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Who will help our doctor and nurses?

This is empathy fatigue,  This is how you feel when you are so emotionally and physically exhausted,  you are at the end of your rope.  Our nurses and doctors are being reduced to this state because our National Health Service, the pride of this country for decades, is now chronically overloaded.

If you dare say this aloud, you are jumped on by the ignorant.  Brexiteers are accused of racism, for saying we cannot cope with the stress of more patients in our hospitals, and more pupils in our schools. Continue reading

Who is fighting whom in Syria?

It’s not at all straightforward.  Channel 4 explains.  Boris Johnson spoke out in the House of Commons yesterday, in a passionate, yet realistic speech, explaining why a no fly zone is not the answer.  That means we have to be prepared to shoot down Russian planes. Continue reading