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FS Boris Johnson answers questions on the US, Israel, Defence etc

borisphoneForeign Secretary Boris Johnson was answering questions in the House of Commons today.  To see the televised broadcast, please click here. Here is a election of the most important questions, the link to the answers is here. 
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Boris in Africa: As Gambia rejoins the Commonweath, his prediction proved right

Turbocharged Boris Johnson is on his way to West Africa,  and he will start his visit today in The Gambia, where he will meet new President Adama Barrow and visit the British-funded Medical Research Council, said the Foreign Office.  The Foreign Secretary was excited to announce that Gambia is about to rejoin the Commonwealth.borisafricaBoris Johnson’s trip is a first since the country won independence from Britain in 1965. “I’m delighted to be the first foreign secretary to visit Gambia this week,”  he said in a statement on Monday.  Gambia is the fourth country to return to the Commonwealth after leaving it, following South Africa, Pakistan and Fiji and Boris pointed out that “Global Britain is growing in influence and activity around the world.” Continue reading

Let’s stop discriminating against Australia, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is in Australia, having made a keynote speech at the Melbourne Writers Festival.  The subject of his article in the Daily Telegraph today is how Australians are just like us, and we mustn’t let them down.australiaBoris begins:  “I was giving a speech the other day in Melbourne Town Hall, and at the end someone came up and thrust a long letter into my hand. It was one of those letters that all politicians get – with a problem so seemingly complicated and intractable that the only answer is to smile wanly and invite the supplicant to go down the corridor and knock on the next door of our vast and unfeeling bureaucracy. Continue reading