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Why is Anna Soubry getting away with murder?

There is huge concern from Brexiteers that a faction in the Tory party is undermining Brexit , while May just sits there and lets them do it.   Anna Soubry is by far the worst.  She is openly colluding with Labour, particularly Chuka Umunna, and the other Remainers in the Tory party,  such as Nicky Morgan, Dominic Grieve, and William Hague.

A full list of Tory rebels from Business Insider is given here.

While the other rebels keep their Remain beliefs within reason, Soubry does not.  Fanatical Anna has even demanded that true Brexiteers, who fight for freedom from EU control , which is what we voted for, should be kicked out of the party. Her overdeveloped ego and underdeveloped intellect are not a good combination.  Continue reading

May appears to be going soft on Brexit

Theresa May apparently said in a private meeting last week that she is “not some crazed Brexiteer.” It was reported:  “The Prime Minister made it clear at a private meeting last week that she will not risk economic suicide by ‘jumping off a cliff’ with a hard Brexit – and secretly supports some demands by Remain Tories.”mayhammond3She now says she: Continue reading

Innocent until proven guilty not inviolable, Boris is right over Syria says Frederick Forsyth

Labour luvvie lawyer Geoffrey Robinson is wrong to criticise Boris Johnson’s proposals that we can change our laws to presume that someone who goes to Syria “without good reason” is a terrorist, says Frederick Forsyth in today’s Daily Express.   Boris said that under these circumstances their British citizenship should be withdrawn.borisalluringFormer Attorney General Dominic Grieve backed Robinson, but  according to Mr. Forsyth, they are talking cobblers.

There are already three areas where the accused has to prove their innocence, not the other way around. Continue reading