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Her CU plans make it clear PM May schemed to wreck Brexit all along

If you were PM and you wanted to wreck Brexit, how would you go about it? Is PM May really clueless, or is there another explanation?

You could start by dragging out the process, hoping that the nation gets so fedup, they change their minds and demand to stay in.   That hasn’t happened, but there are plenty of Remainers pretending that they are now the majority. Continue reading

When will someone knock lying Chuka on his prissy little ass?

How much longer will Good Morning Britain allow Chuka Umunna on morning tv to spout lies?  How many times has he brazenly lied about the “ad on the big red bus?”  How many times has the evil little sh….. trilled “And we all know about the ad. on the big red bus, don’t we?”

What Chuka actually knows is that when he complained to the DPP and the CPS about the bus ad., he was told to sling his hook and there is nothing wrong with the ad.  He also knows that you can’t pledge cash in  Referendum!  But Chuka is the man who sneered at ordinary people in London clubs as “trash!”  And still programmes like GMB indulge his dishonesty, because they are anti Tory and love a cheap shot.  Continue reading

Boris never has and never would practice tax avoidance

After attacking British business for tax avoidance schemes, Ed Miliband has now been accused of it himself.  He is trying to wriggle out of the accusations, but quite rightly, MPs are demanding “Show us the proof you haven’t tried to avoid tax for years.”boriscycling2During the second Mayoral election, Ken Livingstone challenged Boris on air to publish his accounts, obviously believing Boris would refuse.  I have never forgotten the sweet smile Boris gave Ken.  “Of course” he said and Jenny Jones squeaked “OOOO” in astonishment. Continue reading