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Organised lefty smear campaign attacks Boris Johnson over his MP role

Labour smear campaigns aplenty attacked Boris Johnson during the election, and they are still going on.  A organised effort to make out that Boris is coining it in now he has won Uxbridge is taking place on twitter.  The truth is, the Mayor is taking a salary decrease while assuming two extra responsibilities.russellbrand2The GLA rules that any Mayor who also wins a seat as an MP, must lose two thirds of their Mayoral salary.  That means Boris loses £98,000 of his Mayoral salary. He receives the £67,000 for being an MP.  So Boris ends up earning £115,000,instead of £143,000 Continue reading

My God! Ken is still lying to voters over fares

His cynicism and brass nerve defy belief. His claims have been disproved by Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagles, by the respected checking facility, Channel 4 FactCheck and are not even believed by members of the Labour Party, notably Jonathan Roberts, who wrote an open letter to Ken on Labour List. But in the teeth of overwhelming evidence, Ken is still lying about fares.

In an article touted by Guardian journalist Dave Hill on twitter this morning, Ken is still peddling the blatant lie that Boris is sitting on a large surplus of cash at City Hall, which will enable Ken to cut fares.  In an article with the Guardian, Maria Eagles made in plain that in the main, Labour, because of the credit crunch were in agreement with Boris’s cuts and investment strategy.  There is no surplus.  Channel 4 FactCheck said the same thing, there is no surplus.  In an open letter to Ken, Jonathan Roberts, in Labour List, made clear his scorn that Ken had made this claim, and quoted the verdict of Factcheck.

But demonstrating a brass neck that is incredible under the circumstances, this morning Ken is still lying to voters.  Dave Hill is assisting in Ken perpetrating a fraud on the British public and he should know better.  Ken is clearly so consumed with the need to win, he has no connection whatsoever with any sort of moral compass.  If he ever did.

UPDATE: 11/3/12   Now the City has come out in condemnation of Ken’s promised fares deal.  The London Standard reported today that the City believes ” Transport for London faces years of financial turmoil  and even economic collapse if the cuts go ahead.  Ratings agency Moody’s, which delivers verdicts on the financial health of organisations, is warning that any fall in TfL revenue will lead to a “downgrade” in its credit rating. Fare cutting could cost £1 billion in lost revenue.

How Boris and Ken spoke about the riots

Dave Hill of the Guardian wrote an article on the riots and the reaction and solution of the Mayoral candidates, our present Mayor, Boris Johnson, and the ex-Mayor Ken Livingstone.  The videos of Boris and then Ken speaking about the riots are highly revealing.   Labour supporter Dave Hill came down in favour of the reaction of Boris Johnson.

It is very important that Londoners examine the deeply thought out response from Boris, giving solutions.   Then compare it with bitter, politicised response from Ken Livingstone, with no mention of the motivation of the rioters. and no solutions.  Once again, Ken is harking back to his obsession, Mrs. Thatcher.  You decide which is better for London.


Leftie blogger Mayorwatch reported today that Ken Livingstone has been censured (again!) by the London Assembly for his remark comparing new Boris aide Eddie Lister to Serbian dictator, Ratko Mladic. Martin Hoscik of Mayorwatch does not excuse the comment by Ken,  as he made plain in a previous blog. One of Boris’s strengths is the way he has united Londoners, and a slight against one of us affects us all.

Ken has been censured by the London Assembly before for inappropriate insults and suspended for four weeks for bringing his office into disrepute when he was Mayor, over the Oliver Finegold controversy.  As described on the link, he was also heavily criticised for his remarks regarding the Reuben Brothers. Continue reading

The extremist views of Ken Livingstone

Years ago, I voted for Ken Livingstone, because I admired his independence.  When he lost to Boris Johnson, I felt genuine sympathy for his clear distress at losing his job, but, tied up in a demanding career,  I did not know as much about him as I do now.  When Ken loses to Boris a second time,  I will not feel an shred of sympathy, because he has so alienated and angered me with his extremist views.  Not only do I believe that Ken as Mayor would tear London apart, I believe he is not fit to be a Mayoral candidate and should not have been allowed to stand.

Ken’s campaign got off to a shaky start.  Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian said Ken wasn’t much cop and maybe Labour should think about getting somebody else.  That must look pretty prophetic from where Ed Miliband is sitting today.

KEN AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY: The writing was on the wall. The Oliver Finegold controversy in 2006, saw Ken compare a Jewish reporter to a German war criminal and a concentration camp guard. A transcript of the conversation is here.  The incident was investigated, and the London Assembly voted overwhelmingly that he should apologise. Ken insultingly refused. On 24 February 2006, Ken Livingstone was found guilty of bringing his office into disrepute and suspended from office for four weeks, the verdict being that he seemed “to have failed… to have appreciated that his conduct was unacceptable”. Continue reading


The ludicrous bleatings from Leftie males because David Cameron quoted a Michael Winner joke have descended to bathos.  Now Boris Johnson is getting it in the neck in an article by Dave Hill because he sometimes says “my dear Caroline” and “my dear Dee” at Mayor’s Question Time.

To put this in context and fully appreciate how ridiculous such an article is, let me recap what regularly occurs at the London Assembly.  Mayor’s Question Time is often the scene of appalling rudeness towards the Mayor, but oddly enough, very little is ever done about this and I have never heard Dave Hill complain at all.   I have blogged in the past about the rudeness of John Biggs, reported here, which includes deliberately ignoring someone who is talking to him by conducting a conversation with someone else, and then when they mildly remonstrate, having them thrown out of the meeting. This actually happened, to senior Boris aide Dan Ritterband, and how he kept his temper I will never know. Continue reading

Homophobia is growing in Tower Hamlets

In a development that must appal all decent, liberal and compassionate Londoners, there is clear evidence of growing homophobia in the council chambers of Lutfur Rahman.  Ken Livingstone supported and campaigned with Mr. Rahman, against the wishes of the Labour Party.   Mr. Rahman is known to be an extremist backed independent with links to the Muslim supremacist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe.  It poses a huge danger to London that a Mayoral candidate should support such a man.

In an even more disgraceful and disgusting development, there is clear evidence that a band of hecklers have been shouting out homophobic abuse on a regular basis in the Tower Hamlets council chamber. Continue reading