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George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

For a journalist, Dan Hodges is a nice guy, down to earth and not a bit stuck up.  His Achilles heel is he is so innocent, he shouldn’t be let out alone.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson gave a huge amount of help to George, even  bailing him out when the economy was tanking by giving him some sound economic advice.  George of course claimed all the credit, and for while some innocents, including Dan, actually believed him. Boris’s reward as proudly revealed by Dan, was George then said he intended to “knife Boris in May 2016!”.   Continue reading

Constant attacks on Boris Johnson are making his rivals look desperate

An excellent article by Peter Oborne discusses the vicious plot going on right now to get rid of Boris Johnson and many of the plotters are in the Tory party.  But unless you are on twitter all the time like me, you wouldn’t know that the Get Boris campaigns have been going on for yonks, even before Brexit.

Here are some of the rivals who have been trying to take down Boris,  one or two of them since before Theresa May became PM. They are waxing ever more desperate as they fail to achieve their goal. Continue reading

If you fight with monsters, you become a monster. Why Boris ignores the lies

As the charismatic leader of Brexit, Boris Johnson became the target of some of the most vicious smear campaigns in history.  Alastair Campbell announced that the strategy was to take him out,  so they went for it.  The best,  I mean the lowest,  political jackals were raked in to destroy Boris in print.  After every hatchet job,  he was declared to be “finished”.  borisintelligentA leading member of Cameron’s government proudly announced to Dan Hodges, after Boris had given him the strategy to revive the UK economy, that he was going to “Knife Boris.  Then he would be smashed to smithereens.” Continue reading

The proof that when he stabbed Boris, Gove didn’t act alone

They had planned a joint family holiday, but now the Sun reports that on the advice of SamCam, Osbo has dumped Gove and cancelled the holiday.  Intriguingly, SamCam’s advice was given because “it’s either Them or Us!”.  Was Cameron also in on the plot?govepout

This comment, if true adds further fuel to the evidence that in stabbing Boris Johnson,  Gove did not act alone.   Journalist Piers Morgan has reported how, at a summer party just before the Referendum decision,  he was approached by a “top level Tory”  who hissed “We’re going to CRUSH Boris into a mangled heap. He’s going to get f***ed, trust me. ‘Completely and comprehensively F***ED!’ Continue reading

The way that PM May sacked George Osborne was justice

In the Independent “i”, John Rentoul talked about “A very vindictive adieu to Osborne”.  This is not true.  The way that George Osborne has behaved has gone way way too far, he was damaging the party and it could not be allowed to continue. mayosbohammondThe borrowing of the Chancellor has been grotesque as he gambled everything to meet his over optimistic targets, a gamble that failed. His attacks on tax credit cuts and the disabled broke the Tory pledge to support the working man and the needy.

In September last year, George announced to Dan Hodges that the Government was planning to knife Boris Johnson,   He told Dan he would “smash Boris to smithereens” , when he quit as Mayor.  This was announced with pride, as though we should admire such behaviour. Boris’s crime?  He delivered two Mayoralties, the first with the best results since 1992,  was a massive help in GE15 , and set the plan for economic recovery, which Osbo took credit for.  Naturally, he had to be “taken out”. Continue reading

George pinches Boris’s policies, then says he will knife him in May

George Osborne is in China and according to Dan Hodges, he is a trail blazer on the Silk  Road.  Dan has a short memory.  It was only 2014 that Boris Johnson embarked on one of his hugely successful trade missions, that according to Allister Heath saved London and the UK.  At the last minute, George decided to tag along, but the original move to save the economy through trade missions, including  China was the Mayor’s. borisgeorge10For the first three years of George’s Chancellorship, the economy was stuck in the doldrums, teetering on the brink of double dip recession.  It was Boris who told George that austerity  was not enough, and only investment, tax cuts and boosting the economy would stimulate growth. The way Boris handled the London economy set the blue print for the UK,  Boris led the way and George followed. Continue reading