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Rumpled Boris Johnson sees off Peston

Boris supporters, after all the stress and upset he went through when he risked his entire career fighting for our rights and freedoms during Brexit, are so happy he is having a relaxing weekend at beautiful Chevening.  Nobody deserves it more.
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On the back foot, the EU admits they are in terrible position

An Italian eurocrat ordered Boris Johnson that under no circumstances must we negotiate with the US regarding a deal until we have left.  Still trying to  rule the roost!  Who, in their right mind, ever made the absolutely terrible decision that we get involved with these bullying shysters in the first place? boriseuchiefUS President-elect Mr Trump’s remarks in a bombshell interview that he did not care if the entire EU collapsed and that he will prioritise relations with Britain over those with Brussels has really put the wind up EU chiefs.  The balance of power has shifted with a vengeance. The new Prez has cancelled TTIP.  He has also put tariffs on Volkwagens and says if the EU form an EU army, he will pull out of NATO. Continue reading

Sir Tim Barrow, the Kremlinologist who stood up to Putin, replaces Sir Snitch

Sir Tim Barrow, replacement for Sir Ivan Rogers,  is known as a fixer, who gets the job done.  He has worked with Boris Johnson on a daily basis, who described him as  brilliant, and they get on great. A Whitehall source says Sir Tim knows everyone and is an amazing diplomat. timbarrowHe has solid achievements to his credit.  While in Brussels, he defeated repeated attempts to create a European army.   He has proved his mettle by standing up for British businesses in Russia and held tough conversations on Ukraine and Syria. Continue reading

The deal breakers – Boris Johnson’s tough four point plan for Brexit

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has clearly laid out his four point plan for Brexit. He discussed it with Sky’s Murnaghan yesterday.borischinThe Foreign Secretary told Sky News the Prime Minister wants to retain control of borders, control of money, control of laws and the ability to do free trade deals

Boris is not in favour of Britain paying huge sums into EU coffers for the best access to the single market, although David Davis and Philip Hammond are said to like the idea. But Boris told Andrew Marr, at the moment, it was all just speculation. Continue reading

Remainers know to get back into power Brexit and economy must fail

The non-stop negativism about Brexit isn’t just hot air.  The gloomadon popping has a point.  There is method in the Remainers’ madness. The endless abuse of Liam Fox, David Davis, Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, and most of all Boris, is just part of it.  Boris must be crushed so badly he can never rise again.  The economy must actually fail.  The pound must fall.  Markets must crash.  There must be an financial Armageddon.  Continue reading

Bish, bash, bosh! Boris biffs Bradshaw, Salmond and Thornberry over Brexit

Boris swiped three sixes in a row as he took questions on Brexit in the House of Commons yesterday.   Ben Bradshaw gloomy over the future attitude of US companies towards the UK was told this:Downing Street, London, October 18th 2016. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London. ¿ Paul Davey/Alamy Live NewsAmerican companies will find the UK in future an even better place to invest and to bring their coporations because of national advantages of time zone, language, talent, and skills that we now enjoy.
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May silent as Hammond launches vicious attack on the three Brexiteers

PM May’s claim that she is a passionate Brexiteer is looking a bit moth eaten, as another rabidly pro Remain attack from Philip Hammond went unreprimanded. Hammond attacks David Davis for angering Merkel?  Whose side is he on? Then Liam Fox and Boris got it in the neck.borisfoxdavis.jpg

The Sun reported: “And his comments come after all three have received rebukes from Theresa May in recent weeks for going off-message about Brexit.”  The odd thing is that Remainer Philip Hammond, and friend of George,  goes off message about Brexit all the time, and Mrs. May never says a word! Continue reading