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Now May’s insane desire to keep us in EU loses us Aussie 10 trillion deal

When Boris Johnson was still Foreign Secretary, he fixed a 10 trillion free trade deal with Aussie Ambassador Julie Bishop.   That has now gone out of the window because Europhile PM Theresa May insists on keeping us tied to the EU.

The Sun reported today:   Australia just crushed the dream of a free trade deal and blamed Theresa May’s soft Brexit! Continue reading

Boris on the brink: if May sells us out, he will walk

The rumour is that Theresa May is about to cave in to Remoaners, and the EU and sell us out over Brexit.  The EU is so sure of her weakness,  showing their contempt, they are now issuing orders.   Sort out your cabinet and forget your red lines!

The Express reports:  Mrs May will next week try to persuade ministers to adopt a white paper which would commit the UK to stay close to the EU’s customs union and single market in goods, reducing the risk of a “hard Brexit”. Continue reading

Boris Johnson has fortuitous aspects on his birthday

Boris Johnson, a Gemini with a Scorpio Moon, has exceptionally good astrology on his birthday.   The aspects on your birthday combined with your natal birth chart, show what sort of year you will have. 

The aspects today are fortuitous, (a Grand Trine of Mercury,Jupiter and Neptune) and combined with his natal aspects, form a Kite formation, signalling a rise in his fortunes. Continue reading

Boris compares Russia to Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has compared Russia to Rodion Raskolnikov, the fictional murderer from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment,” in the aftermath of the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England, reported The Moscow Times.

These may be dark moments for the Anglo/Russia relationship, but the Russian people should take consolation that if anyone appreciates the stunning depth and beauty of their culture, it is Boris. Continue reading

Boris achieves history changing Russian coup: GMB then lie about it

Today on Good Morning Britain, the interviewers  told outright lies about the diplomatic coup achieved by the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson in dealing with Putin and the Kremlin.   The truth is, a world  wide concensus has been achieved, that Quentin Letts described as “the largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.”  

Quentin added “This is the largest success for the Foreign Office for many a calend,  although May did not say so.”  Continue reading

Is it checkmate for Putin?

The largest co-ordinated expulsion of Russian spies from the West is under way after the United States and EU member states announced they were ejecting more than 100 Russians serving under diplomatic cover in response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack, reported the Times today.

Western indignation at first only met with insouciant sneering from the Russians,  but the swift firmness of the British response seems to have taken the Kremlin by surprise.

Continue reading

How Boris forced May to deal with Putin when she wanted to run and hide

When Boris Johnson raised the issue of the Skripal poisoning in Cabinet, and said the only response was to hang tough with Putin, May screamed at him in front of Cabinet members and ordered him to be silent.  May has an ostrich mentality.  If she can possibly avoid dealing with tough issues, she will.  Her speciality is to  kick them into the long grass.  

It is only because other Cabinet members backed Boris to the hilt that she was made to listen at all!  Gavin Williamson and even Philip Hammond, forced May to face the truth.  Continue reading