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Polls show majority want action taken against Assad in Syria

Corbynistas are sayng that no-one is in favour of Britain backing the US in exacting retribution against the Assad government.  I have never believed this to be true.  A poll from Sky Data shows that 51% were in favour of action being taken against the Assad regime.  32% were against and 17% were don’t knows.

A friend of mine is a professor at UCL.  He was kind enough to lobby students and lecturers at UCL  and the result was the same as the SKY poll.  Students and lecturers when asked, in the main, agreed something must be done.  The feeling was if we allowed a poison attack once on British soil,  with no retaliation, the door would be open for further attacks. Continue reading

The electoral system is wide open, only one way to stop the cheating

Our electoral system is wide open to cheating, and Labour is exploiting the loophole to the hilt.  Students are openly bragging they voted twice, because they are registered at home and at uni.  Some say they voted up to six times, because it is so easy to pretend to be someone else.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Commission says there is only one way to stop the cheaters.  There are 381 separate databases.  Only by setting up a national database will cheating be eradicated. Continue reading

Thuglike bullies on twitter give away Corbyn’s game

Robert Peston should be ashamed at the way he brushed aside the abusive behaviour of Corbynistas.  Apparently a Tory MP has been suspended for using the phrase “n…… in a woodpile”.   Daily Corbynista abuse is a million times worse than this.

Although I am a Tory, many of Mrs. May’s policies and decisions are not policies and decisions I agree with.  But the abuse she gets is over the top.  So indignant have I been at the cussing and blinding she receives, several times, I have told the tweeters responsible that they are out of line.  Continue reading

Bullying Corbynistas are behaving like the Black Shirts

It’s obvious if you do research,  that Jeremy Corbyn hugely altered the views he has held for 40 years to make headway in the recent general election.  The behaviour of his supporters is appalling, in stark contrast to the fake image he presents.  A Jewish Labour donor. Michael Foster,  has shown exactly how much of a “man of authenticity” Corbyn is.A brand of politics alien to this country, defined and delivered by a divisive, aggressive holier-than-thou cadre of hard-Left socialists with no real policies to speak of, no defined social and economic objectives, just a call for the committed to take this journey with them down the Yellow Brick Road. Continue reading

Boris is still fighting for freedom and Brexit

borisbrexit5In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris is still battling for Brexit.  Here he gives five points to clarify the issue.  Boris says the government is failing to prepare or make arrangements for Brexit.  He begins:  On Friday I heard a new dawn chorus outside my house. There was a rustling and twittering, as though of starlings assembling on a branch.

Then I heard a collective clearing of the throat, and they started yodelling my name – followed by various expletives. “Oi Boris – c—!” they shouted. Or “Boris – w—–!” I looked out to see some otherwise charming-looking young people, the sort who might fast to raise money for a Third World leprosy project. Continue reading

We can’t let the Corbynistas take over City Hall says Boris

In the Daily Telegraph today, Boris says We can’t let Corbynistas plant  the red flag on top of City Hall! Boris should know, he trounced Red Ken and Ken has just been sidelined from the Labour Party, too much even for Corbyn.zacsadiqBoris begins:  “OK, fingers on buzzers, folks. Here’s a question about 20th-century world affairs. A Labour councillor from Luton was recently discovered to have tweeted that Adolf Hitler was “the greatest man in history”. What was going through her mind? Continue reading

The great speech in full that made Boris Johnson the star of the 2015 Tory Conference

This outstanding speech that made Boris Johnson the star of the Tory conference, is possibly his best speech ever.

“Thank you Zac, and thank you for just showing once again that you have exactly the qualities of originality and drive that will help you win in London in May. I tell you when I knew we were going to be all right in that amazing election and it wasn’t the Ed stone the heaviest suicide note in history or the mysterious second kitchen.borisconference2It was when I was walking one of those furiously contested high streets in North West London where one week the Tory posters went up, only to vanish next week in favour of Labour posters and we were busy restoring the Tory posters when a shopkeeper told me that he had definitely made his mind up and for the first time in his life he was switching right across from Labour to Tory because he just didn’t think that Labour under Miliband would be on the side of businesses like his and then another Asian shopkeeper said exactly the same and then another and I was so struck that in the evening I texted the PM – no profanities on either side, I promise and I said: mate we are going to win this thing. Continue reading