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Government forced into giving major concessions to Brexit rebels!

As reported in George Osborne’ s Standard today, Ministers gave a big concession to Brexit rebels over the use of so-called Henry VIII powers.

The Government accepted demands for a cross-party committee with power to prevent over-use of the archaic powers, which have been dubbed “rule by decree”. It follows a threatened revolt against the proposal to empower ministers to alter hundreds of laws without parliamentary approval as a way of coping with a stream of Brexit changes.   Continue reading

Brexit showdown on 19th December between May and Boris

The tension must have reached breaking point as May and Boris prepare for a face off over Brexit on 19th December.  There is hysteria on twitter, as outraged Brexit voters overreact suspecting a May stitchup. 

Because Boris is in government, he is bound by collective responsibility, so cannot let off steam in the media.  But the only fighting that counts is the hard fighting in the government, and even though outnumbered by May, Hammond, Rudd and Davis, a wishy washy major disappointment,  Boris’s battle has been unrelenting in protecting what we voted for.   Continue reading

Sun exclusive: Boris challenges May over action she took re EU without Cabinet consent

Boris Johnson has a good relationship with PM May and even the fiercest Brexiteer accepts that Mrs. May has an exhausting and difficult task, dealing with Ireland and the EU. However, he was forced to intervene to avoid a dangerous Tory revolt because Mrs. May took action without consulting her Cabinet.  borisPMcard

In an exclusive today, the Sun Editor reported:   Boris Johnson challenged Theresa May in Cabinet today over her plan to align some of Britain’s rules with the EU’s after Brexit.

A dangerous Tory Brexiteer revolt has also been spiralling tonight over the PM’s proposal, drawn up to break a negotiations deadlock over the Irish border.  Continue reading

Boris Johnson and Gove want May to be Bad Santa!

A more cautious approach to May giving more cash to the EU is suggested by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.  Rather than May acting like Santa Claus and giving a huge wodge of cash gratis as a “divorce bill”, the two Brexiteers say no extra cash should be specified right now. Then disaster.  The EU has already turned down the offer of another 20 billion (that’s 36 billion in all).  !  Of course…..

The EU is clearly feeling the heat, because when we leave, the end of our massive payments mean they will be left with a huge black hole. They are sweating at the prospect.   Continue reading

Too much time and energy wasted on Brussels negotiations, says Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson says he is not surprised Boris Johnson is frustrated. He is shocked at the negative approach of the Government to Brexit, and he completely understands why the Foreign Secretary finally spoke out.

The former chancellor said public finances would be boosted and regulations cut regardless of a trade deal – and Theresa May and Philip Hammond should have been highlighting the advantages of leaving the EU.

The Tory peer said: ‘It is bizarre that it has been left to a seemingly freelance operation by Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, to explain what these benefits are.  Continue reading

John Redwood said paying into the EU after Brexit is breaking the law

Continuing to pay into the EU budget after Brexit would break the law, ex-Cabinet minister John Redwood claimed today.   The senior Brexiteer publicly defended Boris Johnson’s revival of the discredited £350million a week claim today.

Mr Redwood played down the row and said the important issue was Britain currently sends a ‘lot of money’ to Brussels and will not in future’.

He told the Today programme: ‘Everybody knows that it is an awful lot of money so wouldn’t it be more productive about how we spend that money when we have come out and also to discuss the point that many of us don’t think there is any moral, political or legal reason to go on paying them, once we have left.  Continue reading

Truly inspirational, brimful of hope, Boris explains Brexit

Anyone who reads Boris Johnson’s article in today’s Daily Telegraph can be in no doubt we have to leave the EU.  We are not and never have been in sympathy with the fundamental concept of the EU.  As a trade arrangement, yes, but the EU interference in our political structure has always been a huge step too far.

Boris explains in some depth exactly what has always gone wrong with our EU membership – our fundamental belief that we cannot accept the core belief of ever closer union and an EU superstate.  And reform has never been possible.  The response has only been “more and more Europe!”  as EU chiefs endlessly complain about the moaning and groaning of the British. Continue reading