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May savaging the saboteurs? or put to the sword by Brexiteers?

As a conversion, it is more astonishing than St. Paul on the road to Damascus!  PM May has suddenly become a clean Brexiteer!  This is the lady who dubbed anyone who wanted a clean break from the EU “crazy” and  a “fanatic!” This is the lady who admits she is a Remainer, who gave free rein to the Chancellor to slag off Brexit and whose husband Phil, a hedge fund manager, loves the EU almost more than life itself.It struck me as odd that when the PM announced the forthcoming election in Parliament, there was not a Brexiteer in sight. David Cameron, Blair, Cleggers, even the EU members were ecstatic at the news and announced glowingly that a huge mandate would “ensure the best deal for Britain” something they suddenly seemed awfully happy about. Continue reading

Free movement will finally end, but it’s May who wants a softer Brexit

Boris and David Davis have reluctantly accepted that business will need time to adapt to the cutoff of free movement.  But an earlier report claimed that Theresa May has been campaigning within the Cabinet, for a softer Brexit,  unlocking “a deep and special partnership” with the bloc. 

She says extending FM is unavoidable. She had to wrestle with Brexit-backing Tories to secure their support.  Brexit chiefs Boris Johnson and Liam Fox have grudgingly agreed to back a transitional arrangement that would bridge the gap between Brexit and a future trade deal, the FT reported. Continue reading

Cynics sneer “Politicians are all the same” but we have seen the bravest and the best

Politicians generally get a pretty harsh press. The popular opinion is  “They are the same!” and anyone who argues differently is greeted with cynical laughter. Recent events, like the EU Referendum and the Westminster terrorist attack have proved how wrong this is.

Many of the politicians who fought for Brexit took a huge risk.  Boris Johnson took the  biggest gamble of his life to fight for the rights of ordinary people, so much so that his father believed he had ruined his career. Continue reading

How desperate Dave flogged off Boris’s Trade Union Bill to save the EU

Boris has battled with the unions since 2010.  He has pressed for trade union reform from that date.  In September 2015, Boris persuaded the government to  back a Trade Union Bill,  that would ban workers in key public sectors from striking unless industrial action was supported by 40% of union members. camerontradeunionThe move meant that any worker who abstains in a strike vote or forgets to return their ballot paper will effectively be deemed to be opposing the move. The details of the Bill are here.  Boris said in September 2015:

“I’m very grateful that the Government is at last moving on this as this is something we’ve been lobbying for in TfL for many years now.  “The [current] ballot thresholds are too low, they’re absurd! Continue reading

Turbo charged Boris Johnson meets 50 world leaders in 23 countries in 6 months

Hurling himself into the job of Foreign Secretary with his usual enthusiasm, an impressive statement by Boris Johnson reveals that since he took on the job in July, he has met 50 world leaders and visited 23  countries in six months  No-one could accuse him of lack of effort.borisfo3Boris has hit the world stage like a meteor. In his report, he says:  As we prepare to leave the EU, the message we take to the world is this: Britain remains open for business and active on the world stage. The Prime Minister has undertaken landmark visits to both India and the Gulf, and has represented the UK at the G20 in China and the UN General Assembly in New York. Continue reading

Boris’s “gaffes” are not gaffes. Truth is the only way to change the world.

Anyone who accuses our Foreign Secretary of “gaffes” should think again.  The chances of Boris Johnson going native at the Foreign Office are zero.  Boris has the courage to tell the truth, and we are so used to seeing our politicians mouth platitudes, maybe we have lost the ability to see the value of the truth when we hear it.borisaleppoMay shouted and screamed because Boris “made a gaffe” and levelled with the Saudis over Yemen.   He had already explained in Parliament that concerns about the Saudis using undue force were being investigated.   He then firmly laid it on the line with the Saudis.  The result was that Britain received an assurance from the Saudis they would never use barrel bombs again.  They also told Mrs. May they found Boris Johnson charming and appreciated his candour. Continue reading

Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

Boris was conveniently  abroad last week when Sky News launched the accusation against him that he had been deceiving the public.  He really wanted free movement all along.  Boris was not there to defend himself, so Sky made the most of it. Sky newscasters were reporting every fifteen minutes that Boris was a fraud.  He had lied when he campaigned for control of our borders.

borisquizzical17Nick Clegg was wheeled out to put the knife in deeper.  “Boris Johnson has been taking the public for fools” he declaimed theatrically. The evidence was provided by four EU ambassadors, all of whom declined to give their names. Continue reading