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New US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo won’t take any nonsense from the Russians

Mike Pompeo, America’s new top diplomat is a rock solid Trump man.  Ex Director of the CIA, he is will have the President’s back, and there is a natural understanding betwen the two. He admires the President’s ability to do things his own way. 

During his confirmation hearing, Pompeo stated that Russia “has reasserted itself aggressively, invading and occupying Ukraine, threatening Europe, and doing nearly nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of ISIS”.  Continue reading

Why the EU has a losing hand

A majority now supports the state visit of Prez Donald Trump says YouGov.

After the excellent interview between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump, the latest You Gov poll shows that a majority now support a state visit by the US President.   In my opinion, the antagonism to the President was never half as bad as the media made out anyway.   It was fuelled by Remainers , furious that Brexiteers have such a powerful ally in their fight to be rid of the EU.   

The figures are now 45% to 39% in favour.  Remoaners have tried their hardest to disrupt the deeply held affection of President Trump for Britain, particularly Scotland.  Remoaner Theresa May has also been less than tactful, in silly attempts to “slap down” the President.  He has just brushed her aside like a pesky mosquito.   Continue reading

Jump in popularity for President Trump after Piers Morgan interview

The warmth and sincerity shown by President Donald Trump in his interview with Piers Morgan has caused his popularity in Britain to rise.  Since the interview, the President has accounted for 51% of bets at 5/2 to win the 2020 US election and serve a second term in the White Hous, says Oddschecker.  

Covering a range of topics in his first international interview, the President emphasised his love for the British people, telling the GMB host that “the real me is somebody that loves Britain, loves the UK. I love Scotland.”  Continue reading

VIDEO. Raheem Kassam flattens SKY over Trump sh…hole comment

In an outstanding interview, Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam pulled off the interview of the decade as he demolished the hypocrisy of SKY and defended the remark of President Trump over the bad state of certain countries.

The record of Sadiq Khan was annihilated by Mr. Kassam, particularly his appalling record on crime. Rapes have soared and youth crime is up  by an appalling 70%. Continue reading

Lord Adonis is no democrat, insults Brexits and tried to get Andrew Neil fired

Lord Adonis resigned from his job as Brexit infrastructure tzar, last Friday,  but apparently was on the verge of being sacked.  Brexit has caused a “nervous breakdown” in Whitehall, the former Labour minister said following his resignation as chair of the government-backed National Infrastructure Commission.

Lord Adonis resigned on Friday, exploding into an unbalanced rant, in which he described Brexit as “a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump”.  Continue reading

At NATO, Donald Trump separates the men from the boys

The NATO meeting today, headed by President Donald Trump, was also attended by Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon and at last the vile EU chiefs found out exactly what they are up against. 

The President drilled Donald Tusk with a terrifying,  icy gaze, and crushed the hand of Emmanuel Macron so forcefully that the French President nearly screamed with pain.  As shown on Fox News, the US President then draped his arm round the shoulder of Boris Johnson, and engaged him in warm conversation, exuding charm.  It was epic. Continue reading