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Boris lists the ideas that have made Britain great that the EU is trying to destroy

In the Lowy Lecture in Sydney last week, Boris explained the series of ideas that have made Britain great.  These are the ideas the EU is trying to destroy. The picture below is Cleisthenes, called the father of democracy. 

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Habeas Corpus
  • An independent judiciary
  • Freedom to make fun of politicians in whatever way we like, ie free speech.

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Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

Jeremy Corbyn has always been circumspect about his position on the EU and now we know why.  This clip from  1996, shows his doubts about the EU power grab which would mean we were subservient to Brussels.

Corbyn said “The other concern is democracy in Europe.

“You have a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.” Continue reading

Brexit will cause the EU to collapse says George Soros

Financier George Soros is convinced that the EU is doomed.  He says that Brexit means the days of the EU are numbered and says it is all because the ordinary people believe that the elite has stolen their democracy.soros2The elite has stolen our democracy!  The EU does not believe in democracy and makes its members surrender their sovereignty to Brussels.   Soros is a keen supporter of the EU and is therefore desperate to wreck Brexit! Continue reading

Turbo charged Boris Johnson meets 50 world leaders in 23 countries in 6 months

Hurling himself into the job of Foreign Secretary with his usual enthusiasm, an impressive statement by Boris Johnson reveals that since he took on the job in July, he has met 50 world leaders and visited 23  countries in six months  No-one could accuse him of lack of effort.borisfo3Boris has hit the world stage like a meteor. In his report, he says:  As we prepare to leave the EU, the message we take to the world is this: Britain remains open for business and active on the world stage. The Prime Minister has undertaken landmark visits to both India and the Gulf, and has represented the UK at the G20 in China and the UN General Assembly in New York. Continue reading

PE Trump and Paul Ryan show they know the meaning of loyalty

Brits are over the moon and touched to tears by the stalwart demonstration of loyalty from America.  Paul Ryan, and the Prez. Elect, want to show support for Britain, and are getting cracking on a trade deal. How sweet is that?trumpryanTo be honest, the treatment from Europe, has cut like a knife.  Throughout history, Britain has always been there for them. When Napoleon threatened the continent, Wellington saved Europe. Continue reading

Michael Gove skewers Lord Ashdown in Parliament over Brexit

Michael Gove scored a bullseye with this attack on Lord Ashdown and had the House in an uproar!   He urged us to listen to the liberal elite, saying Continue reading

Why Boris Johnson wants Turkey to join the EU

People often ask on twitter why does Boris want Turkey to join the EU?  The answer is in paragraph 2 below. Boris’s great grandfather was a famous Turkish journalist, newspaper editor and poet, through this link, Boris has inherited his white blonde hair.

Boris’s strategy on Turkey and the EUBoris Johnson, Mevlut CavusogluThis is Boris Johnson’s strategy to improve our situation with Turkey.
The EU has agreed to give money to Turkey to help with immigration. In return the Turks have agreed they will not allow any more migrants to cross the seas, or drown in flimsy boats.   Immigrants will be allowed to stay in Turkey. Continue reading