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Too much time and energy wasted on Brussels negotiations, says Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson says he is not surprised Boris Johnson is frustrated. He is shocked at the negative approach of the Government to Brexit, and he completely understands why the Foreign Secretary finally spoke out.

The former chancellor said public finances would be boosted and regulations cut regardless of a trade deal – and Theresa May and Philip Hammond should have been highlighting the advantages of leaving the EU.

The Tory peer said: ‘It is bizarre that it has been left to a seemingly freelance operation by Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, to explain what these benefits are.  Continue reading

John Redwood said paying into the EU after Brexit is breaking the law

Continuing to pay into the EU budget after Brexit would break the law, ex-Cabinet minister John Redwood claimed today.   The senior Brexiteer publicly defended Boris Johnson’s revival of the discredited £350million a week claim today.

Mr Redwood played down the row and said the important issue was Britain currently sends a ‘lot of money’ to Brussels and will not in future’.

He told the Today programme: ‘Everybody knows that it is an awful lot of money so wouldn’t it be more productive about how we spend that money when we have come out and also to discuss the point that many of us don’t think there is any moral, political or legal reason to go on paying them, once we have left.  Continue reading

Truly inspirational, brimful of hope, Boris explains Brexit

Anyone who reads Boris Johnson’s article in today’s Daily Telegraph can be in no doubt we have to leave the EU.  We are not and never have been in sympathy with the fundamental concept of the EU.  As a trade arrangement, yes, but the EU interference in our political structure has always been a huge step too far.

Boris explains in some depth exactly what has always gone wrong with our EU membership – our fundamental belief that we cannot accept the core belief of ever closer union and an EU superstate.  And reform has never been possible.  The response has only been “more and more Europe!”  as EU chiefs endlessly complain about the moaning and groaning of the British. Continue reading

Labour is eating itself up over Brexit

Tories can see Labour is eating itself up over Brexit, but it took the brutal analysis of an ex Labour MP to really cut them down to size. 

Quote of the week: Ex-Labour MP Tom Harris mocks his party’s decision to vote against the EU (Withdrawal) Bill yesterday. Continue reading

If Great Repeal Bill is a power grab, what is the EU??

Jeremy Corbyn has ordered his party to block  the Government’s efforts to convert EU rules into British law, the party confirmed today, on democratic grounds.   Debate begins this week on the so-called Great Repeal Bill, intended to provide the first step in legally taking us out of the EU.

A Labour spokesman said: “As democrats we cannot vote for a bill that unamended would let Government ministers grab powers from Parliament to slash people’s rights at work and reduce protection for consumers and the environment.” Continue reading

Like Ancient Rome, the corrupt EU is about to fall

The EU is paying trolls to undermine Brexit  They fight in the dark.  The EU, desperate at the thought of losing our cash, is flooding our social media and tv channels with anti Brexit propaganda.  They are spending huge amounts to brainwash Britons that German rule is preferable to freedom.

In total, the EU is spending £489,915 (€539,250) on 10 projects in the UK.

One project in Wales, worth £136,276 (€150,000), warned that Brexit had “jeopardised the fundamental structure of the EU” (we hope so!)  and that “Euroscepticism is on the rise” with “phenomena like ignorance towards European programmes”. Continue reading

Brilliant Boris vindicated. Proof we give £660 million to EU a week!

As  the smears, lies and vile abuse raged around him, Boris Johnson’s dignified response was that he stood by his referendum claim that we give £376 million a week to the EU – or more!

Now the truth is out!  Since 2010, we have given a stonking £660 million a week to the EU.   Continue reading