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We are facing the battle of our lives, says Boris. Get ready!

In the Sun today, friends of Boris Johnson have expressed his deep concerns that the establishment are planning to force May into a deal that is so bad, it will not be worth leaving.

May is reliant on the Remainers in the Cabinet for survival.   Davi Davis is a weak and  unreliable Brexiteer, who at one time, tried to form an alliance with Hammond. In the Sunday Times yesterday, Tim Shipman reported that May is on notice she will face a leadership challenge if she tries to fight another election. For some reason she seems intent on doing just that.  Continue reading

May’s popularity HALVES over her handling of Brexit, David Davis worse

In six months,  on twitter, Theresa May’s popularity on twitter has nose dived and it is all to do with her handling of Brexit.  Giving in to everything the EU asks for is not negotiating, it is downright surrender.  There was a small revival when she changed our passports to blue.

Michel Barnier has a 40% rating on twitter, but David Davis is a horrendous 26% lower than Barnier, his rating is an appalling 16%!  Going along with May without a murmur isn’t working for him, and his alliance with Philip Hammond has done him no favours.   Continue reading

Brexit cannot be stopped by MPs, says Brexit Minister Steve Baker

As David Davis dickers like a dodgy chandelier in a hurricane over May’s so called Brexit deal that is really no deal at all, there were encouraging words from Brexit Minister Steve Baker.

Brexit Minister Steve Baker (right), addresses the Lords Committee

Brexit cann0t be stopped by MPs.   Even if we get no deal at all, and Keir Starmer and Ken Clarke implode before our eyes like a couple of European fire bellied toads,  Brexit cannot be stopped!  Continue reading

David Davis finding it too much, so will quit after deal and hand over to Boris

David Davis is finding it all too much, according to the Sun today and plans to quit immediately after the EU deal is done.  His performance as Brexit Minister has been undistinguished to say the least.   The much touted Rottweiller proved to be a Pomeranian pooch, whose ferocious barks turned into mere ineffectual squeaks as EU chiefs stamped all over him.

Davis has meekly accepted every snub and slur that came his way, achieving absolutely nothing since we signed Article 50.  He has failed to fight back in any way, incapable of getting a grip and putting his foot down. Continue reading

Bully boy Norris tells Boris the 1922 Committee in charge, shut it or they will sack you

In an ugly display of fascist style behaviour, Steven Norris and Philip Hammond ganged up on Boris Johnson yesterday, threatening him with the sack if he didn’t stay silent over Brexit.

Bully boy Norris even said the 1922 Committee would end Boris’s career! Oh are they running the country and Brexit,  Steve, I didn’t realise!   In my innocence, I thought that the EU Referendum was the chance of voters to decide whether we left or stayed in the EU!  We were told, in Parliament, by the then PM our decision would be final.  But it’s the 1922 committee running May and making the decisions, is it.   Forgive me, my mistake!  Continue reading

Boris’s bravery in fighting off government Brexit sellout sees him bound to top of leadership polls

When Boris found out that the Remoaners in the government were planning a transition period until 2024, he hurled himself into the breach and fought it off like a tiger.  His stirring article bursting with enthusiasm for Brexit was like a hand grenade, hurled into appalling mess that Brexit has become.  That bravery has seen Boris bounce to the top of the ConHome leadership poll, from his worst rating ever, four weeks ago.

It duplicates the results of the YouGov poll, that had Boris first in line, with Jacob Rees Mogg second.  (Ruth Davidson isn’t eligible.)

Oddschecker shows Boris is now the top choice for Tory leader and also the top choice for next Tory PM.

Brexit is getting nowhere and the strategy of appeasement adopted by the PM and David Davis is manna to EU Chiefs, who recognise patsies when they see them.  They clearly have no intention of giving us a good deal. Continue reading

Boris in lead to be next PM amidst fears of Gov Brexit sellout

A new YouGov poll puts Boris Johnson in the lead as the politician activists would most like to see lead the party when May steps down.  

May has said she would like to lead the party into the next election.  This doesn’t seem popular with the Tory faithful.   Because it was left to Boris Johnson in a last ditch stand, to fight off  the Rudd/Hammond attempt to extend the transition period to 2024.   Continue reading