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OUTRAGE! Most peers are in the pay of the EU, so should abstain on Brexit!

Writing in City AM,  Diane James Independent MEP said of the House of Lords:  “The government has taken its eleventh “bloody nose” from the House of Lords. The “stop Brexit at all costs” strategy is an affront and a barrier to democracy.

The Lords should be delivering true and proper scrutiny of the work of MPs, ensuring accountability in a neutral, open, transparent way, without predetermined position or bias. It should reflect the political makeup of the nation, and not be stuffed or crammed with political acolytes. Continue reading

PC Labour thinking is just like the Cromwell era says historian David Starkey

Historian David Starkey is deeply concerned at the way the bullying left is imposing PC thinking on us to the detriment of free speech.  There has been a “stealth” revolution over the past 20 years which has brought us back to the “Middle Ages”, created a quasi-religious fanaticism for Jeremy Corbyn, destroyed patriotism and could destroy democracy, according to Starkey.

On the BBC’s This Week, Mr Starkey said: “For in the last 20 years we have had a revolution by stealth.   David Starkey believes this is a worrying trend and the last thing comparable was the puritanical revolution in Cromwellian times. Continue reading

To see what voters really feel about Brexit, check out the top 10 movies of 2017

Guardian readers might believe the tripe in the paper that support for Brexit is fading.  Indy readers might have fallen for their poll based on lies giving Remain an 11 point lead.   

But even if you haven’t seen the new You Gov poll that puts Leave ahead by 9 points (Leave 48%, Remain 39%) for the truth, look no further than the top ten movies of 2017 in the UK.  This is the list.  Continue reading

The EU propagandists – Piers Morgan, Chuka Umunna, Kevin Maguire and the MSM

The worst, most backstabbing traitors in British history include men like the Cambridge spies.  Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean.  These men were selling our secrets to the Russians.  At least they had the excuse that they believed in the Russian system.  They undermined in secret.  Rather more blatant were the propaganda traitors who operated on the radio for the Nazis.

Face of a EU propagandist

Radio played a key role in the propaganda campaigns of Nazi Germany, as television does for us today.   The most notorious personality in this radio war was William Joyce, or ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ – who came to be known as the English voice of Nazi Germany. But he wasn’t alone in his treachery.  Continue reading

Boris lists the ideas that have made Britain great that the EU is trying to destroy

In the Lowy Lecture in Sydney last week, Boris explained the series of ideas that have made Britain great.  These are the ideas the EU is trying to destroy. The picture below is Cleisthenes, called the father of democracy. 

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Habeas Corpus
  • An independent judiciary
  • Freedom to make fun of politicians in whatever way we like, ie free speech.

Continue reading

Shocker! What Jeremy Corbyn really thinks about the EU

Jeremy Corbyn has always been circumspect about his position on the EU and now we know why.  This clip from  1996, shows his doubts about the EU power grab which would mean we were subservient to Brussels.

Corbyn said “The other concern is democracy in Europe.

“You have a European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody.” Continue reading

Brexit will cause the EU to collapse says George Soros

Financier George Soros is convinced that the EU is doomed.  He says that Brexit means the days of the EU are numbered and says it is all because the ordinary people believe that the elite has stolen their democracy.soros2The elite has stolen our democracy!  The EU does not believe in democracy and makes its members surrender their sovereignty to Brussels.   Soros is a keen supporter of the EU and is therefore desperate to wreck Brexit! Continue reading