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Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

Jeremy Corbyn has always been circumspect about his position on the EU and now we know why.  This clip from  1996, shows his doubts about the EU power grab which would mean we were subservient to Brussels.

Corbyn said “The other concern is democracy in Europe.

“You have a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.” Continue reading

Boris is still fighting for freedom and Brexit

borisbrexit5In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris is still battling for Brexit.  Here he gives five points to clarify the issue.  Boris says the government is failing to prepare or make arrangements for Brexit.  He begins:  On Friday I heard a new dawn chorus outside my house. There was a rustling and twittering, as though of starlings assembling on a branch.

Then I heard a collective clearing of the throat, and they started yodelling my name – followed by various expletives. “Oi Boris – c—!” they shouted. Or “Boris – w—–!” I looked out to see some otherwise charming-looking young people, the sort who might fast to raise money for a Third World leprosy project. Continue reading