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Reasons to be cheerful. Boris Johnson’s sparkling speech to BCCC

On Tuesday the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made a speech to the British Chamber of Commerce Conference in his well known  enthusiastic and witty style.   It was extremely well received.  An anti-Brexit campaign has sprung up that is turning out to be most unpleasant.  Without mentioning names, Boris made short shrift of these people.  boriseu20Boris began:  “Good afternoon everybody, it is absolutely fantastic to be here in front of an audience of people who are dynamic, energetic, can do, and actually get out there make and sell things. Because sometimes I get a bit impatient when I hear people droning and moaning about the state of the world, and I hear them warn that the sky is about to fall on our heads, and I feel like saying come off it sunshine. Continue reading

Boris Johnson picks special envoy to fight for womens’ rights worldwide

Our Foreign Secretary is known to be very hot on education. As Mayor he would tour London junior schools,  telling  the pupils  “Work hard, grab your opportunities! ” with conspicuous success.borisfo20Writing in the Standard, a concerned Boris Johnson said: “Today, the appalling truth is that about 61 million girls between the ages of five and 14 are deprived of an education across the world. Continue reading

The business approach of Lord Sugar and Boris Johnson is the antithesis of Uber

In spite of their public spats over traffic gridlock, (Lord Sugar, never one to suffer in silence, said Boris deserves a whack for the snarlups)  he and Boris Johnson have the same positive attitude to entrepreneurs and employees.sugarHe may be gruff, but Lord Sugar is a philanthropist, someone who believes that when talented people are prepared to give their all, they deserve a legup.  Loathing as he does, anyone who sucks up or puts on a false front, (I don’t want to see your face again!) in his programme The Apprentice,  Lord Sugar acts as adviser and mentor for every winner who proves themselves. Continue reading

Letter from Scot in Standard shows SNP are not what they seem

A letter in the London Standard clearly shows another side of the SNP and the deep concern of many Scots, who know only too well, the SNP are not what they seem.SalmondDoc1GT“As a Scot, living NHS in London, I have been following this election with rising horror as people increasingly warm to the SNP, north and south of the border. I do not believe the SNP is a democratic threat, but any party that believes  full fiscal autonomy is a viable policy for Scotland is not credible. Continue reading

Boris tours London schools, urging kids “Grab your opportunities!”

One of the Mayor’s talents is his ability to inspire a love of learning in young and old alike.  On the Six O’Clock News tonight, some kids were talking about how they felt after a talking-to by Boris on the importance of education.

Boris has made it a personal mission to tour junior schools to talk to the kids man to man/woman.  He feels so strongly about fulfilling your potential, he is catching them young to get the message across.

Boris wants Latin taught at every state school.  He said the proudest moment of his life was when a girl who had heard him speaking about the merits of Latin, studied it and ended up going to uni.

These are the reactions of a group of young kids on television after Boris had given his all.

Little girl:  I want to learn more.  Second little girl:  I’m  going to try harder! Serious little boy:  I’m going to really knuckle down.  Heartwarming.

Education, education, education, says Boris Johnson

In his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris gives a brilliant, subtle analysis of what is wrong with our education system at the moment, and as well as giving all sides of a very complicated problem, Boris being Boris, he also comes up with a fantastic solution.

Boris said:  “Lord Browne, formerly of BP, is finally about to unveil his recommendations on university finance, and I predict the political equivalent of an undersea oil-rig blow-out. He will say that universities should be free to charge more for tuition fees – and there is going to be fury from Left and Right. Continue reading