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Boris on the brink: if May sells us out, he will walk

The rumour is that Theresa May is about to cave in to Remoaners, and the EU and sell us out over Brexit.  The EU is so sure of her weakness,  showing their contempt, they are now issuing orders.   Sort out your cabinet and forget your red lines!

The Express reports:  Mrs May will next week try to persuade ministers to adopt a white paper which would commit the UK to stay close to the EU’s customs union and single market in goods, reducing the risk of a “hard Brexit”. Continue reading

Enough now! Remoaners are not entitled to any sort of deal over Brexit

The truth is that in trying to undermine Brexit,  Remainers such as Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve do not have a leg to stand on.  Parliament voted 544 to 53 to hold the referendum and later by 498 to 144 to notify the EU of our intention to leave. 

If that was not enough parliamentary involvement, 85 per cent of the electorate voted for parties committed to leaving the EU this year’s election. The electorate’s and Parliament’s clear will is to leave the EU. Continue reading

May has repeatedly broken her word to us, why should Dominic Grieve be any different?

Dominic Grieve showed a touching faith in Theresa May’s sincerity yesterday, when to win the vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill, he says she “gave her word” and gave him the right to a vote on the final deal with Brussels.

When she first became PM, May made these pledges to the people.  Brexit means Brexit.  We will see Brexit through and make a success of it.  And over and over again.  We will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

Sun Poll says as soon as we leave the EU, May needs to quit

A scathing article in the Sun reveals so disgusted are ordinary people with the way Theresa May has handled Brexit, as soon as we leave on March 29th,  they want her out! Voters no longer trust May to deliver, and she is widely believed to be in league with Olly Robbins to deliver a soft Brexit.

There has been hand to hand fighting behind the scenes as Boris Johnson fought off another form of the customs union, practically single handed. This is just one of the issues that May has schemed and connived to get through, which would keep us under EU control. Continue reading

Stirring Brexit video! Democracy is the foundation of our prosperity says Boris

This was the speech that won Brexit!  We need to remember that Brexit was won because we wanted to regain our rights, freedoms and most of all, British democracy. Continue reading

Her CU plans make it clear PM May schemed to wreck Brexit all along

If you were PM and you wanted to wreck Brexit, how would you go about it? Is PM May really clueless, or is there another explanation?

You could start by dragging out the process, hoping that the nation gets so fedup, they change their minds and demand to stay in.   That hasn’t happened, but there are plenty of Remainers pretending that they are now the majority. Continue reading

Brave Brexiteers fight off customs partnership – May accepts defeat

Guido Fawkes reported today that the Olly Robbins plans for the fudged up customs union have been foiled, because Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson have come down on the side of the Leavers. 

With these two, Boris, Gove, Fox and Davis had a majority.  Brexiteers breathed again, but too soon.  Now it seems from a tweet by Robert Peston, rattlesnake May immediately lashed out, revealing her true purpose.  Continue reading