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Stirring Brexit video! Democracy is the foundation of our prosperity says Boris

This was the speech that won Brexit!  We need to remember that Brexit was won because we wanted to regain our rights, freedoms and most of all, British democracy. Continue reading

Cheating of Remain far more serious than anything done by Dominic Cummings.

In view of the outright cheating of Remain during the EU Referendum it is the most appalling hypocrisy to attack Brexit campaign manager Dominic Cummings.

For the moment, let’s forget about the 9 million the Remainers nicked  from public funds for leaflets to peddle the lie that their elitist agenda benefited the poorest in this country.  Continue reading

Petition to abolish House of Lords takes off after Brexit betrayal

A petition to abolish the House of Lords has taken off after the latest amendment to the Brexit bill.  The unelected peers voted against the government,  and the largest number of peers, 91, came from the insignificant, failed Lib Dems. 19 Tory peers supported the amendment.   How could this happen?

The Express reported:  The mammoth petition is now teetering on a whopping 127,284 signatures and has been doing the rounds up and down the country after Robert McBride started the call on February 17. Continue reading

Fifteen reasons why Brexit will be great

Brexiteers are sick of the negatitivity of Remoaners!  OK, they have had their say in the name of free speech. but if there had been any grounds at all for cancelling Brexit Remoaners would have done it by now.  It is  the turn of democracy to speak.    PM Cameron pledged that the voice of the British people would be respected.  Not ignored.  According to Anthony Browne, a former aide of Boris Johnson , we have plenty of reasons to be happy over Brexit.  Anthony lists 15 of them below, and this article is via The SpectatorContinue reading

BOMBSHELL! Boris will lead resignations this month if there is a Brexit betrayal

The Sun Editor, Tom Newton Dunn, revealed the explosive news on the Sunday Politics show today that Boris Johnson will lead the Brexit resignations if the Remainers in government betray what the country voted for.

There is ample evidence to prove that Brexiteers made their position clear during the EU Referendum,   Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union.  Tom Newton Dunn said that the Brexiteer exodus from the cabinet would take place if the cabinet agrees to form a “semi-single market”.  Continue reading

During the EU Ref., voters were repeatedly told we would be leaving the single market

There is an abundance of evidence that it was clearly explained to voters during the EU Referendum that we would be leaving the single market.

However, since Brexit won, many Remainers have refused to accept the decision of this country.  Some Remainers complain that it was never explained to voters that we would be leaving the single market.  The video below proves that this is not true.  Continue reading

Ex PM Cam should honour his Brexit promises says Peter Oborne

As Peter Oborne reminds us  in his outstanding article in today’s Mail on Saturday, David Cameron made categorical commitments to the British people during the EU Referendum that should be now honoured. 

Brexiteers are fighting a valiant rear guard action to defend what the country voted for.  Peter Oborne says:

“In such circumstances, I believe Mr Cameron should now state publicly that the commitments he made to the British people during the referendum campaign must be honoured. Continue reading