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Overwhelming praise from journos and editors for Boris Johnson’s vision on Brexit

Journalists and editors are lining up to praise in glowing terms the fearless  power and imagination of Boris’s vision for Brexit.

As Andrew Gimson says in his article, Timid Tories need a warrior like Boris:   It is a rallying cry to the troops. Johnson steps forward like Henry V before Agincourt. Gimson says later on: Do we really want to show such an anxious attitude to Europe?  Continue reading

Thuglike bullies on twitter give away Corbyn’s game

Robert Peston should be ashamed at the way he brushed aside the abusive behaviour of Corbynistas.  Apparently a Tory MP has been suspended for using the phrase “n…… in a woodpile”.   Daily Corbynista abuse is a million times worse than this.

Although I am a Tory, many of Mrs. May’s policies and decisions are not policies and decisions I agree with.  But the abuse she gets is over the top.  So indignant have I been at the cussing and blinding she receives, several times, I have told the tweeters responsible that they are out of line.  Continue reading

Spoilt brats go to Glasto, so Corbyn fits right in

Where did Corbyn learn about the working classes?  Jeremy was a private school boy, with rich parents,  who has never known pain or want in his life. So he’s comfortable relating to the sort of people who go to Glasto!   Corbo was a spoilt brat as a child, every wish granted.  Ditto the posers at Glasto!

Boris Johnson knows more about pain, deprivation and loss than fakey poo Corbyn will ever know and he doesn’t go around shouting about it! Private schooling and being spoilt silly don’t make you a man of the people, Jeremy!

Dominic Lawson wrote today:    ‘CORBYN bares his soul at Glastonbury and speaks directly to the dispossessed.’ That was the headline on a eulogistic article about the Labour leader’s address to the pop festival, which so captivated one of the countless BBC staff attending that he tweeted a photo of Corbyn taking the crowd’s applause with the caption ‘When you ace the chorus line.’ Continue reading

In Sunday Times, Dominic Lawson reproaches “Sergeant Major” May

A strange situation now exists whereby Mrs. May, who refused to fight for her beliefs in the EU Referendum. appointed three Brexit Ministers, to execute the will of the people, but refuses to allow them to speak frankly  on Brexit.borismaynegsPhillip Hammond, a Remainer, is allowed to say what he likes, but David Davis and Boris Johnson, who risked his entire career to fight for the rights of ordinary people, are continually “slapped down!” Dominic Lawson commented tartly “Perhaps Mrs May was trying to let them know that, Wellington-style, she expected her cabinet to be as obedient as the ranks should be to their commanding officer.” Continue reading

Cameron’s continual attacks on Boris Johnson show how very much he fears him

In an article today in the Daily Mail,  Dominic Lawson says:  “But while claiming he won’t engage in open conflict with his own colleagues, Cameron has been traducing them in his own way.borisEU15Last week he accused those supporting Brexit of being ‘immoral’. Number 10 solicited interventions from the former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, who obligingly described Boris Johnson as ‘preposterous’, ‘obscene’ and ‘irresponsible’, and from the former party chairman Chris Patten, who said Johnson was unable to tell ‘the difference between fact and fiction’.” Continue reading

PM thinks we can’t decide on EU Ref without advice from Obama and Hollande? Yes We Can!

So great is the contempt of the Prime Minister for the British people, he thinks we need the advice of foreign Heads of State on the EU Ref.  to tell us what to vote.  Cameron is lining up President Obama, and the French Prez Hollande to frighten us about the horrors that await us if we vote OUT, says Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times.obamahollandeThe time of Obama and Hollande would be better spent warning us of the dangers of having a war monger, Tony Blair, as the EU Prez. That is the price demanded by the Blairites as the cost of their support over Europe. Continue reading

The EU debate: the day democracy was trashed on national tv by David Cameron

Today in the House of Commons,  we had to endure the worst and most painful performance by a Prime Minister I have ever seen. The softening up process was a twitter smear campaign, impugning Boris Johnson and sneering at his motives.borisdaveangryIn the House, David Cameron was contemptuously dismissive of the sincere concerns of MPs regarding the EU and the nature of his deal with the EU.  In consequence, his assurances that he respected the questioners and cared for the future of Britain were revealed as the height of cynicism. Continue reading