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New Brexit Minister Dominic Raab humiliated by unelected Olly Robbins

Now it is the turn of Dominic Raab.  He replaced David Davis as Brexit Minister and the job should pay danger money.  Davis was so humiliated, he was described by the Irish as Olly Robbins’ tea boy.

Davis was only allowed to meet Barner 3 times, and clumsy flirting from Theresa May at first concealed the truth.  She was taking him for a ride.  As Tim Shipman described in Fallout,  she could do what she liked to him.  Continue reading

Boris off on South American trade talks – inept May should learn from him

Boris Johnson is off on a five day  trade mission to South America, doing what he does best. Building new global trade links, ahead of Brexit.  

He is heading to the Amazon jungle to view front line efforts in the battle against the illegal trade in wildlife.

His jungle trip today comes at the start of a five-day tour of Latin America, taking in Peru, Argentina and Chile, as part of the drive to drum up post-Brexit trade.  Continue reading

Jump in popularity for President Trump after Piers Morgan interview

The warmth and sincerity shown by President Donald Trump in his interview with Piers Morgan has caused his popularity in Britain to rise.  Since the interview, the President has accounted for 51% of bets at 5/2 to win the 2020 US election and serve a second term in the White Hous, says Oddschecker.  

Covering a range of topics in his first international interview, the President emphasised his love for the British people, telling the GMB host that “the real me is somebody that loves Britain, loves the UK. I love Scotland.”  Continue reading

Outstanding generous speech by May sets the standard for EU negotiations

After today’s Brexit speech from Theresa May, some Remoaners were complaining.  I had just explained that there is a big difference between a referendum and a general election.  In the EU Ref., Leave and Remain were not competing to form a government.  The only purpose of any referendum is to get a straight answer to a straight question,  in this case, Should we leave the EU?may2Leave and Remain cannot therefore make financial pledges.  They can only make suggestions.  The battlebus ad. was about taking control and the figure quoted on the bus was given as the sum we pay the EU every week.  Let’s give £350M to the NHS was one suggestion how to spend the money. Continue reading

Crisis at the Treasury! PM must rein Osbo in to concentrate on the day job

In the Daily Mail today,  Peter Oborne writes that George Osborne is overreaching.   He has taken on far too many jobs.georgejugglingOborne says: “The first point to make is that Mr Osborne has always been a part-time Chancellor. He is often not at the Treasury, because he is, in effect, the Government’s chief strategist and party manager as well as being Chancellor. It’s he who decides on promotions and sackings. Continue reading

Listen to Boris, The Times tells David Cameron, he is right

In a significant leader this morning, the Times urges the Prime Minister to listen to Boris Johnson over his EU negotiations,  TheTimes refers to the 16 page document from Donald Tusk.borissolemnThe Times leader says:  “His fate, and Britain’s, rests on a 16-page prospectus published yesterday by Donald Tusk, president of the European Council. It will be fought over line by line for the next two weeks. But the very fact that it has been drafted by Mr Tusk rather than the British government betrays a depressing truth about this vaunted renegotiation. Mr Cameron has approached it from the start as a supplicant, not a true reformer. Continue reading

David Cameron is the last man to handle the EU negotiations

One of David Cameron’s greatest assets is he looks and behaves like a PM, unlike Ed Miliband who had no gravitas and failed to convince as a leader.  David Cameron can be justly proud of the unexpected Tory GE15 win and the gracious way he behaved in victory enhanced his reputation. On any formal occasion, he can be relied upon to behave with dignity.PMjunckerUnfortunately, David Cameron is a conciliator, skilled at pouring oil on troubled waters, adept, indeed brilliant, at maintaining the status quo.   Past events proved conclusively that he is not a negotiator.   He gave far too much power to the Lib Dems – Nick Clegg apparently had the right to override any Tory decision he fancied – and the Lib Dems took full advantage of their totally undeserved importance,  slowing the recovery by at least 3 years. Continue reading