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Body blow for the EU as winning populist parties in Italy give them the finger

This morning,  EU chiefs have egg on their faces, after the harshest of rejections from the Italians.   EU officials are braced for a “nightmare scenario” after an election that will see the populist 5 Star Movement  and the Liga party prepared to take over, both of which hate the EU.

In open defiance,  the firebrand populists of Left and Right are poised to take power in Italy, forming the first “anti-system” government in a major West European state since the Second World War.  This is a slap in the face for ever closer union.   Continue reading

As Moggie attacks CU hybrid, May still trying to bribe Williamson with billions

Even though there is another alternative, favoured by the Brexiteers,  Theresa May seems unnaturally fixated on a customs union hybrid.  A rose by any name would smell as sweet – a customs union partnership, agreement or union all reek of betrayal. However, Moggie fiercely challenged May’s plan as a sellout.

Devout Jacob, who religious beliefs are part of his life, said accepting a customs partnership means we are staying in the EU.     Guido Fawkes reported:  “On Peston Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly explained why the customs partnership would require adherence to single market rules to function. “We would not in effect be leaving the European Union”… “ Continue reading

The deceit of suicide Theresa

Anger over Theresa May’s “private plans” is about to implode as Boris and Brexiteers suspect the worst.  With her usual duplicity, May pledged in late February that she would take on the rebels over the customs union by challenging them “Back me or sack me!”

May has fended off those fears by issuing a statement that we will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

Brexit will help the underdeveloped nations crippled by EU

The tweet below from Andrew Mogg gives a powerful example of how Brexit will not help just us.  Underdeveloped third world nations are suffering from the policies of the EU.The answer is to develop these nations and help them to be independent and strong.  The EU actively works against this.  Continue reading

Boris achieves history changing Russian coup: GMB then lie about it

Today on Good Morning Britain, the interviewers  told outright lies about the diplomatic coup achieved by the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson in dealing with Putn and the Kremlin.   The truth is, a world  wide concensus has been achieved, that Quentin Letts described as “the largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.”  

Quentin added “This is the largest success for the Foreign Office for many a calend,  although May did not say so.”  Continue reading

Is it checkmate for Putin?

The largest co-ordinated expulsion of Russian spies from the West is under way after the United States and EU member states announced they were ejecting more than 100 Russians serving under diplomatic cover in response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack, reported the Times today.

Western indignation at first only met with insouciant sneering from the Russians,  but the swift firmness of the British response seems to have taken the Kremlin by surprise.

Continue reading

Skripals suffering from Novichok or something very similar, says Judge. OPCW decision awaited

The tough line taken by Boris Johnson over Russia has been proved to be completely correct.  Mrs. May went to Brussels yesterday, and the EU is united in backing the British line.  They accept that there can be no explanation other than Russia is responsiible for the Salisury poisoning attack.

This morning, The Times reported:  Russia’s spy networks across Europe were under threat last night as at least five EU countries prepared to follow Britain and expel diplomats in response to the Salisbury poisoning. Continue reading