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The deceit of suicide Theresa

Anger over Theresa May’s “private plans” is about to implode as Boris and Brexiteers suspect the worst.  With her usual duplicity, May pledged in late February that she would take on the rebels over the customs union by challenging them “Back me or sack me!”

May has fended off those fears by issuing a statement that we will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

Boris achieves history changing Russian coup: GMB then lie about it

Today on Good Morning Britain, the interviewers  told outright lies about the diplomatic coup achieved by the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson in dealing with Putn and the Kremlin.   The truth is, a world  wide concensus has been achieved, that Quentin Letts described as “the largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.”  

Quentin added “This is the largest success for the Foreign Office for many a calend,  although May did not say so.”  Continue reading

Fury at May and Davis Brexit betrayal!

The Telegraph shouted:  May accused of Brexit climbdown as UK agrees to free movement in the transition period!   On twitter, Brexiteers screamed  NO.  NO  NO!

Breitbart reports:  David Davis — whose formerly tough pro-Brexit stance seems to have been worn down during his time negotiating in Brussels to a point where he greeted today’s news of another massive capitulation as good news — spoke next and dropped the fisheries bombshell, admitting that not only would Britain not take back control of its fisheries, but that the proportion of fish that UK fishermen are allowed to catch from their own waters under EU laws wouldn’t change through the transition. Continue reading

BREAKING! May tries to push endless transition period through without Cabinet approval

The visit of EU fanatic Olly Robbins to discuss matters with EU chiefs was a red flag.  In an exclusive in today’s Telegraph, it is reported that May is trying to push an endless transition period for Brexit onto the country without Cabinet approval.This is betrayal at its contemptible worst.  An open ended transition period? Absolutely not!  This is not and completely unacceptable from Appeaser Theresa.  It is against every pledge she has made to this country. Continue reading

From Planet Fear to Planet Prosperity say the economists backing Brexit

First the academics!   Now, sick of the lies and scaremongering of Remoaners, economists are lining up to back Brexit,    Economists make a case for a Brexit boom, reported City AM.   (scroll down link).  City AM reports:  The Economists for Free Trade believe Brexit on the basis of Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech will boost the UK’s economy by two to four per cent.  Continue reading

The EU plans to demote our Parliament during transition period

John Redwood has issued the following warning on twitter.   EU Chiefs are planning to reduce the power of our Parliament in the ultimate humiliating snub.

We cannot let this happen.      Continue reading

David “Fido” Davis gagged from delivering sellout speech to Brexiteers.

It appears a massive sellout is on the cards, as arrogant Philip Hammond told the CBI “Things will hardly change and we are keeping free movement.”  There was outrage from Brexiteers, but traitor Hammond has only rowed back by saying we will be leaving the single market and customs union. He did’t comment on free movement.

Now the Sun reports quisling David Davis, who has been a huge disappointment, was about to deliver a speech to Brexiteers saying “It’s going to be sh….t but you have to suck it up!”  After a mild reproof to Hammond, panicky May urged Davis to wind his neck in and water down the speech.

As most commentators have already pointed out, Boris Johnson was repeatedly knifed by May, Hammond and the Remainer cabinet for telling the truth abut the NHS,  and Hammond escapes  with a feeble reprimand.   Spreadsheet Phil should be sacked. Continue reading