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Boris tells Sky News Labour is using N. Ireland to stop Brexit

Boris Johnson appeared on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, and gave one of his best interviews.  Incisive, forceful  and hilarious, Boris firmly laid down the red lines regarding the customs union (We can’t suck and blow at the same time said Boris) and on the European Court of Justice.  (We will get rid of all ECJ control).

But a confidential letter leaked to the press has handed Labour a red herring to wave in the faces of the Tories,  and distracted attention from the vital issue of sorting out the Irish question.

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Remoaners flip! Boris’s Radio 4 Today interview summarised

Boris Johnson’s Camden/Westminster border analogy is attracting all the attention today, but there were lots of interesting lines in his Today interview. Here is a summary.

But there is huge furore over Boris’s remarks comparing the Irish problem to the issue of the congestion charge.    He does have a talent for grabbing the headlines!  Continue reading

Kamikaze Corbyn U turns over customs union to try to overthrow May

Jeremy Corbyn has loathed the EU  for the past 30 years,  voting against every EU treaty, while denouncing the project  as a capitalist conspiracy.  It’s hard not to be suspicious therefore about his massive U turn now,  when he declares we must stay in the customs union.  

His unconvincing explanation is that staying in the customs union is best for the economy.  This is an outright lie. A group of academics has furiously denied Brexit will be bad for the economy.  A group of economists has done the same. Continue reading

Are you going to rat on the British people? Frank Field flattens Creasey

Labour hero Frank Field  nails Stella Creasey, as she attempts to justify her betrayal of Labour voters who voted for Brexit and freedom from the EU.  Are you going to rat on the British people, Mr. Field asked Stella bluntly.

Labour MP Stella Creasy enraged Brexiteer colleague Frank Field after she claimed  will have a “massive hit” on Britain’s economy if it leaves the single market and customs union – particularly impacting those in the north of England.  Continue reading

Things so tough at Chequers re. Brexit last week, Boris nearly quit

At one stage it looked so bad for Brexit last week, rep0rts The Sun, Boris Johnson thought the only thing he could do was make a principled stand and quit!  A row with Greg Clark, who  warned that there were hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk if Britain diverged too much from EU rules in the automotive sector, was a sticking point for Boris.

He argues Britain must have the freedom to go it alone and break free, being more innovative and striking new trade deals after we’re officially out.  But it was tough.  Things got so bad at one stage, Boris nearly walked.   Continue reading

BOMBSHELL! Boris will lead resignations this month if there is a Brexit betrayal

The Sun Editor, Tom Newton Dunn, revealed the explosive news on the Sunday Politics show today that Boris Johnson will lead the Brexit resignations if the Remainers in government betray what the country voted for.

There is ample evidence to prove that Brexiteers made their position clear during the EU Referendum,   Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union.  Tom Newton Dunn said that the Brexiteer exodus from the cabinet would take place if the cabinet agrees to form a “semi-single market”.  Continue reading

Quit customs union or face the cavalry, Brexiteers tell May

Theresa May has been forced to issue a statement that we will leaving the customs union, no doubt to the fury of Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and the civil service.   Sitting on the fence for May is no longer an option.  The PM can no longer get away with statements like “I have an open mind on the customs union” 

The Sun reports:  Theresa May was last night forced to rule out any form of customs union with the EU after Tory Brexiteers threatened a mass walk-out. Continue reading