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New poll reports 51% say Labour has an anti-semitism problem

In a Guardian poll, an overwhelming majority of 51 % says that Labour has an anti-semitism problem.  35%, includng me,  believe that Corbyn hmself is anti-semitic.

The Guardian reported:  A third (34%) of voters also believe that Jeremy Corbyn is among those in the party who hold antisemitic views, despite his repeated denials and pledge to be a “militant opponent” of the problem.  Continue reading

May 13 points ahead of cynical antisemite Corbyn

A Mail on Sunday poll shows that PM May has soared into a huge personal lead over antisemitic Jeremy Corbyn.

On March 4th, the Russians tried to murder the Skripals and May’s personal popularity soared to 13 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. Her handling of the situation far outclassed the potty theories of the Labour leader, who was seen as a Russian stool pigeon, or as Boris Johnson put it, Russia’s useful idiot.   Continue reading

Corbyn’s antisemitism has blown Labour’s chances in the GE

A fascinating article on the Oddschecker website proves that Labour chances of winning power in the next general election have crumbled.

Oddschecker says:   The Conservatives are currently a best-priced 1/33 to win most seats at the forthcoming General Election, and are projected to win by seat numbers well into three figures. If there is any value in the overall seats market, some would argue it is at the 1/33 rather than the best-priced 25/1 about Labour. It’s not the sort of price I would personally touch, though, nor recommend. Continue reading

Why the youth vote is turning away from “unpatriotic” Corbyn

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis has reported that Tory membership is rising by the day. Tory support has swelled to 500,000 including activists.  The  bottom line is voters simply don’t know what Labour stands for anymore, and the way Corbyn stuck up for the Russians has probably sounded the death knell on his career.

Six thousand Tory supporters have signed up since January alone. Continue reading

Kamikaze Corbyn U turns over customs union to try to overthrow May

Jeremy Corbyn has loathed the EU  for the past 30 years,  voting against every EU treaty, while denouncing the project  as a capitalist conspiracy.  It’s hard not to be suspicious therefore about his massive U turn now,  when he declares we must stay in the customs union.  

His unconvincing explanation is that staying in the customs union is best for the economy.  This is an outright lie. A group of academics has furiously denied Brexit will be bad for the economy.  A group of economists has done the same. Continue reading

BREAKING! May tries to push endless transition period through without Cabinet approval

The visit of EU fanatic Olly Robbins to discuss matters with EU chiefs was a red flag.  In an exclusive in today’s Telegraph, it is reported that May is trying to push an endless transition period for Brexit onto the country without Cabinet approval.This is betrayal at its contemptible worst.  An open ended transition period? Absolutely not!  This is not and completely unacceptable from Appeaser Theresa.  It is against every pledge she has made to this country. Continue reading

Boris Johnson appears to say Corbyn is talking bol###!

Caught on the back foot after the spy charges,  Corbyn’s attempt to redeem himself and grab back the initiative met with a short, short rejoinder from our Foreign Secretary.

As if the well shaped lips of our  highly educated  Foreign Secretary would ever mouth such a naughty word!

Continue reading