to prevent extremism and radicalisation, but his red blooded attitude is being praised to the skies on US Fox TV.borisfoxHe has a long list of admirers on US TV, and the Independent reports: “In the London Mayor’s most recent newspaper column, he said that British citizens who travel to “war areas” such as Iraq and Syria should be presumed possible terrorists until they can prove themselves innocent.

Johnson’s call for a tougher stance to deal with British extremists came after a video last week showed a suspected  Islamic State (Isis) militant from the UK killing the US journalist James Foley. Continue reading


Dedicated vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney seems to have upset the good old US of A bigtime!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and an indispensable part of every Yanks’s Thanksgiving dinner is a huge, golden brown roast turkey, with cranberry, stuffing and all the trimmings.

The last thing they need is some snotty, po faced Brit preaching about cruelty to animals and telling them what to eat.  Fox News was so incensed, they were itching to serve Sir Paul’s head roasted on a platter, with an apple stuffed in his mouth.  As one news reader said bitchily, they will give up one meal of turkey if Sir Paul promises to sing to them never ever again.

Our Mayor is waging a war on takeaways and too much salt.  Like Mayor Bloomberg in New York, Boris is keen to promote healthier eating in the capital.  So a tasty, lean meat like turkey is perfect for anyone into healthy eating and we can’t see the Mayor turning vegetarian any time soon.


First it was Fraggle Rock fashion.  Now it’s the new Muppets movie.  The Muppets are synonymous with the Labour Party in the UK, that’s for sure.  Think of Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Red Ken and name your Muppet!

Now in the US, on the  Fox Business Channel,  anchor Eric Bolling showed a clip of the new Disney movie of the Muppets and suggested — well, no, he said outright — that the story was aimed at planting the seeds of class warfare among our precious children.

That’s because the Muppet–villain is an oil baron called Tex Richman.

“What’s actually going on there? Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?” he asked, quite reasonably.

Well, of course it is. They’ve been doing it for decades,” rejoined Fox guest, Dan Gainor. “Hollywood — they hate the oil industry, they hate corporate America.”

The rest of America must love the oil industry, and has a warm and fuzzy feeling for corporate America. That must be why that Occupy Wall Street thing hasn’t gone anywhere! But for Muppets in politics, we beat the US hollow every time!