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Shameless Richard Ratcliffe is still not telling the truth over Nazanin charges

In what looked like the beginning of a climbdown, after letting Boris Johnson be viciously dumped on for a week,  the Mail reported:   “Richard Ratcliffe revealed Iran had been looking at extending her {Nazanin’s) sentence before Mr. Johnson’s gaffe, telling ITV news:  “In fairness, there were hints of new charges before he made the comments.”

There is no fairness in Mr. Ratcliffe’s comments, in fact, they are an outright lie. Continue reading

Big revival of Boris’s popularity in polls and he is voted biggest Brexiteer by Tories

For once Isabel Oakeshott got it wrong on the Marr show today, there has been a big revival in the popularity of Boris Johnson. He is topping every poll right now to be next PM and Tory leader, should May ever decide she has had enough.

He was also voted biggest Brexiteer by Tory party members in YouGov. Continue reading

It’s the duty of the President to keep military options on the table, says Boris in Chatham House speech

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it was “the duty” of President Donald Trump to keep the option of military action against North Korea theoretically on the table.  The Foreign Secretary was speaking at Chatham House to the foreign affairs think tank, when he gave his views on the subject of North Korea.

The Independent reported:   Asked whether Britain would support a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, and if it was time the world accepted the hermit nation as among the club of nuclear states, Mr Johnson stressed that he preferred the “productive avenue” of talks orchestrated by China.  Continue reading

Bully boy Norris tells Boris the 1922 Committee in charge, shut it or they will sack you

In an ugly display of fascist style behaviour, Steven Norris and Philip Hammond ganged up on Boris Johnson yesterday, threatening him with the sack if he didn’t stay silent over Brexit.

Bully boy Norris even said the 1922 Committee would end Boris’s career! Oh are they running the country and Brexit,  Steve, I didn’t realise!   In my innocence, I thought that the EU Referendum was the chance of voters to decide whether we left or stayed in the EU!  We were told, in Parliament, by the then PM our decision would be final.  But it’s the 1922 committee running May and making the decisions, is it.   Forgive me, my mistake!  Continue reading

Too much time and energy wasted on Brussels negotiations, says Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson says he is not surprised Boris Johnson is frustrated. He is shocked at the negative approach of the Government to Brexit, and he completely understands why the Foreign Secretary finally spoke out.

The former chancellor said public finances would be boosted and regulations cut regardless of a trade deal – and Theresa May and Philip Hammond should have been highlighting the advantages of leaving the EU.

The Tory peer said: ‘It is bizarre that it has been left to a seemingly freelance operation by Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, to explain what these benefits are.  Continue reading

Our public servants are working round the clock to help hurricane victims says Boris

In an exclusive article in the Sunday Express today,  the Foreign Secretary says we must be humble in the face of the power of nature.  Two hurricanes, Irma and Jose are working in tandem,  reminding us that in spite of the power of science and all our knowledge, we are helpless in the face of such overwhelming and savage power.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is inflicting its most powerful blows on British Overseas Territories, such as Anguilla, inhabited by 75,000 British citizens.  Continue reading

The Right Stuff. Boris visits British troops, in Estonia to deter the Russians

Boris Johnson enjoyed a ride in a British tank during a diplomatic trip to visit British troops in Estonia. Always hands on, the Foreign Secretary was spotted in an Army Challenger Tank accompanied by the British Troops involved with Nato in Tapa.

British troops are in Estonia as part of a major Nato mission in the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression.  Boris said the UK will remain committed to Nordic and Baltic defence and security after Brexit as he prepared to host a summit with his counterparts from the region. Continue reading