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Warm hearted Matteo Salvini tells EU “Your attitude to Britain is sheer stupidity”

In a boost for Mrs. May, Matteo Salvini, biggest winnner in the Italian elections has blasted the EU negotiating attitude as “sheer stupidity”.  Mr. Salvini, leader of the Five Star party,  is known to absolutely love Brexit!

Salvini said: “You made a free choice with Brexit and I very much hope that it will be possible to maintain completely open trade with the EU without any penalties.” Continue reading

The Italian election gives the EU another huge headache

The Italian vote has thrilled Brexiteers.  The insurgent Five Star Movement finished as the country’s biggest party by far, and the anti-immigration La Lega as the strongest force on the right.  This raises questions not just about Italy’s capacity to pursue domestic reforms, but also its inclination to play any part in planned closer EU and eurozone integration.

Mattteo Salvini

Sky News was ominously silent on the entire subjext this morning! As one headache subsided, the EU was suddenly in the grip of a migraine. Continue reading

Europe is dying, weep the Italians

Italy is bearing the worst of the never ending flood of immigration, particularly from Africa.  Italians are pleading with the EU to listen and do something about the non-stop torrent of immigrants from other countries, because they simply cannot cope with the numbers.

The Express reported:  A furious Italian politician has declared “Europe is dying” over Brussels’ handing of the migrant crisis.  Luigi Di Maio, MP for the Five Star Movement, made the staggering claim as refugees continue to arrive in Italy in large numbers.  Continue reading